Today is your LAST CHANCE to win a Blendtec!

Congratulations to Carol Mora of Arizona! Even that rhymes (a little)!

Carol, thanks for participating and submitting an awesome rhyme encouraging Todd to keep up the good work. We hope you LOVE your new Blendtec! See her comment below.

And can you believe  I am giving away a surprise FOURTH and FINAL Blendtec? This one is a demo refurbished one. Still fabulous and looks brand new.

And the entries today are ANYONE who gives a donation of $15 or more to Mothers Without Borders! Scroll toward the bottom of our BlendAid page and click “Donate.” Tell us you did below.

And THANK YOU for supporting our cause—building a school for AIDS orphans. We would be so grateful if you skipped your latte for a few days and instead gave that money to some children in Africa you haven’t met but who don’t have the privileges our kids have. Today, everyone gets a personal reply on the blog.

Thank you and I LOVE YOU! Go Go Go! (Even if you donated in the past 3 weeks of this campaign, including at a Roxberry store, tell us here and it counts!)

Carol’s comment:

To the tune of “On Top of Old Smoky”:
On top of the counter
And into the frig
We find our friend To-odd
Who wants a new bod.
He gave up the caffeines
And replaced it with greens
We hope this new lifestyle
Will last for awhile

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  1. I think the blendtec machine looks like a fabulous machine. So will Todd as he continues to blend green smoothies as he builds his bod.

  2. Would love to have one of these in my kitchen. I make smoothies every morning and this would be great to use for that.

  3. A couple years ago I was having gut issues. I reached out to Robyn about it and she told me adding more diverse veggies in my smoothie would help and…IT DID! I no longer have the major gut problems I was experiencing. Thanks Robyn

  4. Congratulations to all the winners of previous BlendTec giveaways!

    And way to go Robyn & Todd for doing a Green Smoothies feast for 30 days. So inspiring!

  5. Thank You Robyn!
    Thank You Todd!
    Thank You Mothers Without Borders!
    Thank You All of The GSG Staff and BlendAid Partners!
    And Thank Y’all who are Donating and Following GSG BlendAid! — Good Luck!
    And Prayers and Blessings for the Zambian Orphan Children and Everyone else who is in need.

  6. Waiting for the site to accept my donation. Also, pressed like in 2 places. I had the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe with my cousin who is a Doctor Without Borders. He was helping with research on why AIDS is growing in Africa and decreasing all over the rest of the world.

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