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When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 03, 2010

That’s a line from a Taylor Swift song, by the way.

I think Tim McGraw has given up the “ninety-nine cent heart attack” he sings about. Somebody on the GSG fanpage says he quit smoking a few years ago.

My goodness, he looks ridiculous. I heard he lost 30 lbs for his tour. Not the same guy who played Sandra Bullock’s husband in The Blind Side. Anyway, my gf’s and I had a blast at his concert this weekend.

Thanks to three readers who stopped me to say hello, and sorry to the two I didn’t get to stop and chat with. One, Alisa, was on the blanket next to ours. She wanted to be on my blog so her daughter would see it. See photo below.

Another wanted to tell me her DH’s favorite post on this blog is Do The Opposite.

If you were at the concert in SLC, I was the one whoopin it up when McGraw mentioned graduating high school in ’85. Me too! We should all look as amazing as he does heading into our 40’s, a topic I will be blogging about soon. It’s never too late to turn your habits around and begin to look and feel good.

Well, OCCASIONALLY it’s too late, like perhaps when you get diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. Let’s avoid that and start on the straight-&-narrow now.

(Speaking of this, consider these photos of me the “BEFORE” as I am about to have a makeover—GULP!—I’ll explain later.)

I am typing this in the car leaving the concert so that I remember to mention Vitamin Water was handing out drinks called Zero that are calorie free and sweetened with STEVIA. (And the water is reverse osmosis filtered, with extracts of acai and other fruits.)

Yay! I am glad to see mainstream drinks replacing aspartame, which is a neurotoxin responsible for more complaints to the FDA than the other U.S.-approved 4,000 chemical food additives combined. Japanese companies have been using herbal stevia instead of chemicals for many years.

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2 thoughts on “When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think of me”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The women in the green shirt is my mom!!!! yay!!!! 🙂 Just want to give her a shout out, she is a grandma to 5 and look how amazing she looks. I was so jealous she got to see the green smoothie girl! Thanks for posting this Robyn!!!! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Robyn,

    This is Alisa. I would really like to talk to you about the Women’s Retreat I’m in the process of putting together. Please email me at adudley59@hotmail.com so we can schedule a time to get together. I’m the person from the concert!

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