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We are hiring! (Utah County locals only)

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Dec 11, 2012

We work too much!

We need a LOCAL (Utah County) Site Director’s Assistant, starting at $12/hour, 20 hours per week, 4 hours a day. In my Lindon home office.

Kristin needs someone smart, self-starting, dependable, accountable, intuitive, easy to get along with, a multi-tasking wizard, a problem solver, not easily offended (we don’t offend people, but it’s a core value around here to check our egos at the door for the sake of our work).

She’s hiring someone reasonably experienced on a computer (spreadsheets, email, internet research), with good written and verbal communication skills (I love English majors), and free of kid duty at least 20 hours a week.

If you want more hours, that is entirely possible, so let us know how much you want to work.) Someone with kids in school (if you have any) is perfect, and if you have the flexibility to work MORE hours sometimes, that’s helpful too. If you’re AWESOME, this could end up being a full-time, salaried job, so tell us how many hours you want to work.

Some of the work is kinda physical (like loading the car when we do classes), so we need someone physically healthy and lively.

You’ll be making my travel arrangements, running errands, helping run the Detox program, working with Kristin on forecasts, orders, inventory, working with vendors, research, site testing, making phone calls, working with our coaches, helping with newsletters and posting blogs, and just lots of other tasks. Maybe traveling with me to run events, if your talents fit that. LOTS of room to grow in our little tribe of incredible, cause-oriented people.

Apply if you love our mission. Don’t apply because you think we’d be fun to hang out with—because when we’re workin’, man, we are HEAD DOWN. We’re fun AFTER HOURS!

We give annual reviews with raises and lots of love and appreciation for competence, and we have a great mission to be a part of that changes people’s lives—and you get to see that everywhere we go, which is a rush!

We want your emotional maturity, flexibility, and caring enough about what we do to help generate ideas and really contribute. In exchange, this whole team is kind, fair, inclusive, authentic, and talented.

Some days we don’t care when you put in the hours, between 8-6 daily, and some days you can work from home. Sometimes we may have special needs and may ask for specific hours. So, it’s helpful if you’re flexible in that 8-6 window.

If you’re the right person for the job, tell kristin@greensmoothiegirl.com why. Send a resume and tell us about you, in a detailed email!

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2 thoughts on “We are hiring! (Utah County locals only)”

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  1. Kristin says:

    This is Kristin here! I’m going to add that you need to be able to lift up to 50 lbs. Sometimes over and over while you are loading for classes or other inventory management tasks. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Jennifer Smith says:

    Hey Kristen and Robyn,
    I am interested in this job. I sent an email to Kristen with my resume. Let me know if you think it would be a good fit. I think I said something about it would be “fun” to work together but I meant “fun” in a hard working, “heads down” kind of way;0)

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