Vegas Green Smoothie Baby

This past Saturday Oct. 16, I was visiting my son in Vegas. I made green smoothies for everyone while I was there.  14 mth. old Adrienne seemed to really enjoy the sample her mother had given her off her cup. While we were busy, Adrien found her way to her sister’s unattended cup, and we captured it with our camera. She was even licking up what she could off the table. Thought you would get a kick out of our toddler who  couldn’t  get enough of her first green smoothie.


Smoothie convert Marlene

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  1. Wow the smoothie in this picture and some of the others is soo bright green! Is there no fruit in them? Just wondering about that :0)

    1. If you put bananas and apples in a green smoothie, it does basically NOTHING to the greenness. I bet there was plenty of fruit in that smoothie, but maybe Adrienne’s grama will speak up…..

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