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Ten-city tour starts tomorrow

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Oct 10, 2012

Starting tomorrow, I’m in the 10 cities, below, doing the free green smoothie show!

(As always, I’ll magically post blog content from the road. I have lots of fun stuff coming up. A five-part series on nutrition for pregnancy, babies, and toddlers. A series on what your fingernails say about your health. And lots more.)

Here’s where I’ll be, so if you have friends in these areas, please tell them to click the links below for free tickets. Man, I HATE it when right after we leave a city, somebody says on Facebook, hey, when are you going to come to Seattle? (Or wherever.) And one of us says, uh, we were JUST there. So tell your friends near these ten cities !

We call the class Change Your Nutrition Forever, With Just 10 Minutes A Day In the Kitchen! We want you to leave inspired and empowered towards a transition to whole foods. An amazing life awaits you from the habits I teach: you can achieve your ideal weight, regain your energy, and minimize your disease risk!

Come spend 90 minutes with me, if you or people you care about live near…..

Columbus Oct. 11

Detroit Oct. 12

Grand Rapids Oct. 13

Toronto Oct. 15

Albany Oct. 17

Boston Oct. 19

New York City Oct. 20

Philadelphia Oct. 22

Baltimore Oct. 23

Washington, DC Oct. 24

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5 thoughts on “Ten-city tour starts tomorrow”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sooo excited you are coming to Virginia! I’m been waiting for you to come this way. Yay! Can’t wait to see yo uon the 24th.

  2. I’m glad she came my way. You just don’t know how much this means to have had her right in front of me. I’m so glad I was *in tune* to her website so I could be here/there. I hope everyone on the list just goes and bring your friends and family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just found out you were in Boston and I didnt know. How did that happen? Im so disappointed. You will just need to come back soon, please Robin!

  4. Katie Ross says:

    Robyn—My friend and I came to your class last night in Kansas City (May 14th) and LOVED it! Unfortunately, I had to leave early and didn’t get to meet you! (My friend, however, got to chat with you and Kandace!) Well, I wanted to share with you a little story because I thought it was very cute. I bought my daughters (ages 7 & 13) the Adventures of Junk Food Dude + the recipe book last fall.

    My 7 year old always seems to pull that book off her shelf and read it every so often. Well, this morning, I told her that I learned some new things from where I went last night. She asks, “Who did you meet?” “I met the lady who wrote your favorite book.” “You mean the Juke Food Dude book?” “Yep!” Her eyes got as big as a barn, “YOU MET HER? SERIOUSLY?”

    She clenches her tiny fists and pounds on the kitchen table, “I wish I would have gone with you! I want to meet a famous person!” She races to fetch her book and desperately points to your picture on the back, “You mean this pretty lady? Mom, you should have told me!” And now, of course, I wish I had brought her and the book so you could have signed it!

    See what an impact you’ve made on a young child through your book? I’m grateful to you! I’ve been a fan since you first started in 2007 and bought your first 12 step book! I buy many of your products and have been making great life changes for nearly 8 years. I am interested in pursuing something greater in the area of nutrition/health. I’m hoping that MAYBE we can see you in Indy if we are there in June. I would love to chat with you!

    1. Robyn says:

      Katie, super cute story. 🙂 Please come to Indy. And talk to Coach Madeline over that area, who is looking for an Indianapolis-area apprentice coach—maybe you don’t live there, though. Anyway, you’re obviously a LONG time reader, and I’m thankful for YOU. Thanks for coming!! XOXO

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