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The new Pepsi commercial

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Sep 05, 2014

I’ve been hearing this ad on the radio lately. For Pepsi, or maybe it’s Coke. It reminds me of how the media has people so twisted up, with messaging, that the vast majority of us have NO IDEA what’s good for us, and how our diet affects our health, in hundreds of critically important ways.

The ad said, five times, Pepsi is now made with REAL SUGAR! This was their entire pitch. This is what makes Pepsi such a quality product, such a good choice.

I guess on the gradient, REAL SUGAR is now not as bad as many of the even-worse baddies. Somehow the OLD BAD is now the NEW GOOD. Because there are thousands of products containing chemical Nutrasweet and Splenda. Because high-fructose corn syrup as gotten such a deservedly bad rap. Can we just remember that REAL SUGAR started the diabetes and obesity epidemic? It’s still terrible. Our great grandparents got an orange for Christmas, and it tasted so sweet, they’d make it last for days. Cultures that have no disease eat no processed sugar.

But somehow, REAL SUGAR is now a health food?

Please help your kids, your friends, and anyone you might be able to influence, learn the little truths that add up to a huge difference in someone’s health. These are things that I’ve taken the opportunity to educate regular folks in my path, just THIS WEEK, about:

  1. How the Synthroid she is taking is cancer-causing, a drug, and not molecularly the same as what her body produces. That she has a choice. I sent her to Kristie Rosser, my own bioidentical hormone specialist, in American Fork, Utah. How M.D.’s, even those who hang out a shingle prescribing “bioidenticals,” don’t do the deep and detailed homework, to ascertain the variety of interventions needed to balance a 40+ woman’s hormones. That usually includes several blood tests, over the course of a year, allergy testing, and adjustment using natural substances, of several hormones and precursor hormones. That women are programmed to begin dying at about age 40, so in order to “stay young” till we’re 90, we need to have balanced hormones.
  1. That taking salt pills is not a way to stay hydrated and keep electrolytes up at a tennis match.
  1. That it’s easy to start remembering to take water everywhere you go, in glass, from your RO (or alkaline!) water faucet at home, rather than drinking out of plastics. That plastics leach into water and cause hormone system malfunction for men, women and children.
  1. That gluten in bread isn’t good for human beings, anymore. It’s been too altered. That it may be why you’re hanging onto 5 pounds and your belly is never flat.

Ah, I could go on. The point is, I love that I get to play a role in teaching people small details that can make a vast difference in how they feel and look. Take the opportunity. Do it non-critically. Tell them you’re happy to help anytime they need it. That you love to share your own research and discoveries in nutrition and wellness.



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4 thoughts on “The new Pepsi commercial”

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  1. Bonnie says:

    So you say here gluten is no longer good anymore. Does that mean you’re saying to cut out all your recipes containing gluten, including whole wheat? I certainly understand that there are those that gluten affects, I’m just not convinced it includes the whole human population. For a person making the switch to a whole foods diet to say to eliminate all gluten would be more than overwhelming. I’m definitely teachable though so feel free to expound on this topic. Thanks for all you do to educate about health. Your teachings were the catalyst for my health revolution.

  2. Madison says:

    I take synthroid. Have for 20 years. Couldn’t survive without it. Literally. Can’t afford, and never will be able to, the alternative care you suggest. I’m doing the best I can. I think you are very judgemental of that. We have to do what we have to do.

  3. It’s a delicate balancing act between knowing just how much and how often you can reach out to help a person. It all depends if they want it or not. As for Coke using real sugar, isn’t that crazy? I think people are getting too smart these days to fall for that. What do you think?

  4. How can I find out more a out the effects of synthroid and how to get off of it. I have been concerned about this for some time, but do have low thyroid. My mom died from thyroid cancer and took this stuff for many years! I have always just had a bad feeling about it. I do eat a plant-based diet and do at least two juices a day (most days). I am trying to get healthy from the inside out. I enjoy and appreciate your blog a great deal.

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