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Two more amazing women win blenders in the Pacific Northwest

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Apr 29, 2013


Downtown Bellingham, Washington

I almost didn’t go to Bellingham. I’d told Debbie T., who works in the Pacific Northwest, that doing 4 lectures in 4 cities, in 48 hours, is just too intense! We’ve done it many times. Kristin and I call those lecture tours “Butt Kickers.” The ones that end with two lectures on Saturday and a flight home Sunday morning.

But I caved in and agreed to it.

A few days before I arrived in Bellingham, Washington, a beautiful college town on the water, I got an email from Janis. She said,

“I watched your new video on how to talk to a cancer patient, since my sister recently was diagnosed with kidney cancer. My mind went back to how YOU were who I found four years ago. To inspire me on the ‘how-to’s’ of eliminating bad foods and introducing good.

“I’ve followed many gurus out there, and have gathered good tips here and there. But for one reason or another, usually I’ve become disappointed with them in one way or another. But GSG has been the most consistent, reasonable, and knowledgeable source of information: my go-to for a huge array of information and a consistent display of integrity. I’m proud of me today—I often “think” my gratitude by rarely take a moment to share it.”

totalblender-200x300Janis then told me her husband recently passed away, and she told me about her daughter who is struggling, and doesn’t have support from hubby and kids, but wants to get healthier. Janis said, “I am here for her!”

Days later, as both Janis and her daughter sat on the front row in my lecture, everyone held their breath as I reached in to pull out a ticket for the winner of the $435 Blendtec Total Blender:

Janis gasped. She won the blender. Her daughter was stunned. I asked her what she would do with her blender, and she said, “It’s for my daughter.”

Her daughter’s eyes welled up with tears and kept hugging her mama and whispering, “Thank you.” As Janis sat down from being introduced as the winner, I heard her say to her daughter, “The power of intention!” After the class, Janis told me that she’d said, “I am going to win the blender for you, honey.”

Similarly,  Debbie S. won the blender in Seattle out of 275 people in the audience. When I called her up to the front, I asked her what she would do with it. She said, since she has one already, that she intended to give it to someone who needs it. I challenged her to learn who that should be and make it count.

I love open-hearted people who love to help others. Debbie S.  is a nurse by education and background, but she was weary of dispensing drugs. You’d think she had it all together, if you saw her: a thin, pretty, young mother. But she has had some fearsome health challenges. Both of her similarly young and lovely sisters testified to that—to how hard it has been to watch Debbie go through so much—when we all had lunch before one of our classes.

Much of Debbie’s return to health has been due to eating whole plant foods. She has spent countless hours coaching others down a similar path towards health.

I love when someone very, very special wins the blender. In my next blog, I will tell you the really beautiful story of another very special winner who stayed to report on what’s happened since she won the blender at our Seattle class last year.


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3 thoughts on “Two more amazing women win blenders in the Pacific Northwest”

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  1. Janis says:

    Wow, how awesome to read a post about our fun evening with you in Bellingham *)* My daughter LOVES the BlendTec and her kids are even enjoying learning to make smoothies!!!! This is a win for their whole family. Thank you, Robyn!

  2. Love, love, love these testimonies!

  3. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Vancouver,wa. I was truly inspired by you and your story

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