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Teaching and Traveling in VEGAS!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Oct 26, 2010

I loved meeting y’all in Las Vegas at Go Raw Café! Thanks, Lu, for hosting–I love what you’re doing to provide raw food to my friends in Nevada.  Love love love Daryl, doing a demo with me below, who rules the Raw Food Meetup that is 600 strong. Also, thank you to three groups who came from California or several hours south–I’m amazed! Check out one of the winners at the class, below, who was pretty stoked. I always give away my favorite stuff.

Another photo below is of 10-year old Ivy, who gobbled up an entire tray of kale and collards without a word of complaint. You didn’t see her green teeth, but I did because I was standing right next to her. My point is always this: go ahead and eat a bigger platter of greens every day, but if you’re not doing that, consider a 10-minute habit that puts ALL that in you, with minimal effort, with cell walls broken down so nutrition is immediately and completely accessible–and no gagging!

After the class, my girlfriends and I were hosted by a friend of ours at Caesar’s Palace penthouse. (See photo below of an interview I did in the suite.) In addition to comp’ed LaReve and Garth Brooks tickets, President Obama checked in on Friday and stayed in our tower. We had to show ID just to get on elevators. Secret Service everywhere.

So guess who was at the hotel gym with us Saturday morning? On the treadmill and elliptical right there next to us, chatting about Utah and skiing and stuff. Yep, the leader of the free world himself.

(I was bold enough to talk to him and shake his hand, not bold enough to ask for a photo. My customer support lead, Jenni, said, “Did you give him your card and tell him you love Michelle’s initiative?” I’m sorry to say I was too awestruck to think that clearly.) We had to be frisked and allow our cell phones to be examined, to get into the gym–he was there first.

A couple of quotes from the trip by Kristi, the alpha female in our group of friends:

1.           “Robyn, we are not ordering EVERYTHING healthy, okay?!” (I suggested “sides” at Joe’s to share, family style. I got an order in for broccoli, then asparagus–and then I pushed my luck suggesting grilled tomatoes. Can you say SHUT DOWN?)

2.           [ordering for all of us, at Earl of Sandwich]: “She’s having the Veggie. Veggie what? Um, just Veggie whatever you got.”

I took my cooler full of pints of frozen green smoothies for breakfast every morning. I’m not saying I’m perfect when I travel, because sometimes what I eat isn’t my first priority–sometimes not annoying my friends is. But I do pretty well: vacation isn’t fun if I don’t feel well because I abandon nutrition. So here’s another little reminder that you CAN eat healthfully while traveling. My favorite travel tip: first thing when you wake up, have some Superfood Greens in a blender bottle, shaken in water.

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  1. I also have a great desire to visit Vegas.The experience u tell in the post is really awesome.I liked the post so much.thanks for this post.hope you enjoyed your trip so much.

  2. Great post! Definitely made me reconsider things I do during my Vegas trips! I definitely need to eat healthier and exercise when I’m out there for the conventions!

  3. My significant other swears by green smoothies too, and even got this old omnivore to get into them. I think the selling point was a healthy portion of green apples in the blender (and a dollop of honey can’t hurt either). Thanks for sharing!

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