The best-named green smoothie kid EVER

This little green smoothie drinker lives in Idaho, and her real name is, first and last name–you won’t believe it but I swear I don’t make this stuff up–


Isn’t she darling? She begs her mom for her “shushie” every morning.

Speaking of, have you ever wondered if clover greens (the plant in your yard, not the child) are edible? Here’s the interesting answer.

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  1. Robyn, is there any recommendation to what and how much of this or that to put in a toddler’s green drink? Keep it fresh only or adding super food powders ok? You get what I’m asking? Anything too strong/cleansing for the little ones? Thanks!!

  2. LOL Robyn, that is so funny you posted that link to clover greens, because we researched it too, and have gotten them for our green smoothies, and get such a kick out of pointing out her name on the packaging to her! (we purchase them.)

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