The ending of Junk Food Dude!

Here’s the end of my book, The Adventures of Junk Food Dude, with a little

activity for kids to review what foods are positive and negative choices.

And a review of what the consequences are of making positive nutrition


We will also be publishing a companion recipe book,

Junk Food Dude’s

Yummy Healthy Recipes

My next blog post will be just a few of the spectacular photos from my

recipes in that book. Every recipe will have full-color photos that will

make children want to get in the kitchen and experiment with real, living

foods, and then eat those creations!

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  1. I wanted to order the best foods green drink you talked about but when I clicked on the link it showed something else,Where can I get the drink,thanks Terence

  2. What a great book ! I am anxious to have it in my home for our grandchildren and their parents to read. Thank you so much.

    Is it all right to use organic extra virgin coconut oil? I noticed that in your writings, you talk of organic virgin coconut oil. I want to be sure to use the right product, and would appreciate some clarification as to which product is the best choice and why. Thanks again!

  3. This is a fantastic book and I will buy a copy for my grandchildren! Thank you so much for writing this much needed book. I hope this is the first of many children’s books.

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