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I am the Thanksgiving turkey. And, the GSG crowd goes to Switzerland.

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jan 04, 2014


Paracelsus Friends nov.13

The GSG’s sightseeing at Lake Maggiori

I was the Thanksgiving turkey this year. Kind of literally. On the American holiday, I was in the Southern Swiss Alps at one of my newly favorite places anywhere in the world……the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc). With lots of GSG readers, pictured here.

We were doing a 2-week liver detox. We’re doing it again, in the same beautiful place, May 25…… 10 days, for $4,000. Come this time!

(P.S. I make $0 telling you about this. I never have, and never will, accept a single dollar from this clinic. I just think it is the best-kept healing secret in the world, and I’m giddy that I discovered it. Tons of GSG readers have gone there since I found it over a year ago, and have written me with their healing stories. One reader, who was there with me, came home, wrote a letter of gratitude to Dr. Wiechel and the staff, told them of his amazing health improvements and new awareness, and enclosed a thank-you check.)


“Help, I’m trapped in this hyperthermia chamber!”

And that day, Thanksgiving, I had full-body hyperthermia. (I know, I’m weird. That this what I wanted to do on a day my compatriots are eating tons of turkey and pie and watching football on TV and taking long naps—I’m doing bizarre holistic healing treatments, trapped in a small space under heat lamps, just for fun.)

You already know that your body functions optimally at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But did you know that your IMMUNE cells function optimally at 104 degrees? Your white blood cells come out of their slow inertia, and run around gobbling up toxic stuff. Hyperthermia induces an artificial fever, which may last a few hours, to help your body metabolize viruses, bacteria, fungus, cancer cells, and toxic byproducts of the same.

(I’m always sorry to hear that people dread a fever. It’s one of the body’s most powerful immune responses. A fever is not, contrary to apparent modern medical belief, a Tylenol deficiency. It’s an important process, if a bit uncomfortable–and we Americans are known for our unwillingness to suffer any discomfort.)

Anyway, an American there with his wife who was seeking help for late-stage Parkinsons, brought a plastic blow-up turkey for our lunch buffet. That’s officially the only turkey we ever saw. No pie, either, or buttery mashed potatoes.

We still ate like kings–really healthy, healing, energetic, lean kings. (Not sick, fat ones who sit around on a throne.)

But me, I was shoved in an oven, cooked for several hours, and even got a thermometer stuck up my booty to tell when I was done! I suffer for science!

blow up turkey

The only turkey we saw on Thanksgiving

Early that morning, I’d been in the clinic’s gym. Every morning I was in there at the same time with the OTHER “early bird,” my friend Dr. Jared Nielsen, who came with us. He teased me for the rest of the day about my tendency to sing out loud to my iPod. I told him that while this time, at the clinic, I managed my claustrophobia during 4 hours in the hyperthermia chamber with my iPod, I did NOT belt out my own renditions of the two songs he’d heard me singing that morning:

Alone (by Heart)


Highway to Hell (by AC/DC)

Those might be the wrong musical selections while trapped in a confined space under infrared lamps for several hours.

(I listened to Brian Regan comedy instead, and laughed my head off in the chamber, which the clinic’s Filipino nurse found rather bizarre. I tried to explain. “Comedy!” I kept saying. But she didn’t get it and just thought I was a bit kooky. Or overheated.)

paracelsus al ronc

Clinica Paracelsus al Ronc

I had so much fun with Tsendee and Janet—who didn’t know each other before, but turned out to be ridiculously good ping-pong players. (I’d like not to ever get beaten that badly in any sport, ever again.) Janet, in her 60’s, hadn’t bothered to tell me she actually plays ON A TEAM. Like, an actual competitive table tennis player.

David and Cynthia, John and Cheryl, Jennifer and Brett, Dagmar and Daniela, Rita and Lynnea, June, Janet, Jared–we had a spectacular experience and I hope to go again.

Coach Madeline will lead you, and teach seminars in the evenings, May 25 to June 4. If you have a little time and money to take some time out for far more than just rest and beautiful surroundings, I think you will love being pampered with about 40 scheduled treatments during your stay, a few sightseeing trips, and beautiful full-service detox meals every day.

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3 thoughts on “I am the Thanksgiving turkey. And, the GSG crowd goes to Switzerland.”

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  1. Marnae says:

    Robyn, my boys haven’t had a fever in a long time, but when they have, I get super paranoid. My sister had hight fevers as an infant and had seizures because of it and caused brain damage. How I should I let the fever get for kids before I give them something? My 8 month old will, if he’s like his brother might get a high fever when he gets his canines in (his teething has been exactly like my other son so far, so he’ll get them at 15 months). I can handle pain, I just hate to my kids in pain.

  2. erin martin says:

    In my adult life, I’ve never cared whether I’ve had a fever or not (I just get extra rest). My problem is that kids die of fever a lot. What do I do as a parent? Right now I have a 21 month old and a 4 month old and both of them got a cold with a fever at the same time. The tylenol was NOT so I could get some sleep. I stayed awake, scared that I would have to rush one or both of them to the doctor at any moment. After one night of tylenol, the fever was down and I stopped giving it to them. I would love to try something other than tylenol. Currently, it’s the only drug in our house! But what do we do instead???

    1. Robyn says:

      Erin, when my kids were young, I never met a fever I couldn’t bring down with a little syringe-administered garlic enema. Do what you feel best—you’re the mom. But read Dr. Mendelssohn’s How to Raise a Healthy Child Despite Your Pediatrician (he was a pediatrician, and he will challenge your stated “kids die of fever a lot,” which isn’t true).

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