It’s a Blendtec Three-peat!

Blendted Designer Series Touchscreen

Congratulations to Jill Guzzo of Las Vegas, NV, who won the second Blendtec!

Jill won the prize with a RHYMING comment (see below).

TODAY’S prize……yes, ANOTHER Blendtec! My readers must be destined to drink green smoothies for life from GSG & Blendtec! 💓💓💓 Man, life is rich around here . . .

But there’s a catch! You get TWO extra entries in the drawing if your comment RHYMES and encourages TODD to adopt a green smoothie habit for LIFE!

So, it’s up to you! ONE entry for any ordinary comment. THREE entries for an entry encouraging Todd that rhymes!! Go!

Here is Jill’s winning comment:

Everyone has such great tips, I love all the help! My tip comes to the tune of ‘If you chance to meet a frown’ Sing along people….

If you blend your greens each day, mix it with some flax,

your hair will shine, your nails will look fine, you’ll fly through all your tasks!

No one likes a ‘hangry’ mom, so add some protein in,

plant based vanilla, organic and raw, is a recipe for the win!!

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  1. I’m not a poet, and I sure know it, but I drink my smoothie every day. No better way, I must say, to get good nutrition with little effort. So that’s my poem, and now you know ’em, I was right the first time–I’m not a poet and I sure know it! LOL

  2. I would love to have one of those beds!!!!!! I bought a new one and it was aweful so then I bought a second hand one which is much better.

  3. I am new to the GreenSmoothieGirl website. I ran across it when I was looking up the correct way to dry brush, and now I’m hooked. The giveaways are great too. I’ve wanted a new mattress for years, but I fell on hard times. This would be a great win, and looks like it’s amazing support for my spine. 🙂

  4. Todd, you’re a winner for drinking green smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t fall off the wagon now, continue to drink them, and you won’t become a cow!! Green Smoothies for life!!!

  5. I’m a truly believer that our body TEACHES us in many ways… If we are aware of what it is telling to each one of us and we give it what’s asking for, we’ll soon have everything we need. Because if you give your body what it wants and needs, it’ll return you what you want and need.

    So here’s my paradox: I STRONGLY believe that many of our bodies are asking us for MORE AND MORE GREENS -also called smoothies- and if we give that to our body, it will give us more capacity to be connected with it and more conscious about it, and then we’ll realize that actually we needed all that nourishment power and we’ll soon realize even more extraordinary surprises about our body that will give us the health to live in an awesome way and for so long!!!

    Everyone deserves a blendtec, and for the winner and anyone having a blender I would reccomend (and I hope to have a blender one day to do it myself!):

    -add flaxseeds for fiber, protein and omegas
    -add acai/maqui/grape seed extracts for POLYPHENOLS, which reduce inflammation and turn off some genes that cause illness. They’re super potent antioxidants (other powerful antioxidant is pine bark extract, but it’s more difficult to find)
    -try to have protein,fibre and helthy fats when adding fruit, this will allow you to not to have an insulin spike (which creates inflammation, has been linked to the cause of chronic deseases and makes you gain weigh because it converts excess sugar to fat)

    Hope everyone will enjoy the smoothie art one day!

  6. Oh Todd you must try it
    I promise you’ll like it!
    Soon you will crave them
    Your body demand them

    With fruit and spinach as friends
    Life and happiness will blend

  7. We all know fruits and greens help us eat more clean.
    Just blend ’em without a care; and you won’t taste them in there.
    With a blender so fine, on great nutrients you’ll dine.
    Soon your health will be great, so start smoothies, don’t wait!

  8. I’d Like to win. I’m wishing Todd nothing but success! I hope by now you’re noticing a big improvement in how you feel. Robyn my question is how do you and children volunteer for the building and is there a cost involved? Thank you
    P.s. Sharing on fb as always

    1. Hi Candace, I think it’s $3500 to do the 10- or 12-day humanitarian trip. That’s the cheapest I’ve ever heard of. I think your airfare is on top of that….around $1500. And it’s half personal development training, half helping / work at the job sites. We’ll write the BlendAid list with details of the trip.

  9. I have only one thing to say to Todd, and that is that many may think drinking green drinks is odd. Let me tell you they are plain wrong, and they’ll know it when they see that your life is turning out to be one of health, vitality and happiness and lasts long!

  10. To the tune of the Itsy Bitsy Spider. The Blendtec on Tod’s counter, blends a smoothie everyday. Green smoothie girls says to drink a quart a day. If I had a Blendtec I could join in on fun. But this sad lady just sits here watching Tod slim down.

    1. As you can see I missed a word… (I could join in on THE fun.) and my rhyming sucks!!!! I need a Blendtec so my mind will get sharper from all the Green Smoothies I’ll be able to drink. Just Sayin’.

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