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I love everything about green smoothies

I love everything about green smoothies. They have made a great improvement in my life. I share them with anyone interested in tasting one and most everyone loves them as much as I do! People who are not open minded enough to try a small taste, well, they do not know what a grand, life-changing experience that are missing. I was so excited when my 21-year old daughter told me about green smoothies. I could not wait to try one. What an awesome gift to share with anyone that you love!!!

— Bonnie K.

Variety Pack Blendbar: Yum

I liked all of the flavors. They really do help with hunger cravings. I like that the calories are low with LOTS of nutrition.

Liz E.
Overland Park, KS

— Liz E., Overland Park, KS

I Felt Rejuvenated after Each Meal and Lost 10 lbs!

I really learned a lot during this cleanse! I appreciated the full support, because it helped me do more than just “eat different foods.” I enjoyed the program because of how thorough it is, and how it takes you through steps of getting organs cleaned out. Because of that, the food choices change, and that kept me interested in eating and looking forward to the next phase.

I loved how yummy the smoothies are! I feel like I can use many, if not all, of these recipes in my daily life. I also appreciated the tips on how to make the food prep doable on a daily basis, saving time. The shopping lists were wonderful, and I like how the Quick Start Guide and Manual charts broke shopping lists down depending on how many people were dong the program. Other tips for cleansing were great, too! The colon massage and oil pulling are a couple of my favorites.

One thing I really enjoyed was that after eating a meal during the cleanse, I actually felt better, more rejuvenated, and more energetic! Food as fuel! I love it! I lost 10 pounds and I was told by more than one person that it looked like even more than that!

*results may vary

— Karen C., Rigby, ID

Green Smoothie Blendbar: Love them all!!!

I honestly love all 3 of the flavors, I thought for sure I would like the chocolate covered one the most, but…I can’t decide which one I like the best, I will continue to buy the assortment pack. These are great when you are in a hurry and can’t get the blender out to make a smoothie.

Laurie A.
Lake Jackson, TX

— Laurie A., Lake Jackson, TX

Noticeable improvements!

My wife and I noticeably improved skin tone and clearer complexion and had people notice and make comments. We noted some indigestion during the day as we added both fruit and vegetables to our smoothies which digest differently, but was minor. We also weren’t very hungry for 4-5 hours after drinking the green smoothie.

— Scott

Green smoothies have changed my life

Green smoothies have changed my life. Not only have I converted my family members, but also the people I work with. My 15 month old son loves the green smoothies and always asks for more. I feel better, look better, and love that I was able to spread the word about green smoothie goodness!

— Jamie Stavinaha

We are experiencing great health benefits from these marvelous drinks!

After a year of thinking and searching deeply about going vegetarian, I took the leap in September of ’08. What made the transition easy was the discovery of the green smoothie! I first heard of them on Robyn’s informative website, I was intrigued and investigated the origins of green smoothies and started to find whole blogging communities who were drinking these liquid vegetable treats. I viewed many of the YouTube videos Robyn had posted and saw how simple it was to get my veggies the green smoothie way. I started right away, using my simple kitchen blender. My 11 y.o. son and my husband were curious and started drinking them with me almost immediately. We LOVE them!

The chronic eczema around edges of my scalp are clearing up (some are completely gone!), ridges in my fingernails are flattening out and nails have become hard, chronic tiredness has been replaced with vibrant energy, mild arthritic symptoms in fingers vanished, hypothyroid symptoms growing less (although I’m on a low dose of Armour and have been for years, I still experience many of the hypothyroid symptoms – but they are really improving!), insomnia seems to be vanquished, I’ve lost 9 lbs so far, and I don’t know if this could be related but I no longer sunburn!

But what is truly amazing is that I’m growing in streaks of brown hair where it was solid silver before–fabulous!

We are experiencing great health benefits from these marvelous drinks and I think we may be addicted to the vibrancy and high energy kick we get from them. I’ll be getting results from a blood test next week and I can’t wait to see the numbers! I’ve turned several friends and family members into green smoothie drinkers and am actually pursuing a radio show where I will be able to discuss and share my progress with others. Thank you Robyn for GreenSmoothieGirl blogs! Your generosity in sharing your info with the world has inspired so many to move towards health!

*results may vary

— Cher

Variety Pack Blendbar: A much needed solution

Love it!! These are so delicious— and rich—I only take 2 bites at a time. This keeps your energy up and are perfect when you are on the go. I wish they sold them everywhere.😍

Saralynne C.
Evanston, Illinois

— Saralynne C., Evanston, Illinois

Green Smoothie Blendbar: NEW Super Food Bars

Love the NEW Superfood Green Smoothie Bars!! Easy to eat and very nutritious. A whole lot of deliciousness in each one. Bon Appetite’

Holly D.
Sanford, FL

— Holly D., Sanford, FL

I cannot ever cease this miracle drink!

I started drinking green smoothies almost three years ago and lost over 30 pounds, regained my health, and felt 10 years younger. My children never need visits to the doctor unless they have been injured. The evidence is so obvious that I cannot ever cease this miracle drink.

*results may vary

— Julie Greenman

Variety Pack Blendbar: Finally, a delicious healthy treat!!!!

All three flavors are so good that I cannot pick a favorite. I love having a treat that is good for me!

Candace M.
Bernalillo, NM

— Candace M., Bernalillo, NM

I really enjoy green smoothies

I really enjoy green smoothies, but the biggest surprise to me is that my husband loves them even more than I do. He does not really care for vegetables, so it is totally shocking to me that he waits around in the morning until I make him a smoothie and gives me crazy feedback like this is too sweet, it needs more kale!” or this needs more ginger.” It is awesome!

— Kendra A.

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