Three More Lucky Winners for 3 Key Elements!

3KeyElements Prize Package

Hi everyone,

My staff didn’t know that on Sunday we were supposed to pick FOUR winners, and they picked just one. But this is good news for all of you. First, we have 3 MORE WINNERS for Kirk and Kim Duncan’s prize package AND there is one extra day to make a comment to win the intelliBED on yesterday’s blog!

And, to make it easier to find people who can really ATTEND Kirk & Kim Duncan’s 3KeyElements, we picked the three winners from UTAH.

(Sorry. We don’t favor our Utah readers over the rest of y’all, we love the rest of you tons, but we want a high chance that they can ATTEND his events.)

So, come back tomorrow and Thursday for our LAST TWO GIVEAWAYS + the WINNER OF THE INTELLIBED…..and here are our three 3KeyElement winners, CONGRATS!

  1. Kandace Wittwer
  2. Janacy Horsley
  3. Lisa Clark

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  1. Even if I don’t win I will be purchasing a Intellibed. Will make the trip to Austin to speak with a sales rep and most importantly lie on this cloud of pleasure.

  2. Here are the Superfoods I have learned sbout from Robyn.

    1. Chocolate- highest level of antioxidants and mild stimulant
    2. Maca Powder – an ancient Indian root, helps sustain energy
    3. GSG superfood products – sprouted flax and whey protein
    4. Water – Alkaline
    5. Avocado – healthy fat, coconut oil or milk has long chain fatty acids to support neurological functions
    6. Celery – natural sodium
    7. Lemon & some peel – has bioflavenoids, helps keep skin cancer away
    8. Ginger Root – increase cardiovascular health and helps the libido
    9. Better Body Foods – Superfood is PBFit
    10. Nori seaweed – high in protein, natural iodine, 100% of iron
    11. Raw cacao
    12. Mesquite – high in potein, mild sweetner, can be used as a flour
    13. Cayenne – stimulates cardiovascular, hightens other herbs, warms the body
    14. Lecuma powder – alternative sweetner
    15. Raw honey – antibacterial, allergy relief, great for burns
    16. Monk fruit – low glycemic, sweetner, nutritious
    17. Raw apple cider vinegar – fermented apple juice, probiotic, immune function, dental health
    18. Coconut juice water- electrolytes, can make kefir
    19. Bee Pollen – helps with allergens

    Some of the numbering is off due to a superfood not being introduced on a specific day.

  3. Thank you for one more chance to enter the Intellibed give way! I would love to treat my body to the super restful Intellibed every night!!!!!!!!!!

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