Who says you can’t eat right while traveling?


A delicious, healthy lunch on the go!

I always feel less alone in the world, as I opt out of the “Standard American Diet” 95%+ of the time……when I hang out with people like Stasia, Jen, and Rachel. They are GSG readers and apprentice coaches.

This is me, having lunch with them downtown, while they were here from the East Coast. You can see my pint jar of green smoothie next to my salad.

Jen had her stick pack of chia seed that she sprinkled on her salad. Stasia had her baggy of sprouted, dehydrated flax crackers. And Rachel had a bag of Costco baby carrots, and baby bell peppers, that she whipped out to
augment our salads.

Robyn with Stasia, Jen and April

I love these ladies’ creativity! All of these are “tricks up my sleeve” that I employ, so that I can eat right when I’m traveling, too. Luckily, you can get a great salad almost anywhere. I have them put the dressing on the side,
I didn’t eat the bread thing that was on my salad, and I avoid GMO corn and soy products. You can even ask them for extra greens, or extra vegetables, or additional healthy items you see they use in other recipes. I do it all
the time.

Watching all three of these amazing, healthy women be creative when they travel is an inspiration! It really is possible. It takes a little planning ahead, is all. You know what to look for as the crux of the diet, and you scan the grocery stores and restaurants for these: living foods (sprouts), greens, vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.


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  1. I just got home from your class here in Richland Washington. I know you will remember me I was the really, really, fat lady who was crying and squirming in my seat. I wanted so much to tell you that I have Colon Cancer and I believe if I had followed the green smoothie diet when I saw you the first time I could have avoided this. I brought a friend so she could hear your message and spread the word to the ladies here at Three Rivers Village. I was in so much pain and I am so frightened about the Cancer. I didn’t want you too think that your truths were too much for me. I embrace your ideal in my heart but struggle with getting past my old food patterns. I hope someone in your audience was moved to change so they can avoid the fate I ate myself into.

    Also someone in your audience was watching TV on their electronics just loud enough for it to cause me to have to struggle with being angry as well as concentrating. Would it have disturbed your vibration if I had clobbered the noise maker? Along with this blasted Cancer I am really cranky.

    Maybe I can beat this and teach a class or two from a health position in another year.
    Yours in Christ,
    Sharon Ivie

    1. Sharon, I’m SO sorry for what you’re going through. Yes, if you’d clobbered him it probably would have lowered several people’s vibration. Please keep in touch—it’s never too late! Hope you’re feeling better SOON.

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