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what I’m eating on the detox

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 19, 2011

Patti wrote and said, “I hope you’ll be willing to share with us a bit about your detox experiences as well as a few ideas on raw meals for those of us who can only be with you in spirit as our budgets right now are overloaded.”

When you detox, the liver, kidneys, lymph system, digestive system, or bloodstream can sometimes get overloaded as your body throws off accumulations of chemicals and waste products. Common symptoms are headaches and digestive changes (usually diarrhea, but bloating, gas, cramps, or constipation can happen).

You can slow down a cleanse, if necessary, with a baked potato or other cooked vegetables. I stay away from grains and legumes while I’m cleansing–too heavy. (No sugar, no meat or eggs/milk products either. No drinks except water–drink lots of water!)

Debbie in Portland, who set up the three classes I’m teaching first weekend in Feb., wrote me her dietary plans, below. They look a lot like what I’ve been doing, except for the tuna & mayo, and I have just GS for dinner rather than what I make my kids. Debbie calls chocolate “non-negotiable,” LOL!

I sometimes have hot chocolate: Cocoa Mojo/Coconut Milk Powder from my store. And once I broiled quartered corn tortillas to eat with guacamole. One day I had some Turnip Leek Soup (Ch. 6 of 12 Steps, it’s really yummy). And I eat a little dried guava or mango that I brought home from Africa. Everything else is GREEN SMOOTHIE and salads and HOT PINK SMOOTHIE. I was hungry the first couple of days, but that diminishes as you adjust. Your metabolism relaxes so your body can focus on detoxification.

I love detoxing. I’m glad Tera (GreenSmoothieQueen) asked me to collaborate with her to do this with our readers. I feel light and energetic when I eat virtually all raw. I don’t have cleansing reactions, probably because I “run clean” all the time anyway, so it’s not a very dramatic shift like it will be for those eating the S.A.D. It may take you a few years of eating a whole-foods, mostly-raw diet to arrive at that place where a detox doesn’t throw you for a loop. (One reader said all she can do is SLEEP.)

Here’s Debbie’s meal plan for January, eating what she makes for her kids for dinner (and she didn’t say what that is):

Daily- pre-breakfast (about 8:30 a.m.)- 3 cups green smoothie

– dinner 1 cup green smoothie with a tablespoon hydrated chia seeds, main dish of soup, legume or starchy-vegetable based.

M-W-F– breakfast (about 11:30 a.m.)- 2 cups fruity-ish smoothie, soaked grains or sprouted bread

— lunch (biggest meal, about 3:30 p.m.)- 2 cups gr. smoothie, big green salad with pumpkin seeds/ beans/avocado for heartiness, GSG salad dressing, dark chocolate bar (quantity as needed)

T-Th-Sat– breakfast- 2 cups hot pink smoothie with about 1 tbls. flax oil added

— lunch– 2 cups green smoothie, 1/4-1/3 cup sprouted almonds or other nuts/seeds, coconut milk/cocoa (quantity as needed, again)

Sunday– breakfast– 3 cups green smoothie with 1 tbsp. flax oil added

— lunch- 3 cups green smoothie, tuna (with half and half white bean puree and mayo, onions, etc) on sprouted bread, fresh veggies, chocolate in some form

— dinner- 2 cups green smoothie and whatever is served for extended family dinner

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6 thoughts on “what I’m eating on the detox”

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  1. Really good information! I am planning on going on a fast soon, and from then on going on one once a month. How many fasts do you do a year?

    Have you fasted for a long time?


  2. Anonymous says:

    I just saw my name and modified detox plan on your blog– thank you! My 2 minutes of fame?

    The structure is my way to get 8 cups of smoothie in a day. It’s interesting, even though I may get a bit hungry occasionally, there’s not that uncontrollable drive to eat.

    I have a couple theories. One is that the last year of quart-a-day smoothies has built up my body’s nutrition reserves, and it can relax and know it will get what it needs. Before, though I’ve always eaten a lot of veggies, they were almost all cooked– so no enzymes for many years.

    The other theory is that even though I’m eating fewer calories this month, my body is getting all the nutrients it needs, just a bit short on quantity and volume. I never used to be able to sleep when somewhat hungry– annoying really, to have to eat later at night. But through this year it actually feels better go to bed a little hungry, like my overworked liver can do all those other tasks it needs to while I sleep rather than have to deal with digestion.

    Again, I attribute it to dense nutrition over these past months. I wanted to be healthy from the inside out, and GSG eating feels like it’s doing that. Thank you again, Robyn.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused—how is this a cleanse/detox? the food looks like normal stuff to us?!! (I think you take something in addition while doing the cleanse that is what you pay for right?!)

    1. Robyn Openshaw, MSW says:

      Yep….. Debbie’s is definitely a MODIFIED version of the cleanse. I often do 100% raw, and no nuts/seeds, to detox. I have been doing something much more hard-core, myself—but I’d rather have someone do a version like Debbie’s than quit.

  4. welshgirl says:

    Need some advice – I got confused between Level 2 and Phase 2, and skipped Phase 2. Now I’m wondering if I should repeat Phase 3 to keep up with the group, or if I should go back and follow Phase 2? I have already done the gall bladder/liver flush. I passed about 50 gall stones (that I could see), and am wondering if I should do it again, or move on or go back?

    1. Robyn says:

      welshgirl, don’t repeat the flush, just go back to parts you missed, and you’ll eventually finish with the group. 50 gallstones, wow. Congrats—aren’t you glad those didn’t eventually try to come out the painful way? 🙂

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