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Why I chose not to immunize my kids

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Sep 26, 2007 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

A friend called me and said, “Great site—but are you nuts,  about the immunizations?”   He pointed out that he grew up in the polio age—he’s committed to the idea that vaccines are a good thing.

The FIRST thing I want to say is that I acknowledge the complexity of this issue, the difficulty of the decision,  and never HAVE, never WILL, tell someone not to immunize  her children.     What I will  do is advise any parent to study the issue out thoroughly, doing more than asking the pediatrician, who MUST follow the APA’s current (and ever-changing) recommendations or risk career suicide.

And I will advise any parent to  carefully consider  whether to “Immunize By Two,” the Utah government’s current marketing slogan for the vaccine industry.   Ask a pediatrician why more and more vaccines are being pushed for younger and younger babies.   The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with what’s best for your child.   The answer is that’s when they have ACCESS to children, and they must leverage that opportunity—at well-baby checkups.     People come to well-baby checkups, but they don’t show up after the baby is older.

I read hundreds of pages on the topic before saying no thanks to the rest of the vaccine protocol for my oldest two kids—and never giving a single shot to the youngest two.   I’m going to summarize  WHY, in the briefest way possible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) takes credit for eliminating smallpox from the planet as its major coup in the fight against disease.   Yet smallpox disappeared in non-immunizing countries faster than in immunizing countries.   Some link the eradication of smallpox, instead,  to improved sanitation and education in hygiene.   This is an example of what you can read about the “other side of the story” with regard to WHO’s claims about the necessity of vaccines.

The U.S. is  the only first-world country to attempt to fully immunize children in infancy.   When Japan quit immunizing children under the age of 2, the national SIDS rate plummeted 80%.    You would think this would be compelling to our own Vaccine Administration, but you would think wrong.   Each member of the V.A. receives six figures from the very pharmaceutical companies  it is  supposed to be the watchdog over.   This is an egregious breach of the V.A.’s charge to guard the public health.    (Ditto the Food and Drug Administration.)    The V.A.  is  responsible for protecting the health of our little children, and the conflict of interest simply can’t be overstated.

Just to give you an idea of ONE way this conflict of interest manifests itself, the Vaccine Administration considers claims of babies who die or are injured within 48 hours of being vaccinated.   If your baby dies of SIDS 49 hours after she is immunized (this happened to my neighbor),  her death  can’t possibly  be linked to the shot, according to the V.A.   Their rules are arbitrary, illogical, not grounded in science, and designed to protect the pharmaceutical industry.   Parents should trust their instincts and their research, not the U.S. Vaccine Administration.

I studied each vaccine individually.   The only one I would agree to give my kids, based on its low risk and high efficacy, is the tetanus shot.   However, only 50 people per year die of tetanus, and ALL of them are older than 50 yrs. old.   The risks of the pertussis vaccine, on the other hand,  are simply too high to tolerate, IMO, especially for my children who were all born immune-compromised (with the autoimmune disease athsma, which makes their risks of being vaccinated higher).

And keep in mind that the published risks don’t include people like my neighbor, whose daughter died on Sunday evening after being immunized Friday morning—no one even brought up the possible link.     I personally know of other SIDS cases not counted by the V.A., and several serious side-effect stories (seizures, a month of diarrhea and screaming, etc.) that were  never investigated by a medical professional or reported to the V.A.   This leads me to question the accuracy of the V.A.’s statistics on death/damage by vaccines, although the reported/published data will give any parent pause.

Some researchers theorize that many reported problems (too numerous and complex to digest here) are  a result of immunizing babies with very immature immune systems.   I would worry  less about an immunization for an older child or adult, especially if you could ensure that the vaccine did not contain thimerosol (mercury cannot be eliminated from the body and is severely dangerous).   The vaccine industry has been trying to eliminate thimerosol as a preservative because of massive links to health problems in children.   Of course, other vaccine additives like formaldehyde are deeply troubling as well and shouldn’t  be injected into the human body.

As for the autism link, millions of dollars were spent to study the problem, and at the end of the study,  the researchers  said they can neither confirm nor deny that vaccines have caused the meteoric (400% in 10 years) rise in autism.   Ask Hollywood mothers Holly Robinson Peete or Jenny McCarthy, though, among others: they say they first noticed the autistic behaviors in their formerly developmentally normal  children, shortly after a vaccine.

The new Hepatitis B vaccine is a no-brainer: why would anyone vaccinate their newborn daughter against a disease that she will be at risk for ONLY if she shoots up drugs or is sexually promiscuous?   God forbid that ever be the case, but if it is, it will take place at about age 15 or older—about the time the vaccine wears off.

This policy of injecting newborn girls must be driven by a profit motive rather than common sense.   Billion-dollar Big Pharma companies are in a constant race to develop  new vaccines, because the target market is any company’s dream with unlimited profit potential:  it includes every human being on the planet, and the most educated among us (doctors)  are a ready-made army in place to  sell the product.   They’re so rabid about the product that they’ll kick you out of their practice if you don’t follow their mandates  to follow  the prescribed immunization schedule (this happened to me in Dr. David Johnson’s American Fork, Utah  practice several years ago).   This sales force  also lobbies for laws to take decision-making power away from parents and have stated in their publications that parents should be forced to immunize their children.

The risk of disease from pertussis, diptheria, chicken pox . . . scary!   The risk of damage from vaccines . . . to me, more scary, and less within my control!   My own personal decision has been to strengthen my children’s immune system with clean and alkaline  water,  raw plant foods, knowledge about how to use colloidal silver and herbs/remedies  known to  work WITH instead of fight against the immune system—as well as  avoiding the processed American diet that leads to weak immunity and disease.

Best wishes  with your own decisions.   Trust yourself, because no one has your child’s interests at heart more than you do.    Check out  my favorite vaccine research book by Neustadter in my  Book Reviews.

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  1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

    Kristin, that is a heartbreaking story. In Utah, you sign a waiver at the health department (which I have done). I am sure it varies by state, but check with your health dept. I am pretty sure it is legal in all 50 states to avoid immunizations. You may get a “lecture” by the nurse, but that’s okay. I’m deeply sorry for what your daughter has been through.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I had an experience just yesterday. I’m pregnant and went in for a 3 1/2 mo check up. The Dr. asked if I had the H1N1 vaccine yet, and I said “no”. She matter of factly said “that’s ok, we’ll get that for you then before you leave today.” I replied that I would not get it. She GASPED, and said “WHY!”, in a very shocked tone. She wanted all my reasons. I told her this was not up for discussion as I did not want to argu the point. (I knew that if I gave her a reason, she’d probably have a good comeback.) She tried and tried, and then used guilt to tell me “don’t you realize that you are at more risk and you are putting yourself and your unborn infant at risk of dying if you contract the H1N1.”!!! She made me feel like a terrible person and an irresponsible mother… I still told her ‘no’, and she just couldn’t understand why. While “I” am not an infant, my baby is and will also be affected by any immunizations I would receive. She made an interesting comment to me…. she stated that when the baby is born, he/she cannot have the shot for the first 6 months of life, so if I get the shot now, it will protect the baby now and for the first several months of life… so… if even the Dr. will not give a new infant the shot, then WHY would I want to allow the immunization to get into my 3 1/2 mo old child still in the womb?

    I just want the truth, and as long as we are being used as guinea pigs, and they are trying to pump us full of experimental drugs, I will be cautious about what I allow to be put inside of me. We just don’t know what side effects will come of this drug yet, and may not know for 10+ years, as we have seen of other drugs, or their ingredients “thimerisol”, etc…

    I know I’m not a bad parent, I’m tring to make the best decision for me and my unborn child. I guess she said enough though that makes me think, did I do the right thing? I hope I don’t get it (h1n1), and I hope it is not serious if I do… BUT I drink my green smoothie every day. I am taking care of myself and I very rarely get sick, so I feel I made the right choice. If I ever have been to the Dr. for something, they always seem stunned when I say “no” to all the sicknesses, diseases on their list – never had them… I just can’t believe they push SO hard and make you feel like a bad person if you don’t follow the crowd. One thing I know is that people for the most part, feel VERY strongly about either side they are on… but which one is right? For me and my family, good healthy habbits and good sanitation will take care of most anything that would/could be a potential problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Shanna

    Go to there is much information about the H1N1 vaccine and it’s danger if given to pregnant women. It is listed under “swine flu massive cover up.” It is a video conversation between Dr Mercola, and a leading neurologist. It may be of interest to you. We need to be advocates for our own health, and our babies health. My 21 month old is so healthy & smart, she has had no vaccinations yet. Mainly due to my eldest daughters severe reaction at 6 weeks of age. I think you made a wise decision, just ttrust yoyr insticts and research every vaccine as much as you can to make informed choices.

    Good luck with your little baby!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish so much I knew then what I know now, because then my precious older child would have not had to suffer. Thank you so much for yoour advice, I did a little research and found out it isn’t as complicated as I was making it out to be. Thank you!


  5. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are looking into moving to Alaska as it would be a good financial decision for us but I just found out that they do not have all 3 exemptions in the state. Medical and religious are the only ones available, not the personal exemption. Doing some research in the past I came across a site I can not find now explaining that only two religions count for the exemption, Jehovah Witness and Amish. I see that you stated you could use the religious exemption as well as the personal in Utah. How? How does someone use a religion such and LDS (which I am) as an exemption when there is no set rule like within the other two denominations prescribed? I would appreciate any info you have on this as I am VERY much AGAINST immunizations. My son is 2 1/2 with developemental delays, I truly believe immunizations would hurt him beyond repair, so too speak. My daughter is healthy with out them and I would much rather keep it that way.

    Thank you,


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Besty,

    I have been having the same pressures that all of the others have faced with choosing not vaccinate either. We have even lost friends over it.

    I have found a site that has helped me feel like I really do have control over what goes into my child. It is , this site is run by normal pediatricians who are at the head of the antivaccine movement. They also really push for good nutrition, breastfeeding, and home births. They do not vaccinate anyone in their practise, and with over 35,000 patients there is NO autism! There are many many other diseases like asthma also that are almost nonexistant.

    There you will find how to write a valid waiver and which waivers will work best in which states. Or go here: there is a great video and they give you all the info you will need.

    Also, the Amish and Jehova witness are not the only ones that the Religious Exemtion applies to. It just has to be on religious grounds. You can back it up with scriptures from the Bible or Book of Mormon or any scripture of your religion. I would suggest ones that talks about the body being the temple and being sacred. If anyone is interested I can get you specific ones or go to the homefirst and listen to the broadcast. They list many. Nor does it have to be signed by an ecclesiastical leader. The info you recieved was not correct, lucky for us. Also, if mass manditory vaccines came out like with the H1N1, there are specific things you can do in your own community to prevent you from being forced to take them.

    I know in Idaho, if there is an outbreak and your child can’t go to school, the school is required to provide the tutor to keep the child up with the class due to the ‘no child left behind’ policy.

    Thanks for all the support of every one who does not vaccinate!

    But for the girl who talked about herd immunity, it has never been proven to work. The only thing that has ever worked in the history of the world is quarrentine. But healthy hygine and good nutrition are the second best thing. If the vaccines were the whole reason we do not see all these deadly diseases now, then why did yellow fever, typhoid, tuberculosis and all the other infectious diseases drop off the charts at the same time? It was through clean water, waste removal, hygiene and better nutrition.

    And if you think it out weighs the risks think about it. The chances of them being exposed, and contracting a disease are slim. If they do, and you take care of them, odds are they will only be sick for a week or so with measles for example. But what you put into them will last a lifetime. Autism, ADHD or ADD, asthma, seizures or neurological diseases last a lifetime. The vaccines contain mercury, MSG, formaldyhide, detergents, and antifreeze just to name a few. Look at the list at the doctors on the box or go to the CDC this is where I got it. And most importantly, don’t confuse vaccinations with ‘immunizations.’ Just because you are vaccinated does not mean you are immune.

    I would suggest if you choose not to vaccinate, then have a plan and know what to do if your child does get sick with measles or etc. just like what Robyn said learn about collidal silver and other things to safely boost your immune system and don’t get bullied by anyone. Whenever someone has to sell something through fear, it usually isn’t good.

    Whether or not you choose to vaccinate your own children, don’t take our choice away from us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To all the wonderful people who post and share in this forum, God Bless you all! so much great info. and stories. I have a 12 yr old son and 10 year old daughter who have been given everything I was told, as for vaccinations, as I was young and ignorant to any of this information!!!

    Our 3rd child is now 3, she has been vaccinated to about 1 year I believe.

    She was 6 mo. when she had a reaction to If I can remember right the mmr. She cried all night, siezered and would not even nurse. I was talked into her 12 mo shot after being very scared to do so. It was only after then did I research and and realize that there was a choice and that I was convinced because of society that that is what I was SUPPOSE to do.

    I refuse to put anything else into the bodies of my children.. but what about all that is already inside my precious trio??

    i would appreciate any advice as I cannot turn back the clock.. being a more mature and educated mother, there is nothing i can do now, is there? thank you to all the families and may God protect and heal our children and ourselves!!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I actually did a search in your blog to see if you had written any articles on vaccination, and I’m glad I did! I have an 8-month-old son and I have chosen not to vaccinate any further. He received a few vaccines because our original pediatrician bullied me into it, but I’ve decided to stop and to seek religious exemption so I can get him into daycare and school. I feel like I have a huge battle ahead of me because I’m in NY and from what I understand, exemption is hard to come by.

    I’ve read some of the comments on this post and will finish when I have some more time. Like many parents, I worry a little bit about some of the “vaccine preventable” diseases that he could catch, but I worry much, much more about the vaccines themselves. I appreciate you sharing this information and will happily devour any information you provide on the topic. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this site! My son is 18 months old and has never been vaccinated. I have done a lot of research and made that decision after many agonizing hours going back and forth. I just can’t shake all of the negatives vs the “chance” of them getting a disease that can be treated and/or is mild. I have recently had a few situations/appts that have asked me to provide my son’s vaccination record. Each time this happens I panic and spend the next few days reminding myself why I made the decision and going back over everything that I have already read. This blog was truly a blessing to me as it let me know that I am not alone nor am I crazy. I think that sometimes when you go against the “norm” you really begin to doubt yourself and your instincts which is sad. I appreciate all the comments posted here as they have once again re-affirmed my decisions, especially when I see that many are local (I also live in Utah). Good luck to you all!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for this information. Our daughter is 16 mo old and has never been immunized. She is a happy, healthy, smart, and very spirited little girl. She’s only been sick once with a slight fever, and it only lasted a day. My 2 sisters were the ones who informed me on the risks of immunizations. When I was younger, I never really worried or looked into on my own. I always thought to just trust the doctors. When she was a day old, the nurse came in and tried to give her the HepB vaccine. I refused, and had to sign a form, but that was ok. I never really understood why they would want to give a newborn, just a day old, a shot like that, when I didn’t have to get it until I was 21 years old, and in the medical field. (I work for a dental office). A few days after she was born, the nurse came in and tried to give me a shot that would supposedly protect me from a disease that I’d never heard of that would put me at risk of having a miscarriage or birth defects in the future, if I wasn’t immune. I asked her if I had to get it and she said yes. She left the room to get it ready and since I was concerned, I called my sister and asked if she’d ever heard of that. She said no, and that I shouldn’t get it since I don’t really know much about it. When the nurse came back in, I refused the shot and had to sign a refusal form. I wonder how often they try to give that shot after a woman has given birth? Has anyone else ever heard of this?

    Every time I take my daughter to her check-ups they always ask about vaccines and when I say “we don’t do shots”, they look at me funny and make me feel like I’m making a bad decision for my child. The doctor once asked me why I choose not to immunize, and I told her because she’s so healthy, smart, and happy now, what happens if I get her vaccinations and she gets sick? The only response I got was, “well all I can say is our parents chose to get our shots when we were young, and we’re ok”. I now feel much better, and more confident that we made the right decision not to immunize our little girl 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please, I impore everyone reading this to vaccinate your children. You do nothing but put your children and those around them at risk of fatal disease. The benefits vaccines bring far any possible negative effect (which themselves are so low). You all speak of how you want to do best by your children, but your conclusions regarding vaccines are unfounded. “The plural of anecdote is not data.”

  12. Anonymous says:

    To Aaron,


    To Ash,

    Socialism doesn’t work. 🙂

    To everyone else,

    Good job using your head and not jumping off the cliff with the rest of ’em!

    We are still free in America to choose how to live!

  13. Anonymous says:

    You are piggy backing onto the rest of the immunized children for the herd immunity effect. The Hep B vaccine can prevent liver cancer down the road. You’re not going to immunize your girls against HPV? Promiscuous or not, they are likely to get infected in their lives, along with the huge risk of cervical cancer. Do your kids a favor and immunize them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think there is one fact that has not been discussed here & that is that children who are not vaccinated get these diseases. Most of the posters here have young children who are not even school aged yet. You extol the virtues of cleanliness and herbal remedies, that’s well and good until your child ventures into a world of nose picking and non handwashers and is exposed to some really nasty bacteria. I met a chiropractor who had a retarded son who was not retarded at birth; he had whooping cough (purtussis) when he was younger which can cause brain damage. He also shared that his children had had dyptheria (the plague) & several other preventable diseases. He was still anti-vaccination! If you’re even thinking that the vaccinations of other children will protect yours stop kidding yourself, you WILL find yourself nursing your child with a serious vaccinatable i.llness. I decided to wait & both of my children had the majority of their vaccines after age 2 & actually then needed less injections. I am comforted that they have been vaccinated when they swim in a pond, lake or kiddy pool that’s a day or two past it’s prime that they a re unlikely to come home with polio or if a squirrel poops in our garden that they have some immunity to the horrible diseases that lurk out there. If you understand and accept that your child will have some of these diseases and still do not want to vaccinate then that is a sound decision. One more thought: The conspiracy to make you vaccinate does not make vaccination a bad decision by its mere existence or purported existence.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn,

    My 13 months old son is not immunized,but all the docs out there are making me feel like I am making a huge mistake,and arereally scarying me…Iam looking for some literature to read more details about vaccines and how to protect my child from all these illneses out there (since he is vaccine free). Can you suggest any good books?

    Many thanks!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I found an interesting article on Wiki, proving once and for all that the link between autisim and the rubella has been proved false. This is the first paragraph:

    “The MMR vaccine controversy refers to the claims that autism spectrum disorders can be caused by the MMR vaccine, an immunization against measles, mumps and rubella.

    Claims of a connection between the vaccine and autism were raised in a 1998 paper in The Lancet, a respected British medical journal.[1] Investigation by Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer discovered that the lead author of the article, Andrew Wakefield, had multiple undeclared conflicts of interest,[2][3] had manipulated evidence,[4] and had broken other ethical codes. The Lancet paper was partially retracted in 2004 and fully retracted in 2010, and Wakefield was found guilty by the General Medical Council of serious professional misconduct in May 2010 and was struck off the Medical Register, meaning he could no longer practice as a doctor.[5] The research was declared fraudulent in 2011 by the BMJ.[6]

    The scientific consensus is that no evidence links the vaccine to the development of autism, and that the vaccine’s benefits greatly outweigh its risks.

    Read this article and do your research (and make sure this research is conducted by certified medical professionals, such as the World Health Orginsation) before you make your decisions to immunise your children or not.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi, was your only source the book that you cited at the end of your article? If not, would you mind citing any others that you used? I am due to have a baby in June and am really torn about the immunization issue. It is hard to find peer reviewed resources with any credence to them so any of your resources would be very helpful! Thanks so much!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am currently a junior making my way through nursing school and a lot of this information on here is disturbing to me. Many people in today’s day and age never lived through the epidemics that plagued the world and cost untold death in children. The reason why people are not getting sick today while not taking the vaccine is not simply because there are other ways to prevent them. There are but a lot of these diseases are highly infectious and vaccines are a way to eliminate all most all the risk of catching them. The reason these diseases aren’t infecting non immunized children today is because we live in a population with such a high immunization rate that the diseases cannot survive in the population. Today however outbreaks of theses diseases are starting to show up as the population of immunized individuals drop. According to the BBC in one year the rate of mumps in 2010 was 8 times high than the year before in Manchester. This is reported to be directly related to fewer people becoming immunized. By not immunizing your children you not only put them at risk you put the population more at risk as a whole. In the US outbreaks are starting and the information about it is very prevalent. I know it is hard to give your children shots at an emotional level but it is the right thing to do. The MMR specifically should be given as non-immunized males can catch it when there older and face sterility and even death because their parents didn’t like the shot. I implore you to vaccinate your children. For your child’s health, your health, your friends health, and my health. Just like every drug there can be side effects but you don’t with hold life saving medications because it could have side effects so why do the same here when the likelihood of any negative reaction is so low.

    1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

      Hi Kevin, you’ve been sold a bill of goods by Big Pharma, who controls the curriculum you’re currently immersed in. There is another side of that story. It is enormous, it is compelling, and you owe it to yourself to take the time to study how damaged the American public has been by the vaccine industry. Countless studies in first-world nations other than the U.S. document that infectious diseases did not disappear because we started injecting our babies with deadly heavy metals and infectious pus. When I was your age, I was oblivious and trusted my mainstream education. Use those fabulous critical thinking skills you’re developing in college and learn the truth, and come help educate people with us!

  19. Anonymous says:

    First off the notion of a giant conspiracy by big pharma is an absurd idea. They may present a big target and my not be great humanitarians but unless your implying the FDA all the pharmaceutical companies world wide are intentionally trying screw the population of earth your point is mute. secondly they no longer use anythig with heavy metals in 99% of vaccines and as infected puss you cite nothing. “Infected Puss” are just words you throw out there to scare other people. Most use material that comes from eggs. You talk about critical thinking what I find interesting is you use yours to ignore all the studies that support vaccine and decide its a conspiracy and then use all the studies that have been disproved to prove yourself right. hmm doesn’t sound like critical thinking to me. Unless the eradication of polio coincidentally happening as soon as a vaccine became available was a fluke. Oh and like any medication or surgery everything has risks to a very small percentage of the population. It is way more dangerous not to vaccinate your child then to vaccinate.

  20. Anonymous says:

    you tlk about critical thinking skills. Did it ever strike you that that could mean not thinking there is a gigantic conspiracy by big pharmacy to hurt all the children. you are using statistical data that is widely unproven and for fear mongering. whatever obscure data you found that immunizations don’t work is most likely wrong and incited seeing as no one has provided a reputable information site to prove their claims. And even if I am some how wrong. Is having a live autistic child worse than having one that died from polio or pertussis?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! I have a son that is Autistic and only saw the signs after the immunizations as well…..I have been questioning immunizations for over a year now, and my youngest of 3 has only had her first few rounds of them. I find when my children get immunized, the results are horrific…..I have also taken the choice not to immunize, at least at such a young age…..Thank you for publishing, I found this very theraputic!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for writing this post. I have a two month old daughter and I’ve been struggling with the subject of immunizations. My husband is 100% a no on it. I, on the other hand, have been back and forth on it. I’m sure it’s because of guilt of “not doing the right thing” for her. I’ve spoken to many friends, one being a Dr. himself. They haven’t immunized, and I have friends that say “if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have”. Luckily when we had her 2 month appointment yesterday, and we said we didn’t want to do them…at least not now. Our Dr. was compassionate, gave us info and said “See you in two months”. It’s nice to have a Dr. that will listen to your concerns and not be done with you because you don’t do what he would. Thanks again!

  23. Whether you want to vaccinated your children or not is your right. Yes make yourself informed and look on both sides, don’t simply agree with what one person says make sure you know whhy you are agreeing. Also make sure its true by finding news sources. This website has a huge selection of articles about health, government, laws, among other things. I have done enough research to say without a doubt I wouldn’t vaccinate my child. If your children have healthy organicly grown vegetables, water that is flouride free, and lots of other things like sunlight then you should be all set. Things may or may not pop up but if they do, please do your research and try to always find a natural way that will heal the body instead of trading off for something worse. Vitamin D deficiency is the cause for 80% of most disease. May not be correct so dont hold me to it. Thats why you have to go beyond your Drs knowledge, my knowledge and do your research. BTW more than 99% of Vaccines still contain heavy metals, the drug companies came out of the closet about that lie a while ago. Thanks and Great article!

  24. Anonymous says:

    aside from the question about the vaccinations, there is only one correct way to use colloidol silver: Don’t. It’s “anti bactierial” properties come from the fact that it kills everything, including human tissue. It also turns your skin blue, and you look like a smurf. It tattoos you from the inside. I only wish that was as hilarious as it sounds.

  25. Anonymous says:

    So sad about folks not vaccinating their kids. We’ve had measles and rubella outbreaks in our province and unfortunately one young child died from an entirely preventable disease. Unfortunately it will take a lot more preventable deaths to shake sense into people like Robyn.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Seriously?! Some of you people are ridiculous! Yes you have the right to your opinion, but this is Robyns blog!!! I understand that often times blogging about something opens it up for discussion, but comments like “shake some sense into people like Robyn” Wow…!! People can be so rude! She is being logical and has obviously done a lot of research. By the way, if you do your research Polio was eradicated 50 years before they started vaccinating for it!! My older two children received all the vaccines as scheduled, and my son is autistic and they both have ADD. I am not insistent that these things were definitely a result of the vaccinations because I have both as well. But I also received all immunizations and had seizures due to the dtap. Back then the dr was very open with my mother that it had caused the seizures. These days they would insist it couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with it. My youngest is 14 months old and has not had any vaccinations. We have studied a lot about this because it’s can be a scary choice either way. Being so young I cannot tell you if she is autistic or ADD or not, but my son definitely showed lots of signs of autism well before he was her age. Yes I would rather have a living child with autism then one who died of polio or pertussis, however people very very seldom die from those even if they do contract them. By the way, during numerous outbreaks of such diseases vaccinated children contracted the diseases at the same rate and more than non vaccinated children!! So they can’t even guarantee they will prevent said diseases! I wouldn’t have even commented, but seriously, she put information on her blog after careful research and if you don’t like what she says fine. But don’t slam her on her blog.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn,
    I totally agree with what you have to say. Today my daughter had her 2 month well-baby check up. We decided to give her the dtap, only because whooping cough is extremely predominate in our county, and the tetanus shot is a very low risk vaccination. However, this is probably the ONLY shot she will be receiving. I know a 2 cases where children were left completely brain dead in the weeks after their vaccinations (scary) but of course no medical professional will even consider that it may have been a result of the shots. I still have mixed feelings about giving her the shot today, but me and a few family members talked it over and after a bit of research for our county here I decided we would do the first round of dtap and that’s IT. I just don’t understand, though, why they want to fill our babies with all those chemicals so young!! They first proposed the vaccines when Shylee was 2 weeks old!!! Of course I refused. Why so young? Their little bodies don’t need that crap ever let alone so young!! The nurse asked why and I simply replied that I breastfeed so my immune system is her immune system. The fact that it is so pressed and almost forced on parents is infuriating! I have actually been told by a woman that she feels it’s BAD PARENTING to not vaccinate my daughter as young as possible!!! Are you serious?!? My decision to follow my maternal instinct, and do what I feel as a mother is best for my daughter is bad parenting? That would be like me saying those who don’t even try to give their children a good start with breast milk and go straight to formula are bad mothers. We all have our different opinions and methods, but can still be GREAT parents. Uggh, well that was my rant, and it got a tad off subject there but what I’m trying to say is thank you Robyn for your opinion, it’s nice to know I’m not the only parent who feels this way.

  28. Trina says:

    i totally agree . One good book is “What your doctor may NOT tell you about children’s vaccinations”
    By, Stephanie Cave, MD, F.A.A.F.P

  29. Dan says:

    In a perfect world there would be no possible side effects to vaccines. But in my mind, it justakrd sense to not inject a brand new baby, brand new immune system, with a bunch of vaccines and immunizations. My daughter will not contract hep b when she is 2 weeks old. Unless the risk is there I will not have my children immunized right after birth

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