$69 Value!

In just 10 minutes, these “5-in-1” videos will….

  1. “Charge your battery” with natural energies
  2. Discharge negative energies
  3. Oxygenate your lungs
  4. Elevate your mood
  5. Twist toxins out of your spine, increase flexibility, and get “stuck” energies flowing through

Increase energy & focus daily!

In celebration of my new book, Vibe, enjoy THREE “5-in-1” quick vibe-raising videos:

  • 10-Minute, 5-In-One Yoga Flow with Gratitude Meditation
  • 10-Minute, 5-In-One Tai Chi Flow
  • 10-Minute 5-In-One Energy Release Work

All these things, 5-in-1, will work a daily miracle. Just let me know where to send them!