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Terrorism remembered in the U.S. today. Monsanto + Dow + USDA: stop food terrorism!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Sep 11, 2012

On this Sept. 11, America remembers this day we were all reeling from the devastation in New York City, Washington, D.C., and a field in Pennsylvania. My own brother was a Twin Towers survivor and has spoken many times in Sept. 11 commemorations. He was a Lehman Brothers banker, in NYC for three months of training after finishing his MBA. He ran through bodies raining through the sky, having escaped after the first plane hit, and watched with a colleague as a plane hit the floor her husband was working on.

My brother spent all day on foot, getting across the Brooklyn Bridge, to where my father was working. My brother’s wife and my mother sat on the tarmac in Salt Lake City, unable to lift off to go to their husbands. We are all grateful we did not lose my brother, now a father of four beautiful redheads in Dallas. Today we reflect on the grief and tragedy we felt on a nation that day.

Terrorism, though, is alive and well in the U.S. Monsanto, the USDA, and their friends at Dow Chemical are working feverishly, lobbying to get NEW genetically engineered crops fast-tracked.

The U.S. continues to turn a blind eye to the devastating potential damage to our entire ecosystem, refusing to methodically review the effects in long-term, objective studies before approving more GMO foods. “Studies” done by corporations with a profit motive should not be regarded as science! Huge corporate interests already control our food supply to an unacceptable degree.

The USDA posted 12 new genetically modified crops for public comment this summer.

Those public comments are due TODAY. Please join me in demanding rigorous scientific testing before our government approves more GMOs. Tell the USDA what you think HERE.

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