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What Would You Do If Your Child Got Cancer? Part 3 of 3

Robyn Openshaw, MSW - Mar 02, 2012 - This Post May Contain Affiliate Links

Here’s my own answer to Emily’s question, what would I do if my child had cancer. (She implies this: I wouldn’t want the recommended treatment.)

I would research and find case law to support me (such as Abraham Cherrix, whose case did not exist when Parker Jensen’s family was attacked). I would study PubMed and other sources, to gather all the information possible about the actual efficacy of the chemo they would be requiring, and the risks and side effects.

I would hire the best lawyer experienced in these kinds of cases immediately. I would refuse the chemo and demand true 2nd opinions, and I would go to my holistic-healing doctors for that 2nd opinion. (The Jensens demanded a second opinion and got a rubber stamp of the first diagnosis from LDS, a sister hospital to Primary Children’s, instead of a true evaluation and “blinded” second opinion.)

I would go to the media so that clandestine actions on the part of DCFS, GAL, and AG would be have the “light of day” shined on them, with the public watching, right up front. I would do detailed interviews with any media who would listen, so they would get the story right.

And I would fight like the mother bear I am. I would demand that the state give me a written guarantee that my child will be healthy and whole, and that the cancer wouldn’t come back, after chemotherapy.

(Of course the State would refuse to give me that. And within my power, I would refuse to give them my child.)

I would submit my own detailed treatment plan from the doctors I chose. I wouldn’t run, because that’s inviting “kidnapping” charges, such as faced by the Werneckes and Jensens. But I would employ the tactic “the best defense is a good offense.” I would stall and delay and utilize the media and write in my public forum and demand guarantees and show my own proactivity.

I went to Daren Jensen for his answer to Emily’s question. I asked him, do you believe Parker even had cancer? He said, “Honestly, I don’t know. In the sense they thought he did? [Life-threatening, urgent, rare Ewing’s Sarcoma.] No, absolutely not. A lot of personnel at Primary Children’s told us there was a lot of pressure to put a diagnosis on Parker to get him into a clinical trial.”

A clinical trial was headed by Parker’s pediatric oncologist, Lars Wagner, with a Huntsman Cancer Institute doc. (Daren received an anonymous phone call telling him to check out Dr. Wagner’s credentials—he was not board certified—and to follow the money to the clinical trial. The Jensens’ lawyers uncovered the details in the discovery phase of their legal process.)

One way drug trials are manipulated is to recruit healthy people into the study–thus artificially inflating “success” rates when that person (in this case a child) survives chemo and, ostensibly, the “cancer.”

Daren has met with, or talked to, hundreds of families who asked the same question Emily is asking, many of them with children who have cancer. A few people like the Jensens will go the distance to fight for their right to choose treatment. Others will passively do what they’re told, leaving it in the hands of the doctor.

Both Daren Jensen and I feel reticent to give anyone advice about what to do in the event of a childhood cancer diagnosis. Do you trust the diagnosis? What stage is the cancer and what type is it? Is it a rare cancer, and is the treatment experimental, and is the treatment extremely grueling and high-risk? All of these factors would influence what a parent might do.

Daren told me, “I would never, ever recommend chemotherapy for any type of cancer. The likelihood of [secondary] cancer resulting from the treatment is so high. I’m not at all convinced that it works. Get the inserts for the drugs, which no one reads—we got them and did read them. No wonder they never let patients read them! They are so scary. They talk about the percentage of people who will die, sustain organ damage, or be sterilized. Always get the drug inserts and read them!”

Daren says not to talk to a medical doctor about anything “alternative” you might be interested in. Anything outside drugs and surgery, many docs (not all) will likely label “quack” treatment and report you. The Parker Jensen bill here in Utah ensured your right to not choose a pediatric oncologist for treatment.

The oncologist who started the nightmare for the Jensens, Lars Wagner of Primary Children’s, needed children for his clinical trial. One of his colleagues testified in court, because Dr. Wagner had left for a new job in Cincinnatti, that there was a 100% chance Parker would be full of metastasized cancer within a few months, without chemo. (Clearly doctors are not always right.)

Daren Jensen recommends Dr. Marietta Bergdorf at the Modern Health Clinic in Bountiful. They treat cancer every day, but holistically. (My mom got a letter from Dr. Bergdorf to opt out of mammography and get thermography instead, so she could go on a mission, which was very helpful to her.)

Incidentally, Daren’s father-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer while on a church mission. He was treated with spot radiation at LDS Hospital, which did not work. He refused chemo and went to Modern Health Clinic. They treated him with alternatives, supplements, and nutrition, and was clear of cancer 4 months later. He lived another 8 years before dying 2 months ago (some in his family feel his death was due to the effects of radiation years before).

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16 thoughts on “What Would You Do If Your Child Got Cancer? Part 3 of 3”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent post Robyn. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this. This gives me some peace, but sadly this is what I fear most for my kids.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone ever had to treat a young child (4-year-old) for candida? What do you feed them? Are there good books for making sure you meet their nutritional needs?

  4. Maggie says:

    Wow. Just wow. I am speechless. Thank you, Robyn, for taking the time to share this incredible and important information on your site. I had NO IDEA. Everyone who is fortunate enough to cross paths with you will benefit from your various experiences and your knowledge. To me, you are an inspiration.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad you did this series. This has been at the forefront of my mind as I am currently watching some friends go through this. ( their son did chemo and its not going to have a happy out come). As a mother of two young children I have been wondering what I would and could do in this scenario. I’m even more motivated to make sure we eat a preventitive lifestyle with greens and whole foods. Thanks again for the informative posts.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear Robyn,

    Off the subject a little, but my question is : If you can’t stand the taste of wheatgrass, what would be the next best thing to take that would be close to the benefits of wheatgrass? Ormus Greens?

    Thanks for all you do. I tell everyone about your website and hope they will adopt your recommended eating habits. Today at Costco I was selling more Blendtecs than the salesman because I love my blender so much and I told everyone about you and green smoothies. Jeanne

    1. Robyn says:

      Jeanne, I bet the Costco demo guy loved you. I love you too. 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    If my child was suddenly diagnosed with cancer or something similiar I would leave this country and seek medical attention else where i.e. Mexico at the Dr Gerson institute. Or some other country where they have alternative healing methods and not as destructive as chemo therapy. It’s sad when the majority of American cow herdidly follow whatever drivel is feed to them by FDA,USDA ,et al.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As I read these cancer discussions, I feel enlightened, frightened, motivated and fearful – all rolled into one! It sounds like we’re discussing events in a communist country, not America. Amazing. I often think of my 22 year old cousin, who had a pain in his hip and was diagnosed with cancer. His family chose the traditional route of chemo/radiation, and my cousin died two years later.

    Keep up the GOOD WORK Robyn!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness you are helping people be aware of this important issue. I’ve also wondered what I would do if I or my children got cancer. I have seen too many horror stories of children who had cancer and did chemo, read too many books on the effectiveness of alternative cancer treatment and read and talk to many who brought me aware of the conspiracies and unlawful acts of the AMA, FDA etc who have shut down and incarcerated dozens and dozens of alternative cancer healers. There was a news article on a man who took his child who had a brain tumor to Primary Children’s and instead of giving him all the chemo in the through his stomach tube, he have him cannabis oil and the boy remarkably recovered and was cancer free.. Here is the segment. Very remarkable..

  10. Anonymous says:

    Its very important t that you state that what actions to take with childhood cancer depends on many factors. I have an 8-year-old son with very rare, inoperable brain stem cancer. Chemo isn’t an option for this type of cancer, but he did have radiation. What burns me up more than anything is when someone says to me “I wouldn’t have done…. this or that.” Until you’ve faced it you don’t have a clue what you’d do. It’s been nearly 8 months since his diagnosis and he’s stable and functioning– there are other parents whose children were diagnosed after my son, who did nothing or tried holistic treatments, who have lost their children already. It’s a vile, swift and deadly form of cancer. It’s one thing to speak theoretically and another entirely to face the reality.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe I am reading this. I come on here for the smoothie information and was appalled to see recommendations on cancer treatments. Omitting doctors in lieu of natural remedies is a serious choice with DEADLY consequences if you happen to be wrong. I urge anyone with cancer to partner with your oncologist to get the correct treatment. For those of you who think I don’t know what I’m talking about…guess again. I just buried my father three weeks ago. He died from cancer. It was treated holistically. He refused the radiation and lost his vision, speech, ability to walk, and cognition all before going into a coma and eventually dying. In the meantime, his raw food, smoothies, and alternative medicine therapies kept that cancer growing strong. I SAW the cancer with my own two eyes as it grew daily, took over his eye cavity. pushed out his eye and eventually enveloped his iris and began growing out of his pupil. He died within nine months of diagnosis. Please, don’t think you have the time to make whole foods work for you. My dad tried everything to the tune of over $400 per month and now he’s dead. At my cancer support group I ran into a woman who went to Mexico, spent $30k on treatment,came back to the U.S. and eventually had chemo. She is fine now and has been in remission for a loooong time. In fact, I sat in a room full of cancer survivors, people who worked WITH their doctors. My dad told me it was his choice. I agree it was his choice, but I sure do miss him.

    1. Robyn says:

      Rebecca, I didn’t make any recommendations for cancer treatment. Also, I cannot run a site read by 100,000 monthly, and blog daily, and limit the information to smoothies only. Sorry to disappoint. You certainly can pick and choose what you’re interested in here. Not everyone lives who does holistic treatment. In fact, not all holistic treatment is even effective against every type of cancer. But people need to know what alternatives to cutting / burning / poisoning are. Chemo has been a qualified failure since Nixon declared his War on Cancer, even though billions are spent annually. People should have options. I am really sorry about your dad.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think an important issue is that parents are loosing their freedom to choose what type of treatment their children receive. Also, many aren’t aware of the effectiveness of some alternative treatments. Out Smart Your Cancer by Tayna Pierce is a very eye opening book that explore dozens of alternative cancer treatment therapies that are actually quite effective, unknown to the general public. Many parents are forced by the government to do the conventional, even if they feel the holistic, natural way is better for their child. Everyone has their own path and should have their own free agency to choose…. God bless all those who have cancer no matter which method they choose. It is very difficult and painful. I have a friend who is fighting cancer also and she is in horrible pain. I guess one advantage would be that you get to say good bye and get a warning before you pass. I think I might want to have cancer instead of dye from a car wreck suddenly. Of course, you never know..

    Change of subject. Robyn: I have heard you mention Robert O Young, author of the PH Miracle in your presentations. What is your opinion on his statements that all disease, cancer etc is a result of acidity in the blood and that all can be reverse through an alkaline life style? Very interesting…If this is true, the answer to all types of cancer could be reversed if a person would change their life style soon enough.. even in children..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have a daughter who is autisic and for years nobody knew how to treat. I had to be a ferocious parent my self to get and scrutinize treatments. She is doing so much better now. She of coarse is still autistic, but managing. I know what it feels like to be asked, “What would you do if your child got…..? Thanks again and God Bless.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Read the LOOOOOOONG article published a couple of months ago about what cancer really is. Then go do research on Don Tolman, a whole foods medicine genius, who’s traveled the world & taught for 40 years on nutrition related to disease… and how CANCER is a symptom of your body’s build up of plaque. And how cancer is your friend, because it tells you that you’ve got something wrong & you need to change what you’re doing & clean house. And how 100% real nutrition IS the answer for both preventing and curing cancer. And how if you get rid of the plaque, the tumors go away, & you’re fine, IF you continue to eat right & treat your body right! – Then go read the book by Elder John A. Widtsoe called “The Word Of Wisdom – A Modern Interpretation” republished in 1950 – & now published again through Deseret Book by *Real Foods* in Orem, Utah. 312 pages of information on nutrition & disease prevention / cure using the Word of Wisdom’s REAL meaning of nutrition & how to treat our bodies. It’s eye opening, & it makes more sense to me (and many others) than anything else I’ve ever ever EVER heard or read in my entire 39 years of life. AMAZING STUFF. No chemo! No radiation! No cut, burn, poison! Doctors are a blessing & there for a reason. But dang it… Take control of your own life! Become self reliant, give up the crap food, use natural products, get out in the sunshine, exercise, love life, forgive, & have a lot faith in the healing powers of your sacred

    God given body! I personally know 4 people who have “cured” themselves of cancer through lifestyle changes (mostly nutrition) & natural healing with herbs, etc… It’s a beautiful thing!!! <3

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