7 thoughts on “What greens do I use in smoothies? Q&A video!

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  1. Thanks for your list. I completely agree with your #1 choice. Spinach finds it’s way into at least 50% of my green smoothies, just because it’s so easy to have always on hand, so mild and so delicious in smoothies! I still haven’t tried chard, I’ll add that to my list for next time I go to the store…

  2. Love your message and work! Can you share what your typical ‘menu’ for the day would be!? Obviously green smoothies but what else are you consuming/ snacking on? If you could recommend one single thing for the most optimum health, what would it be? Thank you!

  3. I drank green smoothies (somewhat sporadically) while breastfeeding my daughter and her health is WAY better then my son’s. Also she way more open to trying different foods. She loves green smoothies and eats sweet potatoes and raw almonds. It makes a huge difference. I will also point out that I had more milk production then I did with my son (not that this was an issue for me). If you are low on milk and want to keep breastfeeding, increase your green smoothie consumption and it will really help. Conversly, when you wean, it stays around for a longer time.

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