Why I chose not to immunize my kids

A friend called me and said, “Great site—but are you nuts,  about the immunizations?”   He pointed out that he grew up in the polio age—he’s committed to the idea that vaccines are a good thing.

The FIRST thing I want to say is that I acknowledge the complexity of this issue, the difficulty of the decision,  and never HAVE, never WILL, tell someone not to immunize  her children.     What I will  do is advise any parent to study the issue out thoroughly, doing more than asking the pediatrician, who MUST follow the APA’s current (and ever-changing) recommendations or risk career suicide.

And I will advise any parent to  carefully consider  whether to “Immunize By Two,” the Utah government’s current marketing slogan for the vaccine industry.   Ask a pediatrician why more and more vaccines are being pushed for younger and younger babies.   The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with what’s best for your child.   The answer is that’s when they have ACCESS to children, and they must leverage that opportunity—at well-baby checkups.     People come to well-baby checkups, but they don’t show up after the baby is older.

I read hundreds of pages on the topic before saying no thanks to the rest of the vaccine protocol for my oldest two kids—and never giving a single shot to the youngest two.   I’m going to summarize  WHY, in the briefest way possible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) takes credit for eliminating smallpox from the planet as its major coup in the fight against disease.   Yet smallpox disappeared in non-immunizing countries faster than in immunizing countries.   Some link the eradication of smallpox, instead,  to improved sanitation and education in hygiene.   This is an example of what you can read about the “other side of the story” with regard to WHO’s claims about the necessity of vaccines.

The U.S. is  the only first-world country to attempt to fully immunize children in infancy.   When Japan quit immunizing children under the age of 2, the national SIDS rate plummeted 80%.    You would think this would be compelling to our own Vaccine Administration, but you would think wrong.   Each member of the V.A. receives six figures from the very pharmaceutical companies  it is  supposed to be the watchdog over.   This is an egregious breach of the V.A.’s charge to guard the public health.    (Ditto the Food and Drug Administration.)    The V.A.  is  responsible for protecting the health of our little children, and the conflict of interest simply can’t be overstated.

Just to give you an idea of ONE way this conflict of interest manifests itself, the Vaccine Administration considers claims of babies who die or are injured within 48 hours of being vaccinated.   If your baby dies of SIDS 49 hours after she is immunized (this happened to my neighbor),  her death  can’t possibly  be linked to the shot, according to the V.A.   Their rules are arbitrary, illogical, not grounded in science, and designed to protect the pharmaceutical industry.   Parents should trust their instincts and their research, not the U.S. Vaccine Administration.

I studied each vaccine individually.   The only one I would agree to give my kids, based on its low risk and high efficacy, is the tetanus shot.   However, only 50 people per year die of tetanus, and ALL of them are older than 50 yrs. old.   The risks of the pertussis vaccine, on the other hand,  are simply too high to tolerate, IMO, especially for my children who were all born immune-compromised (with the autoimmune disease athsma, which makes their risks of being vaccinated higher).

And keep in mind that the published risks don’t include people like my neighbor, whose daughter died on Sunday evening after being immunized Friday morning—no one even brought up the possible link.     I personally know of other SIDS cases not counted by the V.A., and several serious side-effect stories (seizures, a month of diarrhea and screaming, etc.) that were  never investigated by a medical professional or reported to the V.A.   This leads me to question the accuracy of the V.A.’s statistics on death/damage by vaccines, although the reported/published data will give any parent pause.

Some researchers theorize that many reported problems (too numerous and complex to digest here) are  a result of immunizing babies with very immature immune systems.   I would worry  less about an immunization for an older child or adult, especially if you could ensure that the vaccine did not contain thimerosol (mercury cannot be eliminated from the body and is severely dangerous).   The vaccine industry has been trying to eliminate thimerosol as a preservative because of massive links to health problems in children.   Of course, other vaccine additives like formaldehyde are deeply troubling as well and shouldn’t  be injected into the human body.

As for the autism link, millions of dollars were spent to study the problem, and at the end of the study,  the researchers  said they can neither confirm nor deny that vaccines have caused the meteoric (400% in 10 years) rise in autism.   Ask Hollywood mothers Holly Robinson Peete or Jenny McCarthy, though, among others: they say they first noticed the autistic behaviors in their formerly developmentally normal  children, shortly after a vaccine.

The new Hepatitis B vaccine is a no-brainer: why would anyone vaccinate their newborn daughter against a disease that she will be at risk for ONLY if she shoots up drugs or is sexually promiscuous?   God forbid that ever be the case, but if it is, it will take place at about age 15 or older—about the time the vaccine wears off.

This policy of injecting newborn girls must be driven by a profit motive rather than common sense.   Billion-dollar Big Pharma companies are in a constant race to develop  new vaccines, because the target market is any company’s dream with unlimited profit potential:  it includes every human being on the planet, and the most educated among us (doctors)  are a ready-made army in place to  sell the product.   They’re so rabid about the product that they’ll kick you out of their practice if you don’t follow their mandates  to follow  the prescribed immunization schedule (this happened to me in Dr. David Johnson’s American Fork, Utah  practice several years ago).   This sales force  also lobbies for laws to take decision-making power away from parents and have stated in their publications that parents should be forced to immunize their children.

The risk of disease from pertussis, diptheria, chicken pox . . . scary!   The risk of damage from vaccines . . . to me, more scary, and less within my control!   My own personal decision has been to strengthen my children’s immune system with clean and alkaline  water,  raw plant foods, knowledge about how to use colloidal silver and herbs/remedies  known to  work WITH instead of fight against the immune system—as well as  avoiding the processed American diet that leads to weak immunity and disease.

Best wishes  with your own decisions.   Trust yourself, because no one has your child’s interests at heart more than you do.    Check out  my favorite vaccine research book by Neustadter in my  Book Reviews.

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  1. My oldest daughter who is 12, had the hep b vaccine. She was hospitalized with a fever of 107 about 6 hours after receiving the vaccine.

    She nearly died at six weeks old during that week long hospitalization. She now suffers from learning disabilities, we have paid out of pocket for all of her therapies. But that is nothing compared to the heartache of seeing her struggle in school and with friendships. Kids know when other children are different, and they are not always kind. She also gets every cold that goes around and had nearly 20 ear infections during her formative years. This affected her speech.

    My youngest daughter will be 2 in January. She has not been vaccinated. I have been told if you have one child that has a severe reaction, you are much more likely to have another child do the same. My non vaccinated child has only had two “little colds” in which she fought off in three days. She never once has been on antibiotics, compared to my eldest at this age she had been on amoxicillin at least 14 times by 2 years. She is extremely healthy & very smart. My husband is in the pharma industry and says there is not enough research say with 100% accuracy that the risks outweight the benefits. There needs to be more solid research done on vaccines. My daughters reaction was never reported as such by the doctors! I am sure that this has happened to to others, which tells me the data must bot be correct.

    How can I legally prevent vaccinating my children, and still have them be allowed in school…how do I do this? I have been told it is as simple as writing a letter. But to whom? If anybody has this answer can you please email me at Nkristin34@aol.com?

    Thank you,


  2. I just wanted to say thank you. I did not choose to vaccinate my children because, I know this sounds crazy, but it just did not set right with me. Do we really know what’s in the medications that is set to do one thing and one thing only, make a pharm company billions. People around me try to guilt me into giving in and injecting my children, whom I would happily die for, with something that a group of people, who’s opinion is never the same twice, say i should. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for making me feel better about protecting my children.

  3. i have done a considerable amount of reading about “some” of the vaccines on the market. A major drug company that pushes the “gardisil vacciine” for young girls – (yet nothing for boys- who spread this disease!) has many pending lawsuits against them for damages and deaths caused by some of their other medicines given to adults.

    I let my guard down recently when i took my high school age child to the “required” school exam. I allowed my minor child to go into the appointment alone – (against my better judgement-, but thinking my child needed a little independence, (i waited in the foyer) i should have followed up right then and their with the dr., but didn’t as my daughter came out of the exam room saying all was fine. Ten mins down the road my child complains of a hurting arm. He/She was given a shot! (menactra) I had not been informed prior , I was not given any paperwork to sign, no information, nothing. I had no idea this was going to happen. The only information given to my child at the time of the injection was spoken – the doctor said “YOu know you are getting an injection today?” my child: “NO” Dr: ” well it is Menactra and it is required.!”

    No information was given to him/her to even take home to inform me.

    You can imagine how I must be feeling….i can’t even put it into words!

    FURIOUS! I immediately called the office, talked to the office manager and the doctor about their practice of giving injections to a minor without information or consent! Since then I have made numerous phone calls and researched much information about menactra only to find that it is NOT a REQUIREMENT yet in my state and won’t be till 2010. There is nothing official. It is the PROACTIVE doctors pushed by the PROACTIVE pharmaceutic companies that are pushing this injection and i have a feeling it has much to do with GREED.

  4. No, Hep B is standard at birth in hospitals still. It’s the new one, to guard against cervical cancer…can’t remember what the disease is but I think it also starts with H… that they’re giving to pre-teens now. But Hep B is still given routinely. In the off chance that the mother has hepatitis. Which some do, but that’s not a good case for giving it to every single newborn. Esp. since the immunity would wear off before it would do any good anyway.

  5. Yes, they offered the shot to me for my almost 12-y.o. daughter when she was born, but I hope that’s true that they have abandoned that practice.

  6. Hi. I have 2 kids, one 2 1/2 and the other almost 2 months. My 2 1/2 year old is immunized up to date. Now I am in the process of deciding what to do for my 2 month old. I feel like each time I go in for shots, I take a breath that nothing bad happens. A few days later, I heave a sigh of relief that they’re okay. I have a brother with Autism, so when it came time for the MMR, I was really nervous. I prayed long and hard, and didn’t get him immunized until 3 months late. But I did, and he’s fine (sigh). The “what-ifs” are very great to me. Of course, most kids are fine. That’s not the issue, I know. It’s that some kids aren’t, which is why I’m re-reading and re-thinking things this time around again. I just wanted to thank you for this information. I have been calling immunization clinics the last few days, however. They mentioned the Hep B for sexually transmitted. Boy do I hope my girl will never be promiscuous. I wasn’t actually calling in regards to that, however. But I did want to let you know they happened to say that they don’t usually get that shot until years later. My friend is a PA, and she said they usually administer it to 11 year old girls. That actually makes me sick that 11 year olds can be doing that, but that’s not the point. I guess I just wanted to let you know that all that I’ve heard of is newborns aren’t immunized for it – it is when they’re older. At least, as far as I am aware.

  7. My mom just sent me this link (she knows you, Robyn) and I enjoyed reading it. I’ve read several books and articles on the topic–after avoiding it for years because of all the hype and controversy. I knew the conclusion would be “there is no one right, absolute answer” and that scared me. But now that I’ve researched, so far we are at least delaying all vaccinations, maybe indefinitely. I go back and forth about Tetanus. Every time I decide to take my older girls in to the Health Department for it, something holds me back.

    I’d still like to hear some good answers for the “herd immunity” people. I understand their stance, and I realize it’s not really plausible to think that we can get everybody to start taking charge of their own health by maintaining good nutrition, but I still can’t see injecting my kids with potentially dangerous stuff when there is a much more safe and healthy way to protect them.

  8. VERY SMART people. I was the stupid one My daughter had a bad time after DPT shots.I felt so much pressure to do this! I had Boy girl twins, boy is fine and girl is not!Hep B in hospital didnt help.You all should know merk had a defective vac about 1999! 8 times more mercury than it should have had in it!! Both my kids had this on 5th day of life.Thank GOD I gave my children the rounds of shots a month apart.What if they had a few defective ones?Why is my son ok??? Boys almost aways get Autism before girls do! KEEP fighting and be strong!! Deb k New Jersey

  9. Our two girls were vaccinated but our son is not…. here is why, our second daughter got ear infection at 26 months the first in her life. So naturally I took her to the dr and got antibiotics for her…….VERY long story short, she died in Sept ’06 of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. If you Google that be prepared it is gruesome! Our son was born 5 months before she died and we said no vaccines…..(We did do the MR for measles when it was going around in our community. After much prayer and indecision.) I have not done a lot of reading on vaccines, our experience was enough for us!! I know several people though who had normal growing children and they are now autistic.

    Dr don’t know everything, and the human body was designed by our all wise Creator to heal itself!

  10. Mary Smith,

    Do you not understand how a disease works? Getting immunized IS NOT the only way to stop diseases. It is the way the world has chosen to do it because it is easier than teaching people good nutrition and proper hygiene. It’s easier to get a shot than to responsibly stop spreading disease. You can only get 90 percent of those things by close contact through body fluids, fecal matter, etc. . . Some things are airborne, but most don’t stay around long enough for anyone else to get them. I suggest you read a little more and stop treating getting immunized like it is some right of passage. It’s just a cope out for the real way to stop the spread of disease.

  11. I am a teenager in High School and found this article while researching for a paper about the immunization of children. As I am still researching the issue, it seems to me that the risks of not vaccinating your child seem much greater than if you were to vaccinate them. Think about the MILLIONS of lives that have been saved through vaccination. Also, think about how many viruses are not a huge problem because of the past immunizations adn what would happen if we all just didnt immunize our children anymore. Thirdly, think about the risk of the community as a whole; yes, your child may be fine and not get the disease themself, but the reason for that is most likely because EVERY other child in the communicty already got the shot and therefore can’t pass it on to your child. But what if every parent decided to not get their child immunized for the same reasons you didn’t get yours? Well, then your child would not be safe any longer.

  12. Our son is five months old, and we struggled with this decision throughout my pregnancy. He was born at home, so we didn’t have to make any immediate decisions. We found a great family practice doctor who knows our midwife (they refer clients to each other, so we figured that’s a good sign). She has been great – we eventually decided we didn’t want any vaccines for our little boy, and she’s perfectly fine with that. We’ve taken him in for two well-baby checkups, but no shots. I’ll breastfeed him as long as he’s interested – I’m shooting for two years. And he won’t be eating sugar or dairy, which I honestly believe lead to a compromised immune system. My husband and I haven’t had a single cold (or anything else) in over three years, since we gave up dairy and most sugar (we switched to stevia at home, and only have sugar very rarely, if we’re at someone else’s house). We feel very comfortable now with our decision to skip vaccinations.

  13. Good luck to you. These are among the hardest decisions you make as a young parent, I believe.

    Can you havea chiropractor do the physical? If so, wow! That would solve a lot of problems. Sometimes you can find a pediatrician who believe in parents’ prerogatives, though. I found one. She is not at all holistic in her approach, but she isn’t controlling and doesn’t try to force me to do anything I don’t want to.


  14. What a wonderful written letter. I, too, have struggled with this decision for the past 6 1/2 years. My two kids have never received any immunizations. I agree with what has been said before, the risks of the vaccines outweigh their “benefits” I have yet to be convinced otherwise. We are in Missouri, where the state waiver says you can opt out of vaccines for religious or medical exemptions. (Meaning your child’s immune system couldn’t handle the vaccines) Most states have those two exemptions. Some states even have a philosphical exemption. Since my state only has the two, I check the religious exemption. That said, that category is all encompassing for me. My religion is based on a belief system and although my church doesn’t have an anti-vaccine doctorine, my belief is that vaccines are harmful for my children. Both my kids attended preschool and my son is now in kindergarten, so, I sign a state authorized waiver that says I want my children exempt from vaccines.

    My issue now is with our pediatricians office. We have had the same doctor for the past 6 years and I have always told her what my stance was on vaccinating. I won’t be doing it while the kids are young, but I may change my mind later on. I’ve stated those exact same reasons that were mentioned earlier. (A newborn getting the Hep B vaccine is nuts!) I have felt like I have been bullied in the past to make the decision to vaccinate, but haven’t, so now my doctors office is pulling the plug and “firing us.” I can’t tell you how incredibly sad this situation makes me. I have to wonder what parents will be next for them to fire. Will they start firing parents that smoke around their children? What about parents whose children are overweight? Will they too, be fired? This whole God complex is frustrating and leaves me feeling betrayed. These doctors took an oath and I feel that this contradicts that oath.

    I, too, don’t believe that my situation is for everyone. But, this is a decision I’ve made for my family. I try to make my decisions based on the facts. Not the fears or the what-ifs. There are tons of what-ifs. But, there is also a great deal of information out there. So, now I’m forced to find another doctor. Do I find another pediatrician? Do I see our family doctor from now on? Or do I just have our chiropractor do the necessary annual school check up?


  15. Jessica,

    Are you still in Utah? It is extremely easy to get vaccine exemptions in Utah. It is also relatively easy to find pediatricians who will not pressure you to vaccinate. Although you say “was born in Utah”, so maybe you’re not here any more.

    For anyone else who is curious about laws in different states, here’s a listing: http://www.909shot.com/state-site/state-exemptions.htm

    Whenever my husband mentions states he’d like to move to, the first thing I do is look up the midwifery, vaccination, and homeschool laws. I would hate to live somewhere that I would have to fight to have those rights. Although we’ll always have to fight to keep them. We’ve only lived in Texas and Utah, and both states make it very easy to get the necessary exemptions. In addition, we’ve never been discriminated against by daycares or schools for having them. (Well, my oldest is only 6; there’s a long way to go yet.)

    This isn’t so much for you, but for others who might be lurking: As an LDS (Mormon) in Utah, I could qualify for either the personal exemption or the religious exemption. The religious exemption says “a bona fide member of a specified, recognized religious organization whose teachings are contrary to immunizations”. The LDS church definitely supports vaccines. However, they also have teachings contrary to immunizations. (They teach about using herbs and nutrition for sickness, the sacredness of the body, belief in God rather than man, etc.)

  16. I am at my wits end. I literally get sick dealing with all of this especially at school time and shots. My oldest now 6 is going into 1st grade this year and she’s only truly received the first couple stopping around the age 2. My youngest who is 4 has never received anything. Under the intense circumstances of dealing with getting them into preschool and kindergarten, I have mislead everyone to believe they’ve been vaccinated. Whats worse is my husband is a P.A. and disagrees with me, but lets me make the decision because I feel so strongly about it. Whats funny is my oldest was born in Utah at Alta View and the slogan Immunize by 2 drove me to the ground. I’m torn. I’m seriously thinking of going to a new pedatrician and being honest about everything and getting them their shots, mostly because I dont know what lies ahead of me legally. I have no religious views and have looked into it – I dont qualify. As far as the medical scenario, I have never known a doctor who would sign a waiver. I would love love love some serious advice from you Robyn and anyone else in the same boat. Please contact me asap if you can. I dont want to get into trouble, but I also want whats best for my kids. Thank you.


  17. I thank all of you for so much info and stories. This subject is very conflicting for me. I have given my son his shots up until now. He is going to be 12 months old at the end of August and I am conflicted as to whether or not I won’t to continue with these shots. Back in my day they were no big deal and primitve at best. Someone in the family got chicken pox my mom threw us all in the same room so we would have it at the same time and be done with it. I have pock marks left from having them.

    I have been reading more and more about MMR and I am getting more and more worried about giving this shot to my son. I found an article that confused me a bit with the conflicting statements like the one below:

    “Infection of pregnant woman with “wild” rubella virus is one of the few known causes of autism. Thus, by preventing infection of pregnant women, rubella vaccine also prevents autism, asserts CDC.”

    Confused? Me too! The arguement is that it may be wiser to seperate the vaccines instead of them being a 3 in 1 shot thus minimizing the possibility of autism which is my fear from the MMR shot. So when I read the above statement and it says that Rubella is a KNOWN cause of autism and I am injecting it into my childs body isen’t that a bit contradicting. We (CDC) don’t believe MMR can cause autism but we know that Rubella is contribute to it so lets inject our children with a live virus and cross our fingers that it does not give them autism?

    Am I understanding this correctly? Because the way I am reading that is that they are referring to an adult getting immunized NOT a child but it would be to keep your child from getting it? Maybe you can shed some light for me Robyn because I am really scared to do these 12 month shots or any others fo that matter. Is there anything that they are immunizing for these days that does NOT have a cure for it that I should worry about? Because you know our world is not getting any cleaner, parents are becoming less and less responsible for their children and what they do and our schools are not so grand anymore either so I do worry that my choice will effect the rest of my sons’ life.

    Here is the website that I found with a lot of information http://www.healing-arts.org/children/vaccines/vaccines-mmr.htm which has a great deal of information on vaccines.


  18. Robyn is right – you can get a waiver in most states.

    I think a lot of people assume that if they get vaccinated that they are protected for life against these diseases. That is simply not the case.

    A few years ago we had a big pertussis outbreak here. Several of my friends got it. We have a lot of nonvaccinating parents here. But it seemed that the only ones who got it were the ones who were vaccinated. I had a very small baby during this time and I called the pediatrician to see what he would say.

    Amazingly I found out that the pertussis vaccine only lasts for 7 years and that 10-15 years ago there were a bunch of “bad” vaccines. He said that at that time they were thinking of coming out with a booster so that older kids would be vaccinated again.

    I find it simply amazing that they spend so much time on medicines and not very much at all on nutrition.


  19. When they say “mandatory,” they mean that you have to prove to the school with a form from the doctor that immunizations have been completed. However, if your state is like mine, you can get a waiver from the county health department. I do this for my kids. The school has it on file, and if there were an outbreak of any of the diseases they vaccinate against, my child would have to go home until the outbreak passed. (This has never happened to any of my kids.) You’ll want to contact your county health dept. to ask for sure. But I’m pretty sure no state can literally force you to vaccinate.

  20. I have a 7 year old and a 5 month old baby girl, and I went and got her vaccinated when she was 2 months, but I was not comfortable about that decision. I live in NYC and I know they mandate your children to be immunized in order to go to public school. Can you tell me any more information about this situation, because I don’t want to immunize my daughter anymore. I don’t like the fact of pumping her up with drugs.

  21. My youngest two are not vaccinated. We go to Mountain Peaks Family Practice in Orem. We took the kids in for a well-kid/baby checkup, and the nurse asked us if we would be getting any vaccines. We said no, and there were no eye rolls, dirty looks, or anything else. It was never mentioned again.

    All newborns are vaccinated for Hepatitis B, not just girls. My youngest two were born at home, so we didn’t have to fight the hospital over it, but my oldest was vaccinated at birth. I was aware that there was a vaccine controversy, but I had just been introduced to SO much new information in the previous few months (about natural pregnancy/birth, parenting, etc.), that I couldn’t take on one more controversy at the time. We were finished vaccinating him by 12 months though. I skipped the varicella and MMR at the 12-month visit, and he hasn’t had anything since.

  22. Sophia, Erin, April-Anna,

    You probably already see that the most helpful of the vaccine books I read is Randall Neustaedter’s The Vaccine Guide. Keep an eye on this blog, and in the next couple of days (April 2008) I will write another vaccine-related mini-report. The U.S. government has finally begun to lose its legal battle (in the face of a cascading avalanche of evidence) and has begun paying out for vaccine damage done to children now suffering from autism.

    I know that this is a hard decision. Only you are best equipped to make the decision, so go with your heart after fully informing your mind. If you will be traveling to third-world countries or putting your children in a busy day care, these are other things to consider.

    Best wishes to you,


  23. I have just started my research since we will be having our babies (twins) in July. I want to be informed on both points of views. I found this blog to be heartfelt and sincere and I wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I would love it if anyone reading this has any information, weblinks, articles etc…. they can share.

  24. I have not vacinated my boys (3 years, and a 4 mo old) as I want to be fully educated before taking such a step- what do you recommend if I choose not to vaccinate- I’m afraid of the “what if’s”. (What if they catch something that could have been prevented had they been vaccinated) I’ve heard it can be done homeopathically- but I’ve had limited success with homepathics. Any info you could pass along would be greatly appreciated

  25. I would like to email you the

    The Klinghardt Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol

    According to that paper (from Europe); there are two ways to clear all neurotoxins, including mercury from your body…. I have the paper saved in microsoft word; if you are intereted to read it, please email me at: aprilanna@gmail.com




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