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Variety Pack Blendbar: Picky Son Loves Blendbars

We absolutely love these bars! They feel like a treat, but without the guilt. My 2-year-old super picky eater steals mine when I’m eating them. I had to get him his own box!

Heather S.
Bluffdale, Utah

— Heather S., Bluffdale, Utah

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Best whole food bar ever tasted!

Pleasantly surprised how very tasty, soft and chewy this BlendBar was. I’m pretty skeptical about whole foods bars, having tried many over the years. These truly are the best I’ve ever tasted!

Laurie F.
Mason, MI

— Laurie F., Mason, MI

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

My five year old, who doesn’t eat much of anything, loves these. It makes me feel better that he is eating something nutritious.

Ginger G.
Pineville, LA

— Ginger G., Pineville, LA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Grandma favorite treat

We love the BlendBars, my 12 year old daughter loves the Chocolate Dipped bars, she would eat one before she would run in her cross country meets and would always feel better. My 2 year old grand son loves all of them, the smoothie bars are a favorite treat at Grandmas house. I have to ration them or he would eat them all day long.

Gina S.
Huntington, Utah

— Gina S., Huntington, Utah

Variety Pack Blendbar: Yum

I liked all of the flavors. They really do help with hunger cravings. I like that the calories are low with LOTS of nutrition.

Liz E.
Overland Park, KS

— Liz E., Overland Park, KS

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

Love them!!!! An excuse to eat chocolate!

Carey H.
Tracy, CA

— Carey H., Tracy, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Thanks for a low sugar, no junk bar. If you get these at a discount, they are not that much more than your average health bar but far better! We like all the flavors.

Cheri H.
Hutto, TX

— Cheri H., Hutto, TX

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I have thoroughly enjoyed all flavors of green smoothie girl blend bars and knowing how much healthier it is for you than any of the other protein bars is much more rewarding and satisfying!

Diana C.
Ocoee, United States

— Diana C., Ocoee, United States

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I love Hot Pink Breakfast Smoothies so of course the pink blend bar was my favorite! They are delicious and filling.

Evelyn W.
Buckeye, AZ

— Evelyn W., Buckeye, AZ

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Blendbars make a great emergency meal!

My husband and I recently did The Flash fast which we loved and we were introduced to the blendbars then. We have decided to replace our prepackaged protein drinks that we use for emergency meals with the blendbar because it has way better ingredients and it’s organic. 😜

Cheryl C.
Mesa, Az

— Cheryl C., Mesa, Az

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Good & Healthy

The chocolate dipped blendbar tastes so good. It is like eating a candy bar. They are taste sweet–but from healthy ingredients. They are a great snack.

Rita M.
Montrose, CO

— Rita M., Montrose, CO

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Hard to believe this was healthy! Better than any candy bar I’ve ever eaten. Will purchase again!

patricia w.
forest park, IL

— patricia w., forest park, IL