Today you can win a YEAR of free Roxberry smoothies!

CONGRATULATIONS to Margaret Bohrman from Florida who won the Crio Brü package!!!!

Margaret, please send your mailing address to from the email address you signed up with.
And don’t worry, you can ALWAYS win twice . . . even three times. Every day. We don’t care. Thanks for your support!

Remember, if you comment on the blog today but you aren’t signed up to win HERE, we’re enjoying your comments but you’re not in the prize drawing.  Also “like” us on Facebook, and remember to TELL US if you shared today’s post on social media for MORE tickets in the drawing.

Today is the next day of our green smoothie fast. I’m telling you about another superfood, and giving away another awesome prize—a YEAR of free green smoothies from Roxberry! Plus you get to meet one of my all-time heroes, Kathy Headlee, the founder of Mothers Without Borders.


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  1. What a wondrous cause. I am motivated. Advised to lose weight otherwise meds will become an unwanted friend. Just did my first workout in months and am off to make a green smoothie. I know you will reach your goal(s) as I strive to reach mine.

  2. Love roxberry Smoothies!! Would be so great if I won! I save my money by not taking my kids out to eat at fast food places, and we splurg every once in a while at roxberry! Its so worth it knowing my boys are getting something good for them! And it’s beneficial to me cause they are on their best behavior to earn a smoothie! I love it! Thank you green smoothie girl, you really have made my life better: )

  3. wonderful progress so far guys! Have always wondered about Maca powder. fairly new to this green smoothie field and have lots of questions – which you seem to able to answer along your journey! Thanks

  4. Have so much respect for a guy (or gal) who puts it out there and is open about not being perfect AND about wanting to take it to a new level!

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