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If you want some courage to do the Detox……

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | May 18, 2014

Linda ohioThis is Linda from Monroe, Ohio, whom I met last week on my Michigan / Ohio speaking tour. She did the GSG Detox last August, got off 10 medications and lost 38 lbs! How does someone lose 38 pounds in 26 days? That’s what cleansing the organs of eliminations, and detoxifying at a cellular level, can accomplish. Fat has an important job: to store toxins and protect critical organ functions. When you are throwing off metals, pesticides, petrochemicals, and more, fat doesn’t have a job to do anymore. Would you do something hard if you would lose 38 pounds in the process? That’s exciting. Congrats, Linda! Just thought I’d share this story for those doing the May 1 live detox right now, or who is thinking about it. 





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3 thoughts on “If you want some courage to do the Detox……”

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  1. Sophie says:

    Robyn, this isn’t related to this blog post but I have to ask you for your suggestions on something that is totally grossing me out. I was going to wash and eat some blueberries today and was inspecting each one as I normally do. Time consuming but I check it for mold and broken skin, ect. There was one where one end, where the stem would’ve been, had some dried leafy hay like stuff that I sometimes see on blueberries, and naturally, I pulled it out. When I did, I saw a tiny maggot sticking out, clearly lodged partly inside the blueberry. When I broke open the blueberry to really see if it was a maggot, or if my eyes were deceiving me, I saw that it was because it moved. I am so grossed out. I am now thinking of all the blueberries with colored blemishes on the skin that was “sealed” and smooth to the touch and wondering if some maggot didn’t make it’s way in and stayed hidden, that I’ve eaten.
    What do you do to ensure that you have washed and eaten bug-free produce? I don’t want to give up eating berries but seeing this has made my stomach turn. I threw out the remaining container, which was quite a bit and I hate wasting them….your advice would be appreciated.

    1. Robyn says:

      Hi Sophie, that’s gross! Plants have bugs in them sometimes. We can’t deny nature. We share with birds, bugs, bacteria…..we always have. It’s a man-made, artificial construction to think we have to be protected from them somehow. I guess we just take a look before putting it in our mouth, like you did, right? Better that than MORE toxic chemicals sprayed on our foods. I just walked in the door from a 3-day emergency trip to help my friend dying of cancer. Whatever causes cancer, I want LESS OF. The way he has died is a horrific thing no one should ever have to go through. I’ll take my chances with a maggot or two now and then, you know?

      1. Sophie says:

        Thanks, Robyn, you make total sense. My skin crawls just thinking about that little maggot in the blueberry and wondering how many other bugs I’ve unknowingly eaten. Not long after I found the maggot, I’ve found other stories of people who have found maggots inside their blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. One had made blackberry preserves only to discover that the mason jar was filled with maggots ! Yech!!! I am sure I’ve accidentally eaten a couple aphids on kale, a few times, even though I am careful to wash it well. But the sheer number of all those nooks and crannies make it so tedious to be sure every single one of them is bug-free. But in the end, it would be foolish for me to give up eating greens and other produce because of a small chance of accidentally eating bugs.

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