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THIS is why you eat organic!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Aug 09, 2014

Why did we reformulate our protein, and our new drink mixes (soon to release!) ORGANIC? It hasn’t been easy. Lots of people have worked on this, for a year now, our making our products all-organic and raw.

A new meta-study out of England analyzed data from 343 different published studies on organics.

So what’s the verdict?
Organic food has MUCH higher nutrition. In fact, you’d have to eat an extra 2 servings a day of conventional produce, to get the vitamin and mineral content of organic produce.

This has never been my biggest issue with conventionally grown produce, though. My issue is, I don’t want to eat pesticides and herbicides! The body does not eliminate them well, and they have long-term toxic effects. Some people say, and it’s true, well there are pesticide in organics, too. Still, quantity of exposure matters. And this meta-analysis concludes that you ingest 10 to 100 times more pesticide in conventional food.

Plus, when you buy organic, you do the whole world a favor. You’re supporting growers who don’t put glyphosphates on their fields (such as Roundup), which causes the plant to absorb heavy metals. Cadmium is high in conventional produce, which is very toxic for humans. In Switzerland, I was tested for heavy metals and was high in cadmium. (Being around car exhaust and some manufacturing output also leads to cadmium exposure.) Most people test high in cadmium.

Is buying organic worth a bit more? Clearly it is. Let’s eat foods that didn’t absorb heavy metals, that aren’t sprayed with pesticide, and are 20-40 percent higher in vitamins and minerals! Especially choose organic greens, thin-skinned fruits, and eggs (if you eat animal products). Google the “dirty dozen” for the foods highest in pesticide and therefore the most important to eat organic. You can also google the “clean dozen” for those that are safest to eat conventionally grown.

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