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Best-kept healing secret in the world: Come with me back to Switzerland!

By Robyn Openshaw, MSW | Jun 19, 2013

almost to heaven

Suspended between Earth and Heaven

We’re just back from a place, as one patient at the clinic put it, “suspended between Earth and Heaven.” I couldn’t agree more. Usually at the end of a two-week trip, I’m dying to get home.

Not this time. I went kicking and screaming, back to the Milan airport. Al Ronc feels like a second home.

Come back with me in November, over Thanksgiving!

I’ve been to some lovely places. But none of the clinics I’ve visited, in 2 ½ years of research, are so peaceful and beautiful as the Swiss Mountain Clinic (formerly known as Paracelsus al Ronc), a charming clinic several thousand feet up in Castaneda, Switzerland. None offer a better value for the money. None have such personalized care. None have such amazing food, or accommodations, both on-site and part of the price.

Dr. Petra, her husband and son Ulf and Freddy, and GSG Coach Amanda

Dr. Petra, her husband and son Ulf and Freddy, and GSG Coach Amanda

Click HERE to skip the rest of this blog and read about it AND the dates / prices for our November trip, and learn how to come with us. And read what those who came with me in May had to say about it!

This time, we have Americans who have been there, to answer your questions. Write Madeline at coachmadeline@greensmoothiegirl.com.

Al Ronc is the perfect place for a cancer patient to get outstanding holistic inpatient treatment for 3 weeks. But it’s also a great place for absolutely anyone to recharge and restore health, for a 2-week liver cleanse, too. (Or one week, if that’s what you can do.)

Because I’m a little obsessed with when I can go back, we’ve arranged for another trip for GSG readers! With an amazing price for you to come with me. Come for 8 days, or 16—you get one night FREE in each session.

Who wouldn’t want three gourmet, multi-course, detoxifying meals prepared for them? In a sunny dining room with panoramic views of a precipitous drop into the river cutting through the valley, with snow-covered peaks in the background.

room at al Ronc

A room at Paracelsus al Ronc

wildflowers at al Ronc

Wildflowers at al Ronc

You have a beautiful room you can rest in, between treatments. An entire wall of your room is a bank of full-length windows, and a deck with lounge chairs. Every room has the amazing view. You won’t want to miss a daily hike, and discover the ranging goatherds, springs of mineral waters, grottoes and tiny towns, pristine Alpine wilderness.

Dozens of protocols are administered at the clinic by compassionate staff, your schedule made each evening before. The clinic is well organized and non-stressful. Therapies that assist your body’s processes in cleaning up and rebuilding. Tests of the health and strength of your organs, adaptive and regulatory systems, nutritional status, and many other functions.

You’ll take advantage of hyperthermia, acupuncture, thermography, IV chelation or oxygen infusions, cupping, reflexology, colon hydrotherapy, darkfield blood analysis, lymphatic drainage, iridology, liver wrap. And so many more methods.

Dessert bar at Gala Dinner! (no sugar, still delicious!)

Dessert bar at Gala Dinner! (no sugar, still delicious!)

I’ve been to some clinics with very competent care before. Not like here, though, with everything you’d want to find, under one roof. You don’t pay “a la carte.” Everything is included in your stay. A gala dinner every Friday night, in-house concerts on Friday and Sunday.

You don’t have to have cancer to benefit from a 2-week stay here. Or even 1 week. We’ve negotiated a rate, and a schedule of treatments, for 1- or 2-week stays at our next retreat.

I highly recommend doing the Liver Detox protocol, one of the specialties Dr. Wiechel is known for. Everyone can benefit. Your food will be low-carb, low-fat, and low-protein. High-fiber and easy to digest, while your body prepares to eliminate crystalline structures before they can do you any harm.

You’ll be gently guided, with surprisingly delicious vegetable-intensive meals, towards a “liver flush” at the end of your first week. You’ll go home with a significantly rehabilitated liver. And you need that. Because your liver serves you in more than 500 ways!

After the flush, you’ll have an even more delicious diet. All whole foods you’ll want to take photos of to send home!

You could also choose the Heavy Metal Recovery program. Or the Intensive Burnout Recovery week. We can send you the rate for any of those. But the Liver Detox, which I recommend, is 2,490 swiss francs per week. Right now the Swiss franc and dollar are about 1:1.

Sightseeing at Lake Magriorri

Sightseeing at Lake Maggiori

Not only do we have a special price, lower than anywhere I’ve been world-wide, but Swiss Mountain Clinic is also offering us an extra night (8 nights for the price of 7), free internet, and they will take us for sightseeing excursions at Lake Maggiori, Lake Lugano, and a huge open-air market (where I got three beautiful Italian leather jackets and several other fabulous items).

Many people spend far more than this, for a vacation, with no benefit to their health besides the R&R. I am so pleased with the value received at Swiss Mountain Clinic—a vacation, and health reboot, all in one.

For the dates (Nov. 24 – Dec. 8, come for one week, or two weeks, and get a free additional night added to each week)…..and the prices…..click HERE.


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  1. So often we take vacations only to return to the minutia of daily living. But since returning home from a “healing vacation” at Paracelsus al Ronc I feel like I have metamorphosed. Life feels so amazing! The unique setting (tiny town in the Swiss Alps, small clinic, clean air, water, and food) and the detoxifying protocols heal mind, body, and spirit so it’s no wonder that I have come home from this experience feeling better than I ever have in my life. Highly, highly, highly recommend you save up for this if you can!

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