Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Minutes. Add 10 Years to your life.
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VIP Classes

12 Steps to Whole Foods VIP Classes

This is a fun, life-changing learning opportunity with your Certified GreenSmoothieGirl coach. Achieve optimal health and your ideal

Robyn and Chicago Coaches Madeline and Beth.

Robyn and Chicago Coaches Madeline and Beth.

weight, through high-impact, inexpensive, easy whole-foods habits! Plus you’ll leave this series with a new community of support for your healthy lifestyle.

Sign up to attend the small-group classes, or ask how you can get FREE tuition as the host. Classes are 60-90 minutes, and you can choose from these topics:

  1. Green Smoothie Clinic: 10 Minutes A Day to Change your Health Forever!
  2. How to Shop: Your Health Food Store Tour, to Find the Good, the Bad, the Ugly!
  3. Happy Tummy Class: Cultured “Probiotic” Foods for Digestive Health
  4. Falling In Love with Salad: Salads and Dressings That Will Change the Way You View the Dinner Plate!
  5. Making Peace with Fat: Good Fats and Bad, How Much Do I Eat, and What Kinds?
  6. Plant-Based Main Dishes: What Happens When Dinner Isn’t Meat?
  7. Sprouting and Dehydrating: Two Easy and Fun Habits in a Live-Foods Kitchen!
  8. Beating Depression and Anxiety with Diet: Could Your Fuel Be the Answer?
  9. Guilt-Free Treats: They Don’t Have to Make You Fat or Sick!
  10. Healthy Holiday Eating: Skip the Five-Pound Weight Gain but Celebrate the Season!
  11. Free bonus class: Medicine Cabinet Makeover: Reinventing Affordable Health Care, with free Zyto scan

Five-class series: 

$150 per person 4 classes of your choice (plus you get Medicine Cabinet Makeover bonus class), with a minimum of 4 participants. Your own tuition is waived if you organize a group of 8 paying friends and host in your home or office.

Nine-class series: 

$275 per person ($25 discount) for 8 classes of your choice (plus you get Medicine Cabinet Makeover bonus class). Your own tuition is waived, if you sign your group of 8+ up, and host in your home or office.

Contact your Certified GreenSmoothieGirl Coach to book classes.