Was it the BAT? Or the GREEN SMOOTHIE?

tennyson gs batTennyson’s walk-off home run put the Mojo, with four wins, into the Memorial Day playoffs.

(He was up to bat in the bottom of the 7th. Two outs. Two strikes on him. The score was tied. And he put it over the fence.)

As you can see, he credited his expensive bat, in his right hand.

Some of his teammates credited the green smoothie I’d just made him drink, in his left hand.

Your opinion?



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  1. Hahaha…..We Know it was the fuel in the green drinks…..but sure he loved the great bat!! Have you read the article by the NHL regarding the great veggie green drinks and the health benefits in attaining the Stanley Cup for the Chicago BlackHawk team? I totally love that folks are becoming aware of their fuel is soooo much more than just ‘filling their face’ with food!! Congratulations to your son!!

  2. I think it is probably a combination of both. Green Smoothie gives him the energy and clear mind/sight to use the bat in the proper way. Awesome job congratulations.

  3. Fuel absolutely affects performance! I am an RN & runner and can run SO much faster when I’m on point w/ diet, specifically green smoothies. My times are always better when I fuel right. I ran a 6:33 mile (I’m nearing the big 4-0) and there is no doubt the chlorophyll and other healing compounds in food helps me run this fast without injury. Congrats on your home run little dude!

  4. The Green Smoothie and the Power of Positive Thinking. My son recently had to pass an M-Coles Agility test for the Law Enforcement Academy. He has taken this Agility test x2 and failed. I gave him a Green Smoothie upon rising that morning and had him drink it on our 2-hour travel to re-take the test. He passed with flying colors. I told him it was the “Green Smoothie” that fed his cells and gave him the extra strength he needed. 🙂 Way to go Tennyson – great job!

  5. Both–After drinking green smoothies most of his life, he needs a good, strong bat so his power doesn’t go to waste!!! 🙂 (or so he doesn’t break the bat!!) Way to go!!

    1. The smoothie! My 10-year-old son calls the Hot Pink Smoothie a “Double Smoothie” because he swears they make him hit doubles (once three doubles in one game!). Both of my baseball & soccer boys insist on smoothies before their games. I just read this post to my three youngest and they yelled in unison “smoothie!!”.

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