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I’ve been asked to give out GreenSmoothieGirl t-shirts at classes, or for promotions. What should they say? It should be short, catchy, and cool. Not so edgy a mom won’t wear it, not so dorky a teenager will roll her eyes.

My ideas are

Whole foods rock.
Change your health forever.


Drink your salad.

Which do you prefer? Do you have any better ideas? If you give me one I like better, you get the first two t-shirts.

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  1. I used this shirt to wipe off my green mustache (with a green kiss mark)

    Honk if you drink green smoothies

    My mom tells me to eat my veggies. I use a blender instead. Rebel with a cause!

    Kiss me I’m a green smoothie girl AND Kiss me I’m a green smoothie guy

    Green Smoothies The ultimate green fuel source

    No offense but the ‘Got this or that’ is very over done now.

  2. Front: I’m a green smoothie girl, I’m a green smoothie guy, I’m a green smoothie kid or Drink Green!

    Back: greensmoothiegirl.com

  3. I like Got Greens? but that is trademarked.

    Since it’s for advertising, keep it simple:

    Keep it Green – Healthy Fast Food


  4. There was a big campaign a bit ago about coal being the “clean fuel”. Coal is a fossil fuel and like all fossil fuels, orginated from plant life.

    What about,

    plants fuel the world,

    [clip of a fossilized plant/leaf]

    shouldn’t they fuel your body?

    [clip of a blender full of green smoothie]


    divided on front and back however would be appropriate?

    Just a thought. 🙂

  5. Connie………………………….LOL! I would wear that t-shirt. It really makes you think about, 1- cancer awareness and 2, Healthy eating:) Go Greensmoothiegirl !

  6. I have changed my mind! I now like AmyB’s better…I think it’s perfect!

    What’s in YOUR drink?


    (YOUR in green)

    So simple! also it’s short, quick & to the point. When you see GSM.com on the shirt, you know what it’s about. Also, if you don’t know what a green smoothie is, you’d want to go find out.

    Also, for those of us who know what it is -it’s like “what ya got in yours?” since we love to share recipes & switch up ingredients all the time -so it kind of serves a dual purpose for us and for others. My neighbor always comes over and says “what did you put in there today?”

    I don’t like the idea of anything with being slim as not all GS drinkers are thin -especially if they are just getting into it -they might be embarrased that their shirt says that, but they aren’t thin yet.

    1. Brandi, I had the same thought . . . we are all just on the path, not necessarily “there” yet . . .


  7. One idea is:

    Just Smooth it! (With the Nike check mark)

    I think the best idea is: “Drink your Salad”

    A friend of mine walks in the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk every year and she was trying to raise money by making “smoothies.” Her slogan was “Smoothies for Boobies.”

    When we were going to make healthy smoothies, I came up with “Whole Foods for Whole Boobs.”

    My favorite of the day was: “Save 2nd Base!”

  8. Not really a fan of whole foods rock or drink your salad. Drink your salad sounds a bit disgusting to most people and whole foods rock sounds a little too “teenagerish.” An initial thought I had might be something like: Greens: Highly nutritious and still…DELICIOUS! GreenSmoothieGirl.com. This could be written in green or with a picture of a green smoothie beside it.

  9. I’d say you have a lot of people who want green smoothies thirst!!!

    Just thought of another one…

    “I’m a green smoothie girl, can’t you tell?

    Include silhouette of slim and fit female holding a green smoothie.

    Or just have the pic with greensmoothiegirl.com

    With it..

  10. What about Drink your Greens?

    I really like DeAndra’s: Drink Green – Eat Raw – Live Well

    And Nicole’s: Sippin on Leaves & Fruit

    And Robert (Bob) Wente’s: Smoothie Power

    Along with Ellen Riddleo’s : Want to be Lean? Go Green ( or maybe Drink Green)

  11. I like the one suggested “Drink to your health” – greensmoothiegirl.com or the whole foods rock. I also love the idea of the long nightshirt as one item to have it on – some good quality organic cotton – a bit cozy like – starting to see it now!!!

  12. What about:


    Green smoothies = trim


    Fast food= fat


    ALOT of people these days are seeking to be trim and slim……..

    Whole foods Rocks sounds too much like you are promoting the health food store. A lot of people would probably get the wrong idea.

  13. only a suggestion: there is a Robyn wanna-be out there who calls herself the green smoothie queen – so I would avoid the word ‘queen’ on the shirts.

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