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Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Love the Green Smoothie bars. The best tasting bars ever, and I have tried many protein bars. The Green Smoothie Bars are hands down the best.

Angela H.
Texarkana, TX

— Angela H., Texarkana, TX

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

I have tried all 3 flavors…. Was not fond of the green smoothie flavor until after I did the flash fast. However, I absolutely love the Chocolate Dipped Smoothie bar. It’s my favorite.

Charlene H.
Pensacola, FL

— Charlene H., Pensacola, FL

Variety Pack Blendbar:

The bars tasted fine and for the most part, I like the ingredient list. However, I did not like the following: tapioca syrup and tapioca maltodextrin. These are names of processed sugars that I don’t think need to be in plant based bars. I bought 2 boxes so I could try the variety and thought the green bar would be a good option. However, I probably won’t buy them again.

Jill P.
Scottsdale, AZ

— Jill P., Scottsdale, AZ

I Feel Cleaner, Lighter, with More Energy, Less Pain—and I Lost 9 lbs!

As a health care professional all my life, I was entrenched in the SAD, was prediabetic, had precardiac issues, had borderline thyroid issues, with full-blown joint issues, and a weight that often ballooned to morbidly obese. I even tried stomach stapling in the past, but ended up having it reversed because of the awful side effects.

I have been on a mission the last 7 years to bring my body back to a state of true health. I have tried juice fasting with colonics and regular massage (all of which I still do). I tried a physical trainer, conventional “dieting” with working out, HCG programs for rapid weight loss when the joint issues interfered with my job, etc., etc. I had food sensitivities, cravings for many unhealthy foods—and after easily losing 100# or more, would yo-yo back close to where I was, before starting the next “new thing.”

Robyn Openshaw came into my life four years ago, and her 12 Steps to Whole Foods was a breath of fresh air. Imagine a program that emphasizes “adding in” healthy things instead of what you “can’t have.” It has been a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process to undo a lifetime of abusing my body, but it is finally paying off. This cleanse is the crowning glory! I feel cleaner, lighter, with more energy, MUCH less joint pain; I’m able to move better, do my job better and, most of all, my body isn’t pushing me to eat things that aren’t healthy. I feel more relaxed about what I’m going to eat on a daily basis.

These recipes rock! The Pink Breakfast Smoothie is my new favorite. I lost 9 lbs. on this detox, even eating larger portions of some of the soups and salads. I am now going to do the two cleanses for the parasites and pathogens. I am converting to the lifetime membership because I want to do this cleanse twice a year for sure! Next time I am budgeting for the supplements also! I have 6 months to tuck away the money. I have done other “cleanses,” but this is by far the best. Thank you, Robyn, for putting in the time, effort, and love to research the “best of the best” programs and put together a useful, DOABLE detox/cleanse for us “average” people, and continually being a source of inspiration, education and, above all, support! Gathering all the experts to educate us at the same time we are cleansing is inspiring and uplifting, and helps keep us going during the cleanse. I love all the calls, the videos, and the emails lifting us up every day!

*results may vary

— Karen H., Las Vegas, Nevada

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

I love the bars!! I have tried them all, but the Chocolate Dipped Smoothie is heaven to me. Such a great to-go meal. Everyone should try these.

Shelley M.
Susanville, CA

— Shelley M., Susanville, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Healthnut

I loved the pink smoothie and chocolate dipped smoothie! The green smoothie was adequate! Love U smoothie girlfriend!!

Lena V.
Pontiac, Michigan

— Lena V., Pontiac, Michigan

Variety Pack Blendbar: Clean nourishment on the go

I love the variety pack, each flavor is delicious. Most of all I love that these bars, unlike many other bars out there, taste so clean. Thank you for your care in providing the best quality of ingredients in a handy on the go bar.

Chrissy N.
Stuart, Florida

— Chrissy N., Stuart, Florida

Eliminated Sugar Cravings, More In Tune—and 13 Lbs Lost!

First off, I will say that I have never participated in a detox of any kind before; my initial motivation was purely to address weight loss (I started ~35 lbs. above my ideal weight). My husband decided to jump on board in support of my efforts—though in his case he was hoping to discover some possible food sensitivities and reduce his cholesterol. We both lost about the same amount of weight, 13-15 lbs.

The biggest surprise for both of us was discovering that our desire for sugar was virtually eliminated from the start. Great news! When we were feeling tempted through the 26 days, there was not usually a fat-laden, high-sugar item involved. We were also fascinated to learn to tune in to the signals that our bodies send out regarding hunger and satiation…all things we previously ignored. It was empowering to learn that we could survive on so little food and (for the most part) feel fairly satisfied.

We were grateful to have participated in the full support option because we frequently turned to the forum to seek answers to our questions—from other participants, through Robyn’s videos, while listening to the expert lectures, or catching the live phone calls. These are all fantastic tools to offer accountability and help built general knowledge about health and natural wellness.

It was so great to learn new practices that are now part of my daily routine (dry brushing, oil pulling, jumping on the rebounder, etc.). I can’t neglect to mention the liberating feeling just knowing that we completed the 26 day detox in 26 days with NO CHEATS! Nice! Even today (Day 27), I have not struggled with giving into the temptation that some foods often present—that’s huge for me and helped me stay the course!

Unfortunately, we didn’t experience the boost of energy that many others did. In fact, we found ourselves to be more exhausted than usual. Perhaps that is because there was just so much going on inside our bodies—lots of toxins being released and systems being repaired: W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L!!! Despite that sluggishness we battled all month long, we would recommend this program to others—and will likely schedule another detox when it is most convenient based on our family’s schedule.

Above all, we are both grateful for Robyn and her staff. We so appreciate all of the hard work that went into putting this program together and then launching it successfully. Way to go!

*results may vary

— Susan I., San Antonio, Texas

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

I bought the variety pack and love all of them. There is one drawback though. I can’t eat only one!!!! They are really that good.

Josie G.
Spanish Fork, Utah

— Josie G., Spanish Fork, Utah

Surprised With Our Results!

My husband was my detox buddy for this (our first) 26 day detox. I shopped & he helped with the food prep. We both had detox cleansing symptoms of headache, fatigue, achy joints, gas & bloating which lasted at least a week into the program. For years my husband has been on blood pressure meds (even on the meds his BP was 150/96). After the first week, he was still feeling very tired and weak. He was hydrated, resting as needed, eating plenty, taking lots of cinnamon. When he took his BP it was 103/57!

The doc took him off all meds after that first week of detox. He donated blood at the end of our detox. His iron level rocked (proves no need for red meat!) and BP 120/72!!!

We were surprised that we were never hungry and generally had no cravings. Having no salt was the hardest to adjust to (harder than no caffeine). We did the skin brushing, oil pulling, infrared sauna, exercises. While we read a lot about the coffee enemas, we did not try them this first detox. I really appreciated the shopping lists & menu plans which totally simplified the detox. Also, the daily emails & video supports were very beneficial to keep us understanding the process, as well as promote motivation to persevere.

In addition, he dropped a total of 22 lbs while I dropped 11 lbs. We feel great with improved energy and the desire to continue a cleaner lifestyle in all aspects of our life. We have been walking testimonials as others have observed the positive changes in us, both physically as well as mentally/emotionally. We would do this detox again.

*results may vary

— Maureen P., Sonora, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Yum!

Oh yum! These really are super tasty! I liked the Pink Smoothie variety the best; though the Chocolate Dipped Smoothie was a close second. They taste great, while also being very satisfying. This is a great option for a day when you need a quick option to curb hunger and boost energy.

Kristin H.
Lansdowne, VA

— Kristin H., Lansdowne, VA

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Perfect pink smoothie bars

I love the pink smoothie bars. They taste so good and are convenient during my busy summer!

Vicki P.
Chino hills, Ca

— Vicki P., Chino hills, Ca

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