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So Grateful for Detox and an Amazing Support System on the Forum! 14 lbs Lost!

I am so grateful I decided to embark on this detox journey. This has been a really educational path in so many ways. I learned to listen to my body better, my strength and will power to persevere, and what an amazing support system I have in the real world through the Full Support detox portal!

I signed up for the full-support detox and I am so appreciative I did. I honestly do not think I would have made it all 26 days without it. I found the everyday email, video and phone call to be an extremely helpful tool of explaining what my body was actually processing and eliminating.

I lost 14 pounds on this detox. I lost 10 pounds for the first week and the remaining four steadily in the following weeks. Having lost my weight this way, I have more confidence in keeping it off and continuing to eat as whole and clean a diet as I can on a regular basis. I do have a lot more weight to lose. I also noticed the color of my eyes became a clearer blue!

The detox was work and planning! I have so many friends who have taken an interest and are thinking about starting their own detox journey. I upgraded at the end to the Lifetime Membership so that in 6 months when I detox again, I have the full support like I did this time around.

*results may vary

— Elizabeth C., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Good & Healthy

The chocolate dipped blendbar tastes so good. It is like eating a candy bar. They are taste sweet–but from healthy ingredients. They are a great snack.

Rita M.
Montrose, CO

— Rita M., Montrose, CO

Variety Pack Blendbar:

They were all great, but as you predicted, Pink Smoothie was my favorite.
This doesn’t surprise me because every product you recommend- Intellibed, Air Doctor…have all be terrific!

P.D. M.
Paradise Valley, MT

— P.D. M., Paradise Valley, MT

I have been telling all my friends about green smoothies!

I have been telling all my friends about the green smoothies and converted several of them to start drink them on a daily basis. My friends are all west coast dancers and energy is important for the 4-5 hours of dancing we do 2-3 nights weekly.

— Anonymous

I would like to convert everybody!

I would like to convert everybody. There are many benefits. You will experience increased energy. You will need less sleep and your cravings for sweets will decrease down to nothing. You will lose weight, your blood pressure will come down. You will feel like 21 again.

I actually, really look forward to the first smoothie in the a.m. It is easy, and if you give it a chance, you will love it too. The first smoothie I made I used a 1/2 banana and tasted great, but I did not want to use it on a daily basis. So, I did not make any smoothies for one month. I decided to go back and try again, this time with a 1/2 apple for 32 ounces. That hooked me!

Green smoothies taste so fresh. I make 64 ounces in the a.m. I use 32 ounces in the morning and save the next 32 ounces for noon meal. You can take it with you to work. It travels well and it is so easy, I just make mine fresh everyday.

The GreenSmoothieGirl website is extremely informative with all the information for making the green smoothie. I vary the greens (very important), but my base is apple, celery, parsley (all organic, of course). I then on various days use two of the following, any of the types of kale, swiss chard, mustard greens, collard greens, dandelion, arugula, or anything else that looks fresh.

Put the soft washed leafy greens in the bottom of the blender and top it with the harder washed vegetables. Add the filtered water, and start blending, If it is too thick, add more water and blend again. I sip it (as a good portion of digestion occurs in the mouth). And, I get to enjoy this every morning.

Now, to keep the greens extra fresh, here is what I do. I place each type of green, unwashed in a mason jar 1/4 filled with water. I top it with one of those green bags and twist the green bag at the bottom around with my fingers, so it is fairly secure around the mason jar. Greens keep great, and I never throw out anything, seriously. Keeping green onions like this is wonderful, the greens love it. Wishing my best to everyone who has a desire for great health and is willing to give a green smoothie a fair shot.

— Lorraine L., Naples , Florida

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: um, YES!!!

Oh my….so delicious! I eat the bar slow, as it’s worth savoring. Plus, it’s a very satisfying meal. Two thumbs up! ;o}

Juliene B.
PHOENIX, Arizona

— Juliene B., PHOENIX, Arizona

So delicious and satisfying!

I’ve been drinking a quart of green smoothies daily for about a year now, with a few exceptions. When I fail to drink them for a few days (too busy, need to go to the store, etc.), I find that the first sip of the next smoothie is so welcome, so delicious, so satisfying.

My children drink them because I put them in front of them. I gave them a pint at first, then my 11 y.o. son struggled to get them down. I let him drink half a pint for a while, until he got used to them. Finally, he asked if he still had to drink the small glass (half a pint), or if he could have a full glass now–YES! He also enjoys drinking them in front of friends and telling what’s in it. That took a couple of weeks, probably.

Now, they drink a pint, and sometimes whatever else is left over after I have mine. They like lots of strawberries in theirs, and fresh peaches, when they’re in season. I have converted several friends to drinking green smoothies, too. (Them: What is that you’re drinking?” Me: A green smoothie.” Them: What’s in it?” Me: Want a taste?” or Would you like the recipe?”)

— Janelle B.

Green Smoothie Blendbar: NEW Super Food Bars

Love the NEW Superfood Green Smoothie Bars!! Easy to eat and very nutritious. A whole lot of deliciousness in each one. Bon Appetite’

Holly D.
Sanford, FL

— Holly D., Sanford, FL

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Yummy and Good for You!

GSG Blend Bars are good nutrition on the go! They are tasty and good for you. The perfect guilt free meal !

T H.
Renton, United States

— T H., Renton, United States

No More Pain and Numbness, Lighter, and Clearer Thinking—and More Energy!

This was my first 26-day detox and I would recommend people try this. I loved the full-support buddy system that helped as we both experienced being spacey the first two weeks. I was experiencing neck, shoulder and arm numbness before starting this program and within 7-10 days, the pains quit and numbness stopped shortly after 10 days.

I feel lighter, have no bulge in the middle and am much clearer in my thinking process. I have more energy with more clarity to details. Was a great success for me. Thank you, Robyn.

— Jacquelyn S., Allen, Texas

Prediabetic No More

I am at my ideal weight (have never been anywhere near overweight), and I run or lift weights six days a week, and eat a healthy diet. Imagine my shock when I went to a clinic and was told I was prediabetic, that it was just a matter of time before I had full-blown diabetes. I burst out laughing when the nurse practitioner told me her recommendation was to cut out sugar, since I eat so little of it already. Robyn taught me about green smoothies, and I began making them daily for my family, as well as teaching others about them. I just went back to the clinic after several months of my new green smoothie habit, and they said all signs of the prediabetic condition were gone. The only thing I changed was adding green smoothies to my diet!

*results may vary

— Laura B., Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar: Best Bars Ever!!!!!!!

I was excited about the new blend bars and couldn’t wait to try them. I ordered two boxes of the variety because I wanted to try them all. I’m so glad I did because all three flavors are so good. It would be hard to pick one flavor. They didn’t have that after taste like some do from stevia. I was surprised at how filling they were compared to the size of the bar. I do wish they were a little bigger. My teenage daughter liked them too. Her favorite was the pink smoothie. I have bought other bars before that she would not eat but asked for one of these bars every day for a snack. I definitely will be ordering more.

Lesia R.
Ashburn, Georgia

— Lesia R., Ashburn, Georgia

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