Vaccinations and Autism

The U.S. government spent millions and concluded that their decade-long research could neither rule out, nor prove, a link between vaccines and autism.

Yesterday, a new player joined my tennis team. She’s really good, and returning to this rank after a few years off. As we did warm-ups, I asked her a little about herself, and learned that she has 5 children, 3 of them autistic! I had this conversation with her:

Me: “So what do you think about the vaccine controversy? Do you think autism is linked to vaccines?”

Mandy: “I know it is. All three of my children started to have seizures right after their vaccines. I wish I had known.”

Me: “Oh my goodness. Well, another question for you then. Did you report it to the Vaccine Administration, and if so, were you compensated?”

Mandy: “No, I didn’t. I looked into it, but it’s too big of a fight, and too hard to prove.”

How many children are damaged by vaccines and are never even counted in the statistics? I personally know 10 babies who died of “SIDS” after being vaccinated, or developed seizures and/or autism after being vaccinated. Not one was reported or would be included in any Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) stats. How much higher, then, are the risks, than what is reported on, and minimized by, our pediatricians?




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  1. Thank You for taking a stand Robyn. It is truely honorable when health coaches, nutritionists and other natural health practitioners take a stand on this very important issue rather than being “politically correct” which only suppresses freedom of speach, causes more children to be needlessly harmed, more mothers to be confused and pressured due to lack of knowledge, and silence puts more money into these ruthless pharmaceutical company’s pockets. You are a true pioneer, a true advocate for health, and I respect you so much for making it clear where you stand on this issue. As a fellow Nutritionist I am with you 100 percent! God Bless You! Much Love xo

  2. So, I have a practical question to throw out there for people. How can you get away with not vaccinating your children and still being able to travel outside the U.S. Is there any way to do this? Also, with schools, most require immunization unless you opt out for religious purposes. If I don’t immunize my child but it is not for religious reasons, what else can I tell school administration that they will accept?

    1. Anna, IDK but I’ve traveled outside the U.S. many times with my children, and they are all unvaccinated. And in Utah at least, you don’t need a religious exemption. You just sign a waiver at the county. It states that if there were an epidemic of any of the diseases they immunize against, your child would have to go home. (We’ve had zero epidemics in any school that any of my 4 children have attended in the 16 years since I stopped immunizing my oldest.)

  3. Most of you out there that choose not to vaccinate, do you tell your family and friends or do you find it easier to not tell anyone unless it is needed?? Just trying to found out the best way around this..

  4. Soooo, how do I get around the schools requiring immunizations then? This is something that I’ve been told there is no way around here in Tennessee, but perhaps some of you know better. ??

  5. Oh, and I also have to add . . . I recently read an article in a chiropractic magazine that maintained there is a “vaccination bubble” (just like the “housing bubble”) that is about to burst. Basically, the patents on a good portion of the vaccines out there are about to expire, and those responsible for developing new vaccinations within these companies have not come up with much in the last several years. So, reps for these companies are out there pushing vaccination BIG TIME, because sooner or later, there will not be enough cash flow coming in to maintain their companies. More food for thought.

  6. I have a friend whose daughter has autism and epilepsy, and it was the exact same scenario: as soon as she was vaccinated, she developed the seizures and autism. To be fair, there are several on both sides of the family that are on the autism spectrum. I wonder if there are certain people who are genetically predisposed to autism, and the vaccinations trigger it.

    1. Bethany, I think you are on to something. I’ve thought the same thing…some systems are just more vulnerable.

  7. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and have been kind of going back and forth between vaccinating this baby. I have 2 older children who have all of their vaccinations. My son had a seizure disorder when he was younger but never really directly linked the immunizations and his seizures together nor will I probably ever be able to figure out if they were directly linked. I have though been very wary of immunizations since all the links of immunizations and autism and other things. My problem is that my ob doc wants me to get the pertussis shot before this baby is born but I am not exactly on board with that. The more I read about immunizations and the links to other problems worries me more and more. I know my husband is not going to be on board with me not immunizing the baby and since he works for the government (military) they require for your family to be immunized before you can go to certain duty stations. I did get my flu shot this year which after I did I immediately regretted it and hoped that I did not do damage to my baby. I appreciate your info and thoughts on immunization it has helped my decision be much easier to not immunize. Where can I get more information and research so that I can do my own research so that I can have a solid foundation to give my husband and doctors my thoughts on why I do not want to immunize my baby?

    1. Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know that we are also a family that works for the government. My husband is a Diplomat/Foreign Service Officer with USAID. We have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and I am 39 weeks pregnant. I totally understand the whole Government issue. We will live in the developing world for the rest of my husbands career (20 years or so). We do not vaccinate our kids either and let me tell you we get quite a bit of flack from the Embassy nurses and doctors, but on the whole they can not force us to vaccinate. We haven’t run into any issues yet and when we bid on our next assignments we always weigh out what diseases are prevalent in that country. I know with the military things can be a bit different as you may not have the “choice” in your next posting, but we have found that the gov will obviously push for the vaccinations, but can’t actually require it if the host country doesn’t require them. Most vaccines for travelling or living abroad are only “recommended” not required, so you can check into that. Again, I’m not sure how the military handles it, but we haven’t had to much of an issue with the State Department. They just think we’re crazy for taking our kids overseas without the “proper” protection. But we’re ok with that 🙂 Our kids have been some of the healthiest at post! Good luck to you and congratulations on your pregnancy!

  8. This is a controversial subject that you probably get a lot of flack for talking about and bringing up, but THANKS for doing it anyway! My third daughter is starting kindergarten next fall so just this past week I went in to pay the $25 and get the personal exemption form, followed by a sit down visit with a nurse in an office where she did the whole “try to make me feel guilty” thing. When she stopped talking and finally asked me if I understood what she was saying and asked the reason why I hadn’t vaccinated my daughter, she was not prepared for my educated response! After a few minutes she cut me off and referred me to the websites on the paper she handed me so that I could “learn more.” Ha ha… It’s wonderful to be educated on this matter. I’m so thankful that we at least get to choose for ourselves what’s right for us and our children. I certainly know everyone thinks very differently on this issue.

  9. Hello Robyn and fellow readers!
    I have done oodles of research and read dozens of books, regarding vaccine injury because our first child laid limp in my arms for a week after each of the first two vaccines. Fortunately I choose to stop vaccinating and instead I focused on building immunity from the inside with nutrition and life style changes. Our other children were not vaccinated.

    Also, I have attended chiropractic conferences in Canada and the U.S. highlighted with slide shows of vaccine injured children, explaining the effects of vaccinations on the immune system. In the U.S. you have the National Vaccine Information Centre, NVIC. Their body of research is extensive with regards to vaccine injury.

    Please go to: and check out Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder of NVIC. I met her at one of the conferences. I am in awe of all that she has done to share vaccine information with the world.

    Let’s be clear, a vaccine is not an immunization shot. That is confusing terminology. A vaccine is given with the intent of triggering an immune response in the body and that does not always happen. It depends on how the vaccine was created and what other components are present in the vaccine, not to mention the issue of what the vaccine was cultured on.
    Why do you think booster shots are given? The effects of a vaccine don’t necessarily last so they “boost” it up!

    I personally spoke to a woman from the U.S. who called me to say that her sister’s infant daughter died a week after receiving a vaccination. The autopsy stated SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) as the cause of death. They contacted the clinician who performed the autopsy and asked whether the file indicated that the child has received a vaccine a week before death. The answer was “NO”. When they explained the situation, the clinician said that they then write SIDS as the cause of death but that the vaccine could have been a factor causing death. That phone call was at least 20 years ago and I can still hear her voice, her tears, and I still feel the emotional impact that call has had in my life.

    The world of pharma and politicians and M.D.’s (who are paid by big pharma), have successfully lobbied to shorten the reporting period for parents to report any adverse vaccine reactions to the reporting body. Thus, you cut out a whole lot of vaccine injury statistics if you only consider a reaction in the first few days, compared to the first 2 or 3 weeks after a vaccine is given.

    I have met numerous families with vaccine injured children. One family in particular had twins, both receiving shots at the same time. The mom said to me she knew something was wrong for one of their twins right after the shot, the relentless screaming, redness in the arm etc. I met these children when they were 2 years old and the one was happily playing on the carpet while the other child has not developed beyond infant capacity. This scene unfolded for me in a chiropractic clinic where the mom attended to have treatments to help ease the side effects for her vaccine injured child.

    Here’s what matters most to me. It is a conscious decision to stop vaccinating your child. And that decision includes the responsibility of making life choices that enhance you and your child’s immune system, including and not limited to: nutrition, exercise, rest, and love. So if you think that feeding your children sugary junk food and engaging in a perpetually stressed life style is OK, then really you are adding to the stresses on the body’s immune system.

    I truly believe that our bodies, including our energetic field, are one super system and have sub systems such as the immune system, respiratory system etc. Make no mistake that what you do to one sub system, like a vaccine shot supposedly for the immine system, you affect all the systems, you affect the entire super system. If you and I got on a roller coaster together and you loved the thrill of the ride and I was terrified, we would both have experienced a different bodily response, even though we were on the same roller coaster, we both experienced the same stimulus.
    Loving the ride would have produced body chemicals of euphoria and feeling terrorised elicits a response of fight or flight stress chemicals. Those chemicals are coursing through your entire body and create a reaction in your entire being, not just one part of you. And so too, vaccines affect your entire energetics.

    Our bodies are the miracle of every cell being able to “talk” and share information with every other cell. There is no separation.

    I realize that I could write a book here so I will leave you with this: Are you willing to consider enhancing your child’s overall immunity by building their inherent strength from the inside out.? Read, research and make your decisions based on grounded information instead of a fear based response. Fear, in and of itself, causes a stress response in the body. Follow through with action steps of life enhancing life style choices. And yes, green smoothies can be part of that choice, as they are mine.! Our children have grown up knowing the importance of healthy, nutrient dense foods, exercise, rest and loving yourself.

    I welcome any comments with regards to what I have shared.

    Have an awe-filled day.!
    Lucy Beiler

    1. Lucy, brilliant, thank you for sharing. I have, in my previous blog posts, discussed the fact that the VAR only “counts” deaths within 48 hours of an immunization. 49 hours? Unrelated! Plus most babies who die within 48 hours are never counted. Just one of the many ways the statistics are manipulated and minimized to avoid public outcry in favor of ostensible “herd benefit.”

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