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Why I chose not to immunize my kids

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Sep 26, 2007 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

A friend called me and said, “Great site—but are you nuts,  about the immunizations?”   He pointed out that he grew up in the polio age—he’s committed to the idea that vaccines are a good thing.

The FIRST thing I want to say is that I acknowledge the complexity of this issue, the difficulty of the decision,  and never HAVE, never WILL, tell someone not to immunize  her children.     What I will  do is advise any parent to study the issue out thoroughly, doing more than asking the pediatrician, who MUST follow the APA’s current (and ever-changing) recommendations or risk career suicide.

And I will advise any parent to  carefully consider  whether to “Immunize By Two,” the Utah government’s current marketing slogan for the vaccine industry.   Ask a pediatrician why more and more vaccines are being pushed for younger and younger babies.   The answer is simple, and it has nothing to do with what’s best for your child.   The answer is that’s when they have ACCESS to children, and they must leverage that opportunity—at well-baby checkups.     People come to well-baby checkups, but they don’t show up after the baby is older.

I read hundreds of pages on the topic before saying no thanks to the rest of the vaccine protocol for my oldest two kids—and never giving a single shot to the youngest two.   I’m going to summarize  WHY, in the briefest way possible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) takes credit for eliminating smallpox from the planet as its major coup in the fight against disease.   Yet smallpox disappeared in non-immunizing countries faster than in immunizing countries.   Some link the eradication of smallpox, instead,  to improved sanitation and education in hygiene.   This is an example of what you can read about the “other side of the story” with regard to WHO’s claims about the necessity of vaccines.

The U.S. is  the only first-world country to attempt to fully immunize children in infancy.   When Japan quit immunizing children under the age of 2, the national SIDS rate plummeted 80%.    You would think this would be compelling to our own Vaccine Administration, but you would think wrong.   Each member of the V.A. receives six figures from the very pharmaceutical companies  it is  supposed to be the watchdog over.   This is an egregious breach of the V.A.’s charge to guard the public health.    (Ditto the Food and Drug Administration.)    The V.A.  is  responsible for protecting the health of our little children, and the conflict of interest simply can’t be overstated.

Just to give you an idea of ONE way this conflict of interest manifests itself, the Vaccine Administration considers claims of babies who die or are injured within 48 hours of being vaccinated.   If your baby dies of SIDS 49 hours after she is immunized (this happened to my neighbor),  her death  can’t possibly  be linked to the shot, according to the V.A.   Their rules are arbitrary, illogical, not grounded in science, and designed to protect the pharmaceutical industry.   Parents should trust their instincts and their research, not the U.S. Vaccine Administration.

I studied each vaccine individually.   The only one I would agree to give my kids, based on its low risk and high efficacy, is the tetanus shot.   However, only 50 people per year die of tetanus, and ALL of them are older than 50 yrs. old.   The risks of the pertussis vaccine, on the other hand,  are simply too high to tolerate, IMO, especially for my children who were all born immune-compromised (with the autoimmune disease athsma, which makes their risks of being vaccinated higher).

And keep in mind that the published risks don’t include people like my neighbor, whose daughter died on Sunday evening after being immunized Friday morning—no one even brought up the possible link.     I personally know of other SIDS cases not counted by the V.A., and several serious side-effect stories (seizures, a month of diarrhea and screaming, etc.) that were  never investigated by a medical professional or reported to the V.A.   This leads me to question the accuracy of the V.A.’s statistics on death/damage by vaccines, although the reported/published data will give any parent pause.

Some researchers theorize that many reported problems (too numerous and complex to digest here) are  a result of immunizing babies with very immature immune systems.   I would worry  less about an immunization for an older child or adult, especially if you could ensure that the vaccine did not contain thimerosol (mercury cannot be eliminated from the body and is severely dangerous).   The vaccine industry has been trying to eliminate thimerosol as a preservative because of massive links to health problems in children.   Of course, other vaccine additives like formaldehyde are deeply troubling as well and shouldn’t  be injected into the human body.

As for the autism link, millions of dollars were spent to study the problem, and at the end of the study,  the researchers  said they can neither confirm nor deny that vaccines have caused the meteoric (400% in 10 years) rise in autism.   Ask Hollywood mothers Holly Robinson Peete or Jenny McCarthy, though, among others: they say they first noticed the autistic behaviors in their formerly developmentally normal  children, shortly after a vaccine.

The new Hepatitis B vaccine is a no-brainer: why would anyone vaccinate their newborn daughter against a disease that she will be at risk for ONLY if she shoots up drugs or is sexually promiscuous?   God forbid that ever be the case, but if it is, it will take place at about age 15 or older—about the time the vaccine wears off.

This policy of injecting newborn girls must be driven by a profit motive rather than common sense.   Billion-dollar Big Pharma companies are in a constant race to develop  new vaccines, because the target market is any company’s dream with unlimited profit potential:  it includes every human being on the planet, and the most educated among us (doctors)  are a ready-made army in place to  sell the product.   They’re so rabid about the product that they’ll kick you out of their practice if you don’t follow their mandates  to follow  the prescribed immunization schedule (this happened to me in Dr. David Johnson’s American Fork, Utah  practice several years ago).   This sales force  also lobbies for laws to take decision-making power away from parents and have stated in their publications that parents should be forced to immunize their children.

The risk of disease from pertussis, diptheria, chicken pox . . . scary!   The risk of damage from vaccines . . . to me, more scary, and less within my control!   My own personal decision has been to strengthen my children’s immune system with clean and alkaline  water,  raw plant foods, knowledge about how to use colloidal silver and herbs/remedies  known to  work WITH instead of fight against the immune system—as well as  avoiding the processed American diet that leads to weak immunity and disease.

Best wishes  with your own decisions.   Trust yourself, because no one has your child’s interests at heart more than you do.    Check out  my favorite vaccine research book by Neustadter in my  Book Reviews.

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69 thoughts on “Why I chose not to immunize my kids”

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  1. Shaye Vear says:

    If you feel worried about not immunizing your children then immunize Homeopathicly, I have for both my children 4.5 and 2.5yrs and at least they are being immunized in a holistic way, look up your local homeopath and they will give you the immunization kit to take at home once a month, it’s in the form of a small sugar based pill, the remedies cover every orthodox immunization given out. So when people ask you if your kids are immunized you can say yes they are!!! But like many peopl if your happy to let the body build its own defense then cool just do what you feel is right I guess :))

  2. Ashley says:

    Just a note: Japan DOES immunize kids under 2, but they do start the process a bit later (a few months, with exceptions for moms with Hep B) than the US. And there are more optional vaccines than government recommended ones. You may want to double check your research. I’ve noticed you don’t link to research in the blog posts that I’ve read at least, so it’s hard to know if it’s credible or not.

    I lived in Japan for five years and gave birth there.

    1. Britt says:

      It was in 1975 that Japan stopped vaccinating infants under 2 and infant mortality rates did in fact drop. They have since changed the policy. Maybe you should do YOUR research.

  3. Laura says:

    It’s obvious that we all want what’s best for our own children. But does anyone ever think about other people’s children?

    I just watched a Law and Order episode where a mother decided to not vaccinate her son. He contracted measles as a five year-old but made a full recovery on his own. Measles is highly communicable disease and can be spread during the initial asymptomatic stage. Before he started showing symptoms his mother had taken him to the city park. He infected a beautiful baby girl who contracted the measles from him and died. Makes you think.

    Things are only a right until they begin to infringe on the rights of others.

    1. Britt says:

      All hail the credibility and infallibility of Law and Order (slow sarcastic clap). It’s not infringing on the rights of others to choose not to vaccinate. Its more of an infringement to force parents to vaccinate. If your vaccinated child contracts a disease from an unvaccinated child guess what, the vaccine didn’t work. You can also protect the health of infants by not bringing them into high risk areas, especially during outbreaks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry but you are selfish. Not immunizing your own children puts every other child at risk. Thank God we have the cure for so many diseases. That was not the case too long ago. You should be running to protect your children from them. Instead you live in a bubble and can live with your decision because the fact is, you know since every other child is immunized your own children probably will be okay. I’ll bet if every other child had measles right now and there was a ready vaccine you would be first in line for it…as well you should be. Shame on you.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I find it interesting how everyone who commented negatively here said nothing about their OWN children, or how vaccines could affect them on a personal level. Yet those who commented in agreement with Robyn had had a very personal interaction with these issues in their own lives. It’s fine to comment on what’s for “the good of society”, but when it deals with your own kids, that can make a big difference.

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