Vibration-Raising Videos

Release negative energies, find your power with tai chi, and tap into grounding and gratitude vibrations with yoga and meditation. You can stream the videos from here, or download to your device.

Go outside to do one of these, if you can, each day! Choose yoga and gratitude meditation…..empowerment with tai chi…..or emotional release. Do one every day when you need an uplift!

Yoga with Arwen: Meditate to High-Vibe Gratitude and Peace!

Energy Clearing with Alise: Learn from Negative Emotions and Release Them!

Tai Chi with Joe: Tap Your Energetic Powers!

Smart Shopper GMO Card

My handy card will tell you everything you need to avoid in the grocery store when it comes to GMO's. Print this off, tuck it into your wallet or bag, and use it everywhere.

31 Superfood Smoothies

31 delicious recipes, one for each day for a month! When you accept the challenge to drink a daily green smoothie, you may be inspired to add more healthy habits to your daily routine.

7-Day Vibration Raising Detox

This detox helps you jump in to positive life changes right away. It includes a printable meal plan to shop and cook for a powerful 7-day cleanse. It allows you to detox at a cellular level to lose weight, increase energy, and reduce disease risk.

Vibe Journal

Track your current vibrational frequency, and your progress throughout the year. Includes a meditation, shopping list, mantras and more! Learn how to raise your vibration and achieve the best year of your life, and beyond!

***Because you already purchased the Accelerator Video Masterclass (and consequently received a $50 lower course price), and these videos are foundational to this course, we have also put it inside the course, for your convenience to refer to again.