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Texas Gets Some Green Smoothie Lovin!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Nov 04, 2013


Texas Plaza employees

Hotel employees with their jugs of green smoothie.

Last time to Texas, with the green smoothie show, and we had so much fun. It was such a whirlwind trip, Houston-San Antonio-Austin-Dallas in 48 hours, stayed out all night with my brother and sister-in-law after the Dallas lecture–I slept the whole 3-hour flight home early the next morning!

Texas Blendtech

A very happy Melanie with her new Blendtec.

Good times! Sometimes I have extra green smoothie, so I give jugs of it to random strangers. These two Crowne Royal hotel employees in Houston got some of our samples, after our class that night.

I came back down to the front desk five minutes later because I lost my key. I walked around the corner and all the employees were slurping green smoothies and one of them was saying, “This isn’t bad!”

This is Melanie, in San Antonio. After Every. Single. Giveaway, she dramatically flung herself back in her chair making loud sounds of disgust when she didn’t win. I am not kidding when I tell you that towards the end, I was saying the numbers super-fast, to avoid her freakout when the first three numbers didn’t meet her approval. And towards the end I was literally thinking, “Please God let this woman win something.”

Sandy Means and Family

Sandy Means and Family

And out of 300 tickets, she won…….the BLENDTEC BLENDER! I was happy for her. She did almost pop my head off my neck, hugging me jumping up and down for approximately five minutes.

Texas veg restaurant

This is our Senior Apprentice Sandy Means, who brought me some healthy vegan food in San Antonio, from this restaurant, because I’ve blogged before that it’s officially the hardest place to eat right I’ve ever been. Here’s a photo of Sandy’s adorable young family, and you can attend her classes in the Houston area, check them out HERE.

Her friend’s daughter, Gisele, pictured here, enjoyed a green smoothie after our Dallas class.

Texas Gisselle


I love the green smoothie show and will miss it! The GSG coaches will continue teaching it, and if you want the green smoothie show you’ve seen me do, by one of the coaches, just write us at support123@greensmoothiegirl.com. We’ll try to get a GSG coach to your workplace, or to do a class for all your friends, in your home or business.

In January, it’ll be a whole new lecture, but I will still be giving all the free stuff away, and still lots of fun and much to learn.



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  1. Polica says:

    We were so glad to have you here in Dallas! My family is addicted to green smoothies! Thank you so much for caring and sharing. Can’t wait to see your next class in April.

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