What happens in Vegas . . .

So I’m here in Las Vegas, where I spent the weekend with my girlfriends. We

did the grueling Angel’s Landing hike at Zion’s and had all kinds of fun in

the sunshine including a lot of running outside, and trawling the outlet


So I’ve pretty much HAD IT with shopping, because my patience for that

activity is limited. I’m waiting it out in the car, reading Eat Pray Love

while Kristi and Jamie keep going. And GSG reader Bev comes up to the

window, and says, “ARE YOU ROBYN?!”

She said she’s read my books, made some of my recipes that morning, and just had a big fight with her teenage daughter who said, “Mom!! She’s in her

PRIVATE CAR, leave her alone–don’t even THINK about walking up to her!”

And Bev said, “No, she’s GreenSmoothieGirl; she WANTS us to talk to her!”

Bev is right. (Moms are always right.)

If you see me at Costco or in the airport or something, please talk to me! I

do not bite. Maybe I will show you the cooler full of green smoothies in the

back of my car. Like I did with Bev. And won’t THAT be a bonding moment.

Bev and I might hook up again and I’ll do a green smoothie class in Las

Vegas soon. Anybody who knows a health food store that wants to host it, let

me know! And maybe I’ll run over to Reno that same week and do another show there.

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