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what’s the best humanitarian cause EVER?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 12, 2012

Congrats to these GreenSmoothieGirls who won three free products from PrimalPitPaste.com! They jumped right on it when we posted the last giveaway blog about non-toxic deodorant.

DeAndra Jarboe, Watauga, TX

Ashley Hardy of Springfield MO

Elizabeth Fiorentino of Durham, NC

Do you know a great charitable cause? Something that helps people help themselves? Something innovative, and preferably related to health? Something that doesn’t have bloated administrative overhead? U.S. based?

When we launch the Detox (January? I hope hope hope! But maybe February)….I’m going to give $1 for EVERY pound everyone loses, to the best causes I can find. And $5 to those causes, for every testimonial you write us, about your experience with the Detox.

That way we’re ALL “releasing” not just weight, but TOXINS—bye-bye forever! And funding things that change the world, at the same time.

We’ve had about 35 beta testers of the GSG Detox program now. It’s a 26-days program, and everything is detailed for you: daily diet and habits, recipes, shopping lists, lots of info if you want to know WHY you’re doing all this.

Two levels to participate at, one for beginners, and one for the hard-core.

Everyone has lost between 7 and 20 lbs. My daughter and I were the only ones who lost only 7 lbs. More importantly, my beta testers reported their joints are free of inflammation, their head is clear, they need less sleep, their mood is positive, and they universally report feeling AMAZING.

Well. Matthew did report a few days of feeling homicidal, because he wanted to eat peanut butter. Or I don’t even know why he said that. I just tried to stay out of his way. You know how skinny people are. They’re not used to being deprived of anything.

Anyway, the point is we are VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT! Stay tuned around here and we’ll make a BIG DEAL about it when it’s ready. Every day you get a video or conference call with a detox-expert doctor on a different related topic. You get my coaches’ help (they helped test it!). You get a forum to talk with others participating. You get an email from me every day. You get a complete manual with all the recipes, information, shopping lists, and supporting information and science.

So back to the charities. I love Food Democracy Now, an organization that educates and fights against Monsanto, and fights for labeling laws so that we know what’s in our food, so we can eventually overturn the power that Monsanto has. My dream is that we stop genetically modifying our foods. At a minimum, tell consumers what’s in their food so we can OPT OUT!

That’s something I’m passionate about, where some of our dollars should go.

Tell me, WHERE ELSE? I intend to give thousands of dollars to some great places, starting in 2013! GreenSmoothieGirl staff will check out any U.S.-based humanitarian cause you send us to.

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38 thoughts on “what’s the best humanitarian cause EVER?”

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  1. Julie says:


    The mission of City Slicker Farms is to empower West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for healthy organic food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens.

  2. Cherie says:

    Well, not exactly a charity. But, certainly a worthwhile humanitarian cause.
    “Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata’s sex trade.”

  3. Vikki Smedley says:

    Allergy Kids Foundation is a great group (http://www.robynobrien.com/Allergy-kids-foundation) that works to restore the health of our children and the integrity of our food supply by protecting and educating people about additives now found in our food supply – additives not used in children’s foods in other developed countries; bringing attention to recent changes to the food supply and the dramatic increases in the rates of allergies, asthma, autism and ADHD in the last twenty years.

  4. dcatlet1 says:

    I emailed a few weeks ago when I first came across your site. (My mom recently died of cervical cancer.) Anyway, my husband and I started a non profit a few years ago called Youth Mission Challenge. It’s a 12 week training program for children that teaches them about health, nutrition and physical fitness while helping them train for a race (local run or walk). We partner up with other non-profits that are committed to living out James 1:27. The kids write a fundraising letter to their friends and family (during week 4) asking them to support their efforts to get physically fit and “to help take care of the orphans.” The concept and design would take a lot of time to put in an email. But, if your team is interested in learning more, please contact me. You are also more than welcome to contact the other people (organizations) we work with. Our goal is to give 90% of all money raised to the organizations we partner with.
    This has been a labor of love… a family affair for me, my husband and our four children… we are finally seeing our vision come to life and would love any support we can get… maybe even a review of our Week 3 (nutrition)!
    Sincerely Yours~

    PS- I just received the starter kit yesterday. Can’t wait to start!

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