Want to get fit and healthy?

Congratulations, Kimberly Martin of Pennsylvania! You won the LABOR OF LOVE prize package from Leah, the Fabulous Farm Girl!

Thanks to both of you for participating and helping me support Mothers Without Borders build a school in Zambia!

Back to my question up top . . . Of course you want to get to fit and healthy! You’re on the GreenSmoothieGirl blog, after all. Well, my friend, Lynn Manning, is here to help. She is the mega-hottie behind 2FitAtHome.com, check her out. She’s giving one of you a FREE year-long membership to her program. She’s a certified women’s fitness expert and has meal plans and fitness programs for all levels. She is the wife of celebrity Drew Manning whose Fit2Fat2Fit experiment has just become a reality TV show.

Enjoy this video, and tomorrow we’ll announce the winner who gets to work with Lynn for a full year!

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Happy BlendAid-ing!

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  1. Oh nice. I dont know if i would gain 70 lbs on purpose. Thanks for doing that drew. Lynn thank you for your help in bwing fit at home and loving yourself

  2. I am so grateful for the websites that have been provided since you began your green smoothie challenge. I love having the resources. Thank you!

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