Today it’s a $2,600 prize! + my tennis team shows up in uniform!

The winner of the GreenSmoothieGirl $200 Shopping Spree is Margie Broomall of Texas!

Event Promotions will contact you for more of your information so we can send the GSG goods your way!

My tennis team showed up to SUPPORT, today! They are all rocking the green smoothie fast with me for 3 days, check out these hot mom-athletes! (Try not to laugh at Tiff, who looks frozen—she thought she was posing for a still shot, and my team has been making fun of her ever since.)

And our giveaway is the BIGGEST ITEM YET! It’s a $2600 Life Ionizer….the winner can choose countertop- or under-sink-mounted. It’s a very important tool in my health and anti-aging arsenal, and you can read about it HERE. Thank you to Life Ionizer for their support of this humanitarian campaign and for giving some lucky friend of mine an amazing, expensive gift! Remember you must “like” us on Facebook, be signed up HERE, and comment on the blog below.


To Your Health!

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  1. I’ve heard an ionizer is great to get rid of the bad stuff in our water; who knows what’s in the water we get in our house? Wonderful idea to gift one!

  2. WOW! Thank you for your honest confession Robyn, it helps to know you are human:) I also find today’s topic very helpful and am personally grateful you introduced us to alternatives in our food storage pantry.

  3. hey…i am here. water ionizer, wow. wonderful thing; hope whoever gets it cherishes it. i am on my way to health, and thank you for doing this, robyn, et all!!

  4. Love your products Robin. My hubbs and I have been using them for over 2 years. My 2 year old granddaughter had come to visit last winter after spending time with other relatives. They had given her a bowl of Reese’s chunks and without my daughters knowledge Scarlett ate the entire bowl of them. Needless to say by the time they drove the three hours to our home little Scarlett was a mess. Irritated, tummy ach and out of sorts. We had just made a batch of green smoothies and I gave her a quart jar full to see if she would take a few sips. She devoured the entire smoothie! Her tiny body was starving for nutrients after their 2 day stay with relatives that constantly fed her sugar which is not allowed by my daughter. We have shared your smoothies with many family members and they are hooked as we are

  5. I would love an Ionizer! I started living a more alkalized life around 3 years ago! For my morning breakfasts, I always make deliciously healthy smoothies! I would love to win an alkalizer to help me drink clean water and better my alkalized lifestyle!

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