Under the Big African Sky, part 5

Americans wring their hands fretting about getting enough protein. Here are some of my African friends who eat nothing but plants, mostly greens. Do they look like they lack for muscle mass? Meet the hippo, rhino, water buffalo, elephant, zebra, and giraffe. Do you know that the water buffalo is terribly dangerous to humans? Did you know that hippos kill more people than any other animal in Africa?

Did you know that when zebras get sick, they don’t lose weight? That’s because unlike the elephant, who will eat anything, zebras are very selective and will eat only a couple dozen grasses that are very high in protein. When they’re sick, the way you can tell is the way their mane falls. This seems to corroborate my theory and observation that when we increase muscle mass using plant sources, that muscle is highly durable.

So please check out photos I took of my vegetarian friends in Africa and tell me if you can’t sustain health and muscle mass eating plants. I don’t introduce you to try to win you over to being vegetarian. I say it to help you see how high-protein, muscle-building, and powerfully nutritious raw plant foods are, so you eat more of them.

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  1. Hi Robyn,

    What an adventurous life! We human can be so healthy on a vegetarian diet. Remember that vegetarian animals eat all day to get what they need! Thanks for your wonderful website and info.

  2. Robyn

    About the monkeys killing and eating other monkeys, in my opinion, maybe the violence created by torturing and killing millions of animals for food, got into the morphogenetic field or the mass consciousness and the monkeys are being influenced by this violences.

    Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the newsletter links to your Africa pages. I enjoyed reading about your exploits and viewing the photos.

    BTW: Did you ascertain your reason(s) for being there?

    Keep up the god work..!


  4. Very good points, Robyn,

    Aside from the common fruits and veggies at the grocery store or natural foods store, we also have available myriad great new and ever-improving powdered full-range smoothie supplements.

    I love green smoothies and make them every day, lacing them with dozens of extra nutrients.

    Your enthusiastic supporter,

    Johnny Gregory

    Healthful Living Organic Farm

    Madison, NC

  5. Rawsome!

    Did you capture these wonderful images, yourself?

    Thanks for sharing your yummy joy and reminding everyone that green plant proteins are the highest assimilable source of protein.

    i am growing my own 14 year young teen and he is already taller than i am!

    We have been living the raw,vegan lifestyle for well over 8 years. Proof is in the raw pudding!

    Rawstruck in Vancouver, B.C.,


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