Three Weeks at Swiss Mountain Clinic

(formerly Paracelsus Al Ronc)


If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, the famous and beautiful Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly Paracelsus Al Ronc), and its Medical Doctors trained in Biological Medicine, may be able to help you. You may take advantage of this special price and offer year-round.

The medical staff requires a minimum of a 3-week stay, to significantly reduce your toxic load, rehabilitate your immune system, and diagnose and treat specific root causes.

We have negotiated 20% off your hotel/food, or up to a $2,000 discount, exclusive to our followers. The range you can expect to pay is 18,500 to 23,500 Swiss Francs. The clinic must give you a range, rather than a fixed price, because each individual's treatment is different and based on the illness and what diagnostics reveal.

Swiss Francs and the US Dollar are approximately 1:1. For the price, you will receive:

  • 3 meals a day, all fully organic, gluten-free and seasonal cuisine
  • 18 days of diagnostics, treatments and therapies as well as the medication needed during the stay
  • 20% off the room rate – exclusive offer for followers
  •  FREE transfer from Milan Malpensa Airport valued at more than 500 Swiss Francs

NOT included: external labs that may be recommended by your doctor; extra medication/supplements prescribed for after the 3-week stay; and follow-up consultations the patient may request.

Please do not apply if you (or the patient) is too medically fragile to travel, as the clinic will be unable to accept you. For a nominal fee (for food), you may bring a caregiver to share your on-site room.

Please fill out the form here, which will be sent to Swiss Mountain Clinic, and they will set you up with a Skype call with one of the M.D.’s there. They look forward to assessing and serving you.


Questionnaire on Medical History

Dear patient:

Please fill out this form if you agree to the discount rate for 3 weeks of clinical diagnostics and treatments at Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly Paracelsus Al Ronc). The information below is subject to patient confidentiality and will be used by the M.D.’s at the clinic to evaluate your status for consideration for a stay at the beautiful clinic of biological medicine in the Southern Swiss Alps. As soon as we evaluate this information, if we feel we can help you, we will schedule a Skype call for you with one of our doctors, before you book your travel.

*The price of between 18,500 and 23,500 Swiss Francs includes the pick-up and drop off at Milan Malpensa, room and board for 21 nights, all diagnosis, care and treatments at the clinic as well as medication taken during the stay.

The price of between 18,500 and 23,500 Swiss Francs does not include any external labs, extra medication/supplements prescribed for after the 3-week stay, or followup consultations the patient may request.

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