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Hi, I’m Vibe author and psychotherapist Robyn Openshaw…..

Understanding the impact of VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY on your health and emotional state is your missing link--but only if you want to be healthier and happier than you are right now.

The key to understanding far more about why you’re happy (or not). And why you’re healthy (or not).

It’s “quantum physics and biology” meet “health and happiness.”

Are you ready to design YOUR high-vibration life?

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Design Your High Vibration Life Course


The definitive course to channel your energies-- and eat and think and feel the way healthy and happy people do.

This course is for you if you want to….

•  Feel and look amazing at any age.

•  Accept 12 challenges to achieve emotionally grounded, stable, happy, productive, and creative energies. (Just 10 minutes a day can change everything!)

•  Detoxify your body, mind, and spirit--so every cell and organ is optimized for high vibes!

•  Increase, metabolize and eliminate low-vibration emotional states you’re experiencing, and increase the time you spend in beautiful, high-frequency states you aren’t experiencing enough of. (Never live in anger or anxiety again!)

•  Attract easier and better relationships, more career success and money, and symptom-free health and strength.

•  Learn to test your vibrational frequency, and chart your progress.

Get the course at 50% off for a short time only, and we’ll give you the $20 (printable PDF) Vibe Journal to chart your progress, and give you many resources for the journey, FREE!


When you learn how to live at high vibrations:


You’re making most of your food choices based on whether the food has high vibrational energy. Not irrelevant concepts like calories, and grams of protein.

You’re metabolizing your emotions, to stay in the vibes of gratitude, peace, love, and joy far more often. (It’s not hard. It requires some simple practices.)

You’re resolving negative events and emotions quickly. (When you learn this, you’re going to ask me, “Where has this information been, my whole life?!”)

You’re mindful of your thought processes and using them to attract more of the good stuff.

Good stuff like exciting career opportunities. Love and positive reciprocity in your relationships. Creative flow in your work.

When you’re living in the high vibrations, you’re grounding, and charging, and oxygenating your energies every day, through simple means.

What People Are Saying About the Design Your High-Vibration Life Course:

Just implementing the first three challenges, I can’t believe how much emotional “junk” I’ve cleared out! And my physical energy is noticeably better, too. (I’m off diet soda and not missing it!) I talk about vibration and frequency, now, to anyone who will listen. This course is amazing--I thought it might be really “woo woo,” but I’ve learned so much, and it’s practical and it works.

--BethAnne J., Calgary, Alberta, CA

take time to read or journal everyday to reduce stressI wish I had known these concepts and practices 20 years ago. I’m a psychologist, and while I talk about “resonating” and “vibe,” I have very specific practices that are already upleveling, for me--and I’m counseling my patients in new “Einsteinian” ways. Thank you for this eye-opening work that has made a dramatic impact on my feeling of stability and peace.

--Mary S., Atlanta, GA

I’ve lost 12 pounds doing the Vibe detox, and then using the shopping list. Looking for the 200 highest-frequency foods is such a game-changer, now, when I shop. I’m going to do the 7-day detox once every 3 months! I’m also doing my 5-in-1 exercises, and I can’t believe how much they change my energy, quickly. I feel more calm, and peaceful, and I’m not hijacked by the small, negative things that sometimes happen in my life. Understanding that I am made up of energies has helped me respect emotions and thoughts, but put them behind me when I figure out what they are here to teach me. I loved the modules on sex, too--making a big difference in my marriage. Thank you for an incredible experience to learn more about myself and my place in the Universe.

--Caroline M., Boise, ID

Get the course at 50% off for a short time only, and we’ll give you the $20 (printable PDF) Vibe Journal to chart your progress, and give you many resources for the journey, FREE!

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