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about BlendBars

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

I love the idea that they are a safe bar that does not contain GMO’s and that I can rely on them to not have lots of sweeteners in them.

Julie H.
Lansing, Michigan

— Julie H., Lansing, Michigan

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Amazing goodness!!!

I tried this bar while driving and hungry…. I was so amazed at how great it tasted— one of the best, if not the best snack bar or treat or snack I’ve ever had!! It beats having to make my own smoothie — since I can take it along, stash in my office desk drawer for my hunger or sweet cravings!!! Definitely recommend it to anyone. Can’t wait to share with my husband!!!

Nanette C.
University Place, United States

— Nanette C., University Place, United States

Variety Pack Blendbar:

Delicious and nutritious!

Merle V.
Kihei, Hawaii

— Merle V., Kihei, Hawaii

Green Smoothie Blendbar: great for traveling

I am pleasantly surprised by these bars. Taste so good. I love taking them traveling no more bloating or constipation…

Sheryl S.
Huntington Beach, CA

— Sheryl S., Huntington Beach, CA

Variety Pack Blendbar: Green light on smoothie bars

I loved all of them, can’t decide which flavor I like most. I was pleasantly surprised how good they taste… not just because others said so. I am trying to afford them on a regular basis though some others are more expensive and less tasteful.

Linda P.
Euclid, Oh

— Linda P., Euclid, Oh

Chocolate Dipped Smoothie Blendbar: Best on the Market

I love the BlendBars, especially the chocolate dipped smoothie – but all of them are exceptional. I did not get a sugar high and the taste was wonderful and natural. Thanks Green Smoothis Girl.

Davia M.
Marshall, NC

— Davia M., Marshall, NC

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I did not expect to enjoy the bars. I expected them to taste “healthy” but they really surprised me. I thought each flavor was tasty and a great way to get in some added nutrition while on the run. I didn’t have a favorite, they were all good.

Michelle O.
Woods Cross, UT

— Michelle O., Woods Cross, UT

Variety Pack Blendbar: And the winner is…!

BlendBars remind me of that great commercial war where one side is shouting, “Great taste!” and the other shouts back “Less filling!” My first try was the chocolate coated and I didn’t care for it until I tried my second bar a few days later. Now I really appreciate its smooth richness which creates a very satisfying “mouth- feel”. After it melts in your mouth, you get the added joy of lingering over the healthy chewy bits that make it last even longer. Pink Smoothie is a super fruit bonanza giving you sweet, sour, chewy and nutty in a perfect balance that leaves you wishing for just one more bite, so I take small ones. Finally, The Green Smoothie, our original and the best all round. You taste and enjoy every “good for you” ingredient. So if you are feeling “snackish”, grab your go-to fave with a tall cool glass of alkaline water, or brew your favorite cup of tea and linger over a just the right size, guilt-free BlendBar. Since I tried the variety box, they are all my favorites!

Lynne D.


Variety Pack Blendbar: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!!

My 8-year-old daughter and I LOVE them. I keep them in my purse for the times I get caught without a good snack or meal option. My daughter has one for her snack after taekwondo. Our favorite is the chocolate, but we love all three. It is such a relief to have a snack bar that I know has only good stuff in it and that we enjoy eating.

Candice O.
Charlotte, NC

— Candice O., Charlotte, NC

Green Smoothie Blendbar:

Delicious, a bit too sweet though; but glad to see fruits and veggies in it and cashews. Good going! I’ll get the variety pack next order.

Bonnie V.
Reno, NV

— Bonnie V., Reno, NV

Variety Pack Blendbar:

I enjoyed the bars. Good flavor and texture!

William K.
Westminster, CO

— William K., Westminster, CO

Pink Smoothie Blendbar: Thank you!

I love these bars! I have a difficult time finding good tasting bars that I can eat. I have health challenges and there are many things I cannot eat. These bars are delicious and my body loves them! Thank you Robyn for creating these bars!

RuthAnn B.
St George, Utah

— RuthAnn B., St George, Utah