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Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Chocolate is the BEST!! 🍫

I love the Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blend Bar!! I eat one every single day!! ☀️
I hope you will always make these cause I don’t think anything could replace them. 🌷

I’m not a fan of the pink blend bar it’s just to gooey for me & Im just a chocolate girl to the bone!! 🌼

I haven’t tried the green blend bar yet but it is waiting for me in my fridge. Maybe I’ll give it a try today. 🌸

Ann M.
Groveland, United States

— Ann M., Groveland, United States

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Definitely taste healthy

I appreciate that I am getting organic healthy ingredients PLUS satisfying my love of chocolate.

Nancy C.
Mt Pleasant, United States

— Nancy C., Mt Pleasant, United States

Variety Pack Blendbar: Is this a candy?

My favorite flavor is the chocolate dipped. I feel like I’m cheating and eating a candy bar. The kids have begged for a bite and my 8 year old son loves them all.

Gina S.
Saybrook, CT

— Gina S., Saybrook, CT

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Yummy yum! Super product with great taste – will definitely order again. (I’ve already bought 3 boxes!)

D E.
lynchburg, va

— D E., lynchburg, va

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Attention Chocolate Cravers

These bars are so tasty. I like the chocolate to satisfy the chocolate craving without eating sugary chocolate bars. I just take a bite throughout the day when I need it. Rarely do I eat a whole bar at once, they are so satisfying. I also like that because the bars are from Robyn, I totally trust the ingredients. Thank you, Robyn, for another great product.

Michele M.
Carson City, NV

— Michele M., Carson City, NV

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Go-to Snack!

I’m a pilot and these are my go-to snack on the road.

Jim W.
Mount Washington, KY

— Jim W., Mount Washington, KY

Green Smoothie Blendbar: NEW Super Food Bars

Love the NEW Superfood Green Smoothie Bars!! Easy to eat and very nutritious. A whole lot of deliciousness in each one. Bon Appetite’

Holly D.
Sanford, FL

— Holly D., Sanford, FL

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar:

I love the bars!! I have tried them all, but the Chocolate Dipped Smoothie is heaven to me. Such a great to-go meal. Everyone should try these.

Shelley M.
Susanville, CA

— Shelley M., Susanville, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Very Tasty

I have enjoyed all the bars but my favorite is chocolate. I am concerned about number of carbs and sugar, but I will be ordering again.

Deana C.
Louisville, Ky

— Deana C., Louisville, Ky

Variety Pack Blendbar: Tasty but Too Sweet

I absolutely like that the bars contain all organic and whole foods. However, they all contain too many sugars and are too sweet for me. The carbohydrate content is also too high. I know there are other people like me who gave up these type of bars because they could not find less sweet options on the market. I was hoping these would be different. No need to send a $5 gift card; can’t use it. Thanks anyway.

Lyle R.
University Place, WA

— Lyle R., University Place, WA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Indulgent Treat

Are you sure there are greens in these things? I recently bought these bars for emergencies when away from home. But I decided to try one a few days ago so I could write a review. Delicious! I’ve reached for one everyday since, as a treat.

Anna A.
San Francisco, CA

— Anna A., San Francisco, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Love all flavors. These are amazing and easy to take with you anywhere. Great afternoon pick me up. The best bar I’ve had plus no after taste.

P N.
Spring, TX

— P N., Spring, TX