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Too Much of a Good Thing? Ken and Kaye’s testimonial

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | May 30, 2012

I got this letter from Ken:

My wife and I saw you at the San Jose event in April. I was gung-ho to give the smoothie a try, mainly to drop some weight and begin to get back into shape for summer. I’m a logical thinker and all the points you made were clear and compelling. We started the smoothies over two weeks ago.

Since I am analytical in nature and tend to point out flaws or errors, my wife does not like me to watch her cook or prepare anything.  So from my perspective, I would see a jug of smoothie in the frig, either greenish or brownish.  Each day, I would tell her the characteristics of the flavor and make suggestions on how to tweak the recipe.

[Interruption from Robyn here: Ken, Ken, Ken. You’ve got yourself a good woman. Get out of the kitchen unless you want to say, “Honey, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me! Thank you for my green smoothie today! Regardless of how it tastes, this is making me healthy! You’re a goddess—what can I do for YOU today?” Okay, back to you.]

I’m using the smoothie as a lunch substitute to achieve my weight loss goal of dropping 10-15 pounds.  I would usually go to a deli, Taco Bell or In-N-Out for lunch, so I figured the weight would start coming down easily.  I would drink 1/3 of the smoothie at 10 am, another third at noon and the remainder in the early afternoon.  That also left me free to walk at lunchtime.

After a week, I had dropped only one pound! That was a little discouraging, but one benefit I did find was with my skin.  I have a bald head and after my morning showers, the top of my head has some dry skin that I need to rub or scrub off. Well, that was no longer the case! Woohoo!

I’d lost only two pounds and was whining to my wife. [Ken, search “constipation” and weight-loss related articles on this blog for ideas on why you didn’t lose weight faster.] However, in addition to the lack of dry skin, I also was noticing that I wasn’t getting tired in the afternoons like I used to do. I had discontinued my daily diet sodas as well. Woohoo again!

Then one morning, my wife comes out of the bedroom with tears in her eyes and says she has a confession to make. I hate those kind of marriage moments! Just like the moment before you die, everything was flashing through my head, trying to predict what the heck she was going to tell me, and what I would have to forgive.  She then blurted it out:

“I have been giving you twice as much smoothie as needed.”

She said she watched your video again on making the smoothies and this time noticed you mentioned it would make a two-day supply (2 quarts).  It hadn’t dawned on either of us that the jug I was taking into work was a half gallon! At work, I was pouring it into paper cups for each serving and still didn’t make the correlation to how many ounces the cups held.

For the last few days, I have been just drinking a quart of smoothie, which seems like a piece of cake.  The attached photo is of Kaye and me on a day-long motorcycle ride.  I can fit the smoothies in a little cooler in my bike trunk so it is nice and cold.

For anyone who is having difficulty getting used to the quart a day, try going a week or two drinking a half gallon a day!  That will make a quart seem like child’s play.  By the way, after a few days like this, my weight loss is picking up pace.  Woohoo again!


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3 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing? Ken and Kaye’s testimonial”

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  1. Ken ken ken…your green smoothie testimonial is hilarious and your bikes are awesome too!

    My husband USE to be the shopper and cook around home, NOT anymore. He would bring home french bread, chocolate ice cream, cheese and so forth.

    Since feb. he has lost around 35 pounds and 10 years in age. I’ve lost 22. (we are not young) It’s really easy when you stay focused and when you lose even 5 lbs its so exciting. (I too drink too much of green smoothies in one day).

    This weight loss is with no exercise. Eating healthy will naturally lose the weight. no more In and Out burgers for you, go try one in a month and you will hate it!

    Thanks for sharing, you two are cool!

  2. Lets see…I just read an older blog post robyn did on green smoothies and you can drink them all day.
    so…CHEERS (with a green drink in hand!)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ken must be a really wonderful guy. He just must be. And Kaye, well, she’s a saint. Very interesting post. Not many men would confess like
    Ken did.

    Robyn, where are you when I need a really good come-back to some of MY husband’s one liners? You are really good, girl.

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