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What happens when you boil Coke?

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Oct 02, 2014

Once I wrote about the gluey globs from the tubes of my friend’s soda machines (she owns a convenience store). Now check out what happens when you boil off the water from a can of Coke, leaving just the sugar and chemicals. It looks similar to what my soda-fountain-owning friend described.

It looks like tar! And according to “Crazy Russian Hacker” who performed the experiment, this is just one bottle of Coke! And as the Huffington Post reminds us, the American Heart Association says 180,000 annual deaths may be linked to the consumption of soft drinks.

GSG here, at your service, hoping to get one or two more people to kick the soda habit today!


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One thought on “What happens when you boil Coke?”

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  1. Marlene says:

    I haven’t had a soda since 1987. It was about that time that they were replacing the evil saccharine with the more evil (IMHO) aspartame. I had a High School chemistry teacher who taught us how aspartame had skipped over many FDA tests because people were up in arms about “the pink stuff” and wanted a replacement. I then had a Marketing professor in college who delved deeper into the subject, which got me off it cold turkey. I never switched over to sugar-laden soda, because back then sugar was considered more evil, right? I’d love to send this video to ALL the soda loving people I know!……However, since people tend to make excuses for their poor choices, I am afraid they’ll discount it with “well I drink diet soda…not sugar soda”. Sigh! Too bad he didn’t do this with diet soda! But, I cannot change the world, just myself! 🙂

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