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Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Delicious, a bit too sweet though; but glad to see fruits and veggies in it and cashews. Good going! I’ll get the variety pack next order.

Bonnie V.
Reno, NV

— Bonnie V., Reno, NV

Variety Pack Blendbar:

They were all great, but as you predicted, Pink Smoothie was my favorite.
This doesn’t surprise me because every product you recommend- Intellibed, Air Doctor…have all be terrific!

P.D. M.
Paradise Valley, MT

— P.D. M., Paradise Valley, MT

I feel so much healthier!

We’ve been converted to green smoothies for a while now. In fact, I’ll have to say that I crave them. Not necessarily the taste (although our concoction is very tasty), but the effects they have on me! I feel so much healthier and my skin tone has definitely improved. People tell me I look so young–who doesn’t like to hear that?! My daughter and grandson are hooked now, too.  Thanks Robyn!

— Karen P.

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Good & Healthy

The chocolate dipped blendbar tastes so good. It is like eating a candy bar. They are taste sweet–but from healthy ingredients. They are a great snack.

Rita M.
Montrose, CO

— Rita M., Montrose, CO

Variety Pack Blendbar: And the winner is…!

BlendBars remind me of that great commercial war where one side is shouting, “Great taste!” and the other shouts back “Less filling!” My first try was the chocolate coated and I didn’t care for it until I tried my second bar a few days later. Now I really appreciate its smooth richness which creates a very satisfying “mouth- feel”. After it melts in your mouth, you get the added joy of lingering over the healthy chewy bits that make it last even longer. Pink Smoothie is a super fruit bonanza giving you sweet, sour, chewy and nutty in a perfect balance that leaves you wishing for just one more bite, so I take small ones. Finally, The Green Smoothie, our original and the best all round. You taste and enjoy every “good for you” ingredient. So if you are feeling “snackish”, grab your go-to fave with a tall cool glass of alkaline water, or brew your favorite cup of tea and linger over a just the right size, guilt-free BlendBar. Since I tried the variety box, they are all my favorites!

Lynne D.


Variety Pack Blendbar: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!!

My 8-year-old daughter and I LOVE them. I keep them in my purse for the times I get caught without a good snack or meal option. My daughter has one for her snack after taekwondo. Our favorite is the chocolate, but we love all three. It is such a relief to have a snack bar that I know has only good stuff in it and that we enjoy eating.

Candice O.
Charlotte, NC

— Candice O., Charlotte, NC

The green drink is the best breakfast a person could have.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. I had a surgery to remove the lump but refused chemo and radiation. I saw a naturopathic doctor and through micro water, stabilizing my PH, and diet, was able to get rid of it. In the spring of 2008 I knew from the symptoms the cancer was back.

I checked my pH, which was so acidic it wouldn’t even read on the paper. I went to see my doctor and he confirmed the readings. I knew the key to getting rid of cancer was a balanced pH. I have a microwater machine, but I knew the fastest way to balance pH is through greens, but it was impossible to eat the amount that I needed.

I’ve been drinking blended greens faithfully since August of 2008 along with the raw food, no dairy, no meat. I was rechecked for cancer in January and there are no signs at all*. I feel great, haven’t been sick. I’ve lost weight and am back down to my high school weight and size. I have energy, etc. . . I could go on and on. My kids can’t believe I’m running around chasing the grandkids like a teenager. The green drink is the best breakfast a person could have.

Because of the positive change in me, about 10 other people have started drinking green smoothies. Ladies at Curves, my husband, my daughter, my husbands’ parents, my parents, and my friends. And when I go to Sunflower Market, I meet a lot of people, mostly older people buying kale for their green drink. I smile and think, wow, that’s great!

— Terri Barnett, Payson , UT

Variety Pack Blendbar: Delicious & Convenient

The BlendBars are delicious and convenient! I keep a few with me at work just in case I need a snack. My kids also love them! My daughter’s favorite is the chocolate dipped, and my son’s favorite is the pink smoothie. I usually get the variety pack to keep the whole house happy!

Sheila M.
Chaska, MN

— Sheila M., Chaska, MN

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I really loved having the blendBars especially the chocolate as this was perfect for a late afternoon snack that was needed for my late days of work. I loved that they are free of all of the other processed products that many other protein bars have.

Jessi G.
Minneapolis, MN

— Jessi G., Minneapolis, MN

I feel so much better!

I have been drinking green smoothies daily for a month now. I have seen a huge improvement in my overall outlook on life. I handle stress SO much better and I feel happier. Another huge improvement for me was the decrease in my cravings for sugary foods. This was a big problem for me. Now even if I eat something sweet, I don’t want very much of it. It has been amazing how much better I feel since starting to drink green smoothies!


— Tammy M.

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