7 Best Immune Boosters: They Kill Bacterial and Viral Infections, Safely and Without Damage!

Beta Glucan can be taken every day, without breaks. The other supplements can be taken at the onset of symptoms, a few times per day with food, or following directions on the package. They may also be taken as preventatives during flu season or when others are contagious.

1. Beta Glucan

Robyn’s tip: This is my favorite beta glucan, taken every morning for a strong immune system. Hundreds of studies show the efficacy of this supplement in staying strong against viruses and bacterial infections.


2. Vitamin C

Most C supplements are from ascorbic acid derived from hydrochloric acid and corn syrup--it’s toxic junk! I like this entirely whole-foods Vitamin C, from superfoods and berries.


3. Zinc Lozenges

Look for an organic product; I like this one with Elderberry, which is a fantastic additional immune stimulant.


4. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver (look for nano-particle silver, much more effective, and higher PPM, 20 or 30) like this brand.


5. GoldenSeal

Goldenseal (I prefer liquid in droppers, alcohol-free and organic) like this brand.


6. Kyolic Garlic

Kyolic Garlic (aged, and organic) like this brand.


7. Oregano Oil Capsules

Oregano Oil (it’s “hot”, so take it with food) like this brand.


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