This giveaway is a LABOR OF LOVE….you’re going to love it!

Congratulations Amy Price of Michigan on winning the prize package from!

Thank you again to Lindsey of Real Imprints for supporting BlendAid, building such a wonderful site, and letting me share my story.

My friend Leah of is really a wannabe farmer. She lives in Heber, Utah, which is kinda rural, her husband is an attorney and she lives in town—but she has an amazing garden, and she’s been doing NOTHING BUT GREEN SMOOTHIES with us!
She tells you about it here. And equally important, she has MADE you so many FABULOUS gifts, truly handmade, to make your home and life more eco-friendly using reusable materials and non-toxic ingredients like essential oils. I hope you win!

Remember to sign up for BlendAid here, like us here, and comment below to enter to win a $200+ prize package from our fellow Bloggers Without Borders and other awesome sponsors supporting Mothers Without Borders.

Good Luck!

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  1. Wow I really love this video I am one of the people that want to make homemade things but I’m scared to. I don’t think they will turn out I think they’re too expensive and I won’t have the time. I will have to follow your blog. Thank you for your encouragement and help.

  2. So totally want to get bees, but have hesitated because I’m concerned about the neighbors. I’d love to learn to make body butter out of beeswax.

  3. Want to comment even though the giveaway is over. Thank you Leah for the great blog! I have been moving toward a better, healthier lifestyle for the last few years. What a treasure to find a great blog like yours. Looking forward to making my own products from your recipes. And thanks to Robyn for introducing us to all of the fabulous people that have been sharing their passions, businesses, and products with the rest of us who can now benefit from all of these services! And further thanks to all of you for educating us with the entire Blendaid mission! Bless all of you.

  4. Great video Leah! I need to try more of your recipes. Love all the ones that I have tried. Poo Poo spray is next on my list 😉

  5. Excited to check out Leah’s blog and make more natural products. Love all the glass, we’re trying to phase out all the icky plastic too! Thanks for the great video.

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