There Was No Rapture, but There Was Green Smoothie

So I was waiting for the world to end on Saturday, and it didn’t. So it’s a good thing we’re talking about health and nutrition, because apparently we’re stuck here for a while.

Since the Earth didn’t crack wide open and Cali didn’t fall into the ocean, I went for a run in the mornings along the waterways in Ventura, and lectured in 4 cities in 3 days. We met a lot of people who wanted to talk about how to live healthy for the next 50 years instead of what their last meal would be before The Rapture.

But in anticipation of what might happen Saturday, I ate THE BEST MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD on Friday. I have been to lots of raw restaurants. Omar’s in Salt Lake, Pure Food and Wine in New York, Au Lac in L.A., and Café Gratitude in Berkeley deserve honorable mention.

But the Raw Tostada at Mary’s Secret Garden in Ventura, CA is the meal I would choose if I were on Death Row and tomorrow were my execution. It might not look like much in this photo, but it, and the raw pecan pie, are phenomenal. I got the homemade kombucha ($6 for a little glass) and had to give it to Denley because it was a little….uh, alcoholic….for my virgin tastes.

Unfortunately for me and my posse, I mentioned in Ventura that Mary’s food was the Best Thing Ever…..when we got finished our takedown after class, we called and there was a 2-hour waitlisted mob at Mary’s. Well, too bad for us, but I love to support people spreading the abundance of raw plant foods.

At our class in Bakersfield, this awesome professor named Eileen volunteered to eat the plate of greens representing what goes in a green smoothie. She made a valiant effort for a while. Next thing I know, three of her collegiate-athlete students came up and finished off all the kale, chard, and spinach. Then she wrote on this blog yesterday that she’s totally addicted after 6 days of green smoothies and that Michelle Obama just has to know about this. Heh.

I met “mgm” whose comments on this blog I love because they’re always smart and pithy. I now know her real name, but I’m not telling.

I met long-time 12 Stepper Bridget who was afraid of beets, but wrote on my Facebook page yesterday that she finally made Hot Pink and was “over” her phobia. Good thing, because beets are powerful blood cleansers–think of deep plant-food pigments as the Crazy Sauce that keeps wrinkles, energy drains, auto-immune problems, and cancer at bay!

Here’s a photo of me with Denley, goofing around with me as I made my Californian friends some green smoothies all mixed up with love.

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  1. Hi, Robyn : ) – As soon as you mentioned Mary’s Restaurant, I thought ‘Oh, whoever Mary is, I hope she’s ready for what’s about to happen!’ I decided to check it out, but wait a couple weeks to do it, and give the ensuing hub-bub a chance to die down.

    The SunWarrior products all looked so amazing, but since I’m on a tight budget I want to ask – Leaving aside the protein powder, which I don’t need, if you could only add one of the SW products to your routine, with the goal of overall vibrant health, which would it be?

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