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What’s the big deal about coconut oil?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Feb 24, 2014

Dear GreenSmoothieGirl: I thought coconut oil was a dirty word. Saturated fat! Shouldn’t we avoid it?

Answer: That was a smear campaign by the new vegetable oil industry 30-35 years ago, that effectively removed tropical oils from the shelf. They lumped this whole-food nutrient in with partially hydrogenated oils that are truly harmful.

The problem is, medium-chain triglycerides are needed nutrients for the human body. They all but disappeared from our diet for almost two generations.

(And vegetable oil, on the other hand–what a misnomer, as if it’s healthy with the word “vegetable” in it!–is processed, rancid, carcinogenic, and downright toxic.)

Of course you want your coconut oil to be cold pressed and organic. But not all “saturated” fats are bad.

Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-parasite, and anti-fungal. On more than one occasion, I’ve helped one of my kids quickly get rid of a fungal infection with simple topical application of this powerful oil.

Digestive problems can be eased by coconut oil since the body doesn’t have to use pancreatic enzymes or bile to digest it. When people start green smoothies and the high fiber and massive nutrition causes digestive disturbances (which sometimes happens), I suggest consuming coconut oil at the same time. Often, good fats like coconut oil also increase absorption of minerals in greens, as well. Coconut oil is not high in essential fatty acids, but it does increase your absorption of EFA’s from other sources by as much as 100%, according to one study.

Diabetics use it to help regulate blood sugar, as it’s a food that doesn’t affect blood sugar or insulin levels. In fact, some studies show it improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose.  It’s a good fat that burns the bad fats–and it’s burned as energy quickly, rather than storing in fat deposits in the body.

Unlike some trans fats and animal products high in fat, coconut oil purifies the blood and is highly alkaline–it doesn’t clog arteries, as it’s liquid above 76 degrees. It’s used in hospitals around the world for a variety of uses, and baby formulas and many other nutritional and medicinal purposes are celebrated world-wide. Pacific Islanders who are far from Western processed foods eat up to 65% fat in their diet–from palm and coconut oils, and they are beautiful people with ideal body-fat ratios. They are virtually free of the degenerative diseases that plague Americans who eat toxic fats.

Next time, let’s talk about some simple ways and recipes you can use coconut oil in your daily life, to increase brain nutrients, protect cell barriers, improve circulation, combat viral infections, and control sugar cravings, among other benefits.  In the mean time you can get in on our second chance GROUP BUY for this amazing oil today!




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