1. Why Vibration Is Central to Your Health And Happiness

2. Optimize Your Vibe: Laws of the Universe

3. A Day In the Life

4. The Vibrations of People, Foods, and Emotions Part 1

5. The Vibrations of People, Foods, and Emotions Part 2

6. Emotional Metabolism: 90 Seconds to Metabolize, Reframe, and Release Any Negative Emotion!

7. Are You A Highly Sensitive Person? Intuitives, Empaths, Energy Healers? (Part 1)

8. For Intuitives, Empaths, and Energy Healers (Part 2)

9. Intro to 12 Months of Designing and Living Your High-Vibration Life:

10. Month 1 Challenge: 31 Superfood Green Smoothies

Want to watch a superfood green smoothie demo?
Click here for a demonstration by Robyn Openshaw!

11. Month 2 Challenge: Meditation

12. Month 3 Challenge: Energy

13. Month 4 Challenge: 90 Seconds to Release Negative

14. Month 5 Challenge: Music

Michael Tyrrell is  a grammy winning musician with 30 years of experience in the music industry. He also makes high vibration music! Join me as we discusses the power of sound and music on your personal vibration and overall health.

Check it out here!

15. Month 6 Challenge: Words

16. Month 7 Challenge: Stimulants

17. Month 8 Challenge: No Sugar or Flour

21. Month 12 Challenge: Media Detox

22. Conclusions: On Being a Quantum, High-Vibration Human